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The very center of the room holds an interactive map with holographic technology to a three dimensional display can be viewed. The walls are covered with various forms of technology, including computers, radars, a large television with a camera for video conferences, and manual controls for the various pieces of security equipment around the mansion. One wall has a large world map covered with colored lights whose point and purpose is only known by fully fledged X-Men.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Complex North
X-Men Mission Postings

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2013-11-01 [Flisky]: That's the one. :D

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: :D

2013-11-02 [twitchboy]: My apologies, Justin hasnt gotten the whole dial back on the gung ho part down that Vlad tried to scold into him

2013-11-05 [Flisky]: Figgs, Lire wanted me to poke the page. :P

2013-11-05 [Figgy]: Lire knows I have work all weekend :)
I'll be posting today.

2013-11-05 [Flisky]: I just do what I'm asked. ^_^

2013-11-06 [Figgy]: Where's the Rage post here?

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: Figgs...Figgs...FIGGS...


2013-11-09 [Flisky]: But...but Figgs...I actually had a day off and posted everywhere and I'm out of places to post and I'm boooored.

2013-11-09 [Figgy]: Hahaha I will try to post when I get home. Sorry :P

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: I will attempt to entertain myself until then.

2013-11-18 [Figgy]: Pretty sure I'm waiting on a Justin post here?

2013-11-18 [twitchboy]: oh im waiting on shana to reply to mark, theres not much for him yo say since the only things discussed was if rage was coming.

2013-11-21 [The Black Goat]: Shana's response to Mark was priceless ^^

2013-11-21 [twitchboy]: lol it was

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: Trying not to make Shana seem TOO angry 8> she does have a bit of a temper though.

2013-11-22 [The Black Goat]: Rage knows who wolverine is?

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: She is a former student.

What's up with Rage anyhow? She seems to be focusing on one tiny little comment that Shana made before anyone even pissed her off. And telling her to basically sit down and shut up is honestly kinda leading her straight towards indefinite suspension from missions.

2013-11-22 [The Black Goat]: Ah I forgot about that ^^

2013-11-22 [Flisky]: I thought there was another post??? I'm confused.

And Figgs, should I have Mihir play damage control? (His talent is natural leadership...)

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