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The very center of the room holds an interactive map with holographic technology to a three dimensional display can be viewed. The walls are covered with various forms of technology, including computers, radars, a large television with a camera for video conferences, and manual controls for the various pieces of security equipment around the mansion. One wall has a large world map covered with colored lights whose point and purpose is only known by fully fledged X-Men.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Complex North
X-Men Mission Postings

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2013-08-12 [Lirerial]: Yay! Can't wait, I'm excited with all of my characters right now!! ....Except Hilery :/

2013-08-12 [Flisky]: Hilery has a gay boyfriend. What's not to love? ;)

2013-08-12 [Figgy]: ... Where are Hilery and Rook?

2013-08-12 [Flisky]: In the foyer. I think I'm waiting on someone to post.

2013-08-12 [Figgy]: *pokes Lire*

2013-08-12 [Lirerial]: oh woops posting!

2013-10-26 [The Past]: Hehe poor Shana XD left to doing the boring job.

2013-10-26 [Figgy]: :P

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: If Shana had that information that she just said and it wasn't told to the team, Addy is going to be pissed.

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: She can be pissed XD Vlad, Flame and Shana all knew, since they were the ones assigned to that mission before. It was the whole point of destroying the things, so that the other guys couldn't use them. :3
They'll need a debriefing afterwards anyways. They can talk about it then.

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: Actually, there's not a lot that Shana just said that Addy shouldn't already know XD

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: Except that these were what they were after. I don't think that anyone (excluding the players) were aware. (Mihir would have known. But the boy is off doing his own thing.)

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: The mission description said they were going after devices similar to the mutant power granting devices. Or am I interpreting you wrong? XD

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: I think you are interpreting me wrong. If Addy had known that the goal was to destroy them anyway, she wouldn't have tried so damned hard to keep them from being destroyed.

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: Ohhhh no the goal was to keep them from being delivered XD Shana isn't going to destroy this one. I think she would have preferred to have them all so they could experiment, but yeah. Sorry if it came off that way in the post or I wrote it that way. :3

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: That's what I wasn't understanding. *thumbs up* Gotcha.

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: Word

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: Every time you say that, I just get this image of you throwing up 'gangsta' signs or something...

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: <img200*0:>

2013-11-01 [Figgy]: I would do the blood sign but that requires me asking a coworker to photograph it :/

2013-11-01 [Flisky]: That's the one. :D

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