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The very center of the room holds an interactive map with holographic technology to a three dimensional display can be viewed. The walls are covered with various forms of technology, including computers, radars, a large television with a camera for video conferences, and manual controls for the various pieces of security equipment around the mansion. One wall has a large world map covered with colored lights whose point and purpose is only known by fully fledged X-Men.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Complex North
X-Men Mission Postings

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2013-08-06 [Ms. Steel]: The missions themselves, locations of said missions and assignments are all projected on the screen for everyone to see?

Probably seems like a stupid question, but I just want to make sure.

2013-08-06 [The Black Goat]: I don't know if I had to choose between rage and addy, who just freaked out and hid behind endelyn because a weird little girl showed up, I'd probably choose rage too

2013-08-06 [Flisky]: Yeah, be blue and some stranger comes up to the gate (at a public road) and not automatically step to the side. Her mentality is hide from normal people. But she is still going to be insulted (even if she had a HUUUUGE mental break down just weeks before :P) about the choice. *shrugs* My characters are strange.

2013-08-06 [Duredhel]: Yep :>

2013-08-06 [Ms. Steel]: Thanks.

2013-08-06 [The Black Goat]: sorry =P just sayin'

2013-08-06 [twitchboy]: I think its safe to say not to put the hot headed dive in ask questions later guy in charge. Last time it literally blew up in his face.

2013-08-07 [Figgy]: I'mma do another post later with Shana doing a little display/how-to on uniforms, and then she'll dismiss everyone to go change.

2013-08-07 [The Past]: Would there be tablet like tools they could give to each team to give a run down of the information, as per Addy's request? Considering the tech in the place, assume that might be more fitting than papers with notes on it :)

2013-08-07 [Figgy]: I would assume they could just go look at the board or ask danger for more info.

2013-08-07 [Flisky]: I was going off the assumption that the board didn't have all the information on it. So...that's where Addy's request comes from. And maps. They would need maps when they got there. Stuff like that. *shrugs*

2013-08-07 [Figgy]: Uhm, I think the board is going to offer as much information as they have. And the Blackbird will drop them off in the closest vicinity - from there, they'll have to ask questions to get where they're going.
It doesn't make a lot of sense for them to be carrying around papers or tablets to figure out where they're going or what they're doing. If an X-Men is carrying around some hi-tech electronic and someone starts throwing punches at them, what are they gonna do with it?

Shana will be announcing soon that all the uniforms have built in microphones and communicators so that they can get in contact with her (she'll be staying in MC all day) and find out any info they need.

2013-08-09 [Figgy]: Should I wait for twitch?

2013-08-09 [The Black Goat]: I'd say no but that might just be because I'm impatient to get our group out onto the field ^^

2013-08-09 [Figgy]: So am I >_>

2013-08-09 [Ms. Steel]: Too bad that lame-o player with Val is going to be gone this coming week. *whistles, looks away*

2013-08-09 [Figgy]: MMEEERRHRHHH D:

2013-08-09 [Lirerial]: lol I'm thinking same as Nox, I'm impatient to get started

2013-08-09 [Ms. Steel]: But I'll be on vacation in the middle of the woods. YAY

2013-08-09 [Figgy]: omg

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