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The very center of the room holds an interactive map with holographic technology to a three dimensional display can be viewed. The walls are covered with various forms of technology, including computers, radars, a large television with a camera for video conferences, and manual controls for the various pieces of security equipment around the mansion. One wall has a large world map covered with colored lights whose point and purpose is only known by fully fledged X-Men.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Complex North
X-Men Mission Postings

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2013-08-05 [Lirerial]: Sorry, I hadn't noticed I could post

2013-08-05 [The Past]: Yeah, I was waiting for more reactions before I posted again. Didn't want Flame to be too drill Sargent and ordering them around. Am going to go into commenting who she and Shana has put as head of each team, and maybe organizing uniforms and so on.

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: Ill have Shana hand out uniforms since she has them all. Flame doesn't have to do all the work ;3

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: Err, Lire, the uniforms are specifically tailored to each mutant and their power. Rage might've picked up Addy's uniform :>

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: Okay, I'll wait to post here with Shana, and give others a chance tonight. I'll post later tonight or early tomorrow.

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: We're only waiting on Anastasha, Addy, and Rene, right? If that's the case, I'll wait till tomorrow morning so CC can post, then I'll do one go with Rene and Shana.

2013-08-05 [CuteCommander]: Any chance we could get descriptions of each mutant's uniforms so we know how they might have to work around them? Faro's bioluminescence is effective all over her body so would be good to know

2013-08-05 [Flisky]: I love how Addy is the only one asking anything about the uniforms. :/

2013-08-05 [CuteCommander]: She obviously has better manners :P

2013-08-05 [Lirerial]: Rage already has a basic idea of how it all works... plus she's not exactly a patient person lol

2013-08-05 [The Black Goat]: has caleb come back from the dead, or did we get a new caleb and I just didn't notice lol

2013-08-05 [Lirerial]: I think she typed the wrong name, pretty sure it was supposed to be Rene

2013-08-05 [The Black Goat]: lol don't think rene would appreciate being mixed up with the dead rapist ^^

2013-08-05 [Haunted Fate]: Ok, so, just to make sure... Is Shana posting where she hands out the rest of the uniforms, or should I go along with everyone else and pick one that looks like it fits Anastasha? And then just start talking to teammates? :3

2013-08-05 [The Black Goat]: I can't wait for sasaiya to see what hers is

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: What the costume actually looks like, I'm going to leave up to you guys. You know your characters best. If it's too outrageous, though, I might ask to change it XD
As far as functionality, they're all pretty much skin-tight, conforming to the body, and they intelligently adjust to each character's powers. So for example, Addy's would teleport with her without a hitch, and for Faro, if she wanted to, she could shine her lights through the uniform. If the powers don't really need the uniform to adapt, then it doesn't have to :3

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: So, Lire, Rage still might have the wrong uniform. Danger designed them to conform to each character's likes and powers.

In conclusion, yes, Shana will be handing out the uniforms accordingly XD

2013-08-05 [Lirerial]: lol ok, I'll wait for Shana to take that one from her and hand her a new one.

2013-08-05 [Figgy]: Oh ho ho, Shana got pissed.

2013-08-05 [twitchboy]: Yay shirtless Justin getting yelled at =) waiting for Faro to respond to the teasing before he becomes Shana's whipped puppy

2013-08-06 [Ms. Steel]: The missions themselves, locations of said missions and assignments are all projected on the screen for everyone to see?

Probably seems like a stupid question, but I just want to make sure.

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