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Inside the mission control room is a large, holographic screen that displays various options of missions which the X-Men can undertake, up to five missions per day, updated regularly by Danger. Beneath each mission is the proposed list of three mutants within the mansion who are to be sent out on the mission.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Mission Rules

1. Missions will change daily.

2. Players are to sign up the character of their choice beneath the particular mission which they choose in on of the three empty spaces given.

3. At no point is any player allowed to have more than one of their characters on missions unless otherwise specified by GMs.

4. Missions are chosen on a first-come first-serve basis.

5. Choose your mission by leaving a comment on this page.

X-Men The Capture
Reports have come in from a colleague who has scouted out another mutant - this one, however, seems like big trouble. He is asking for help from the Xavier network in order to help capture the mutant and bring him back to a safe zone where his powers can be harnessed.
Springfield, Missouri
1. Light Blackburn
2. Sarah Criss
3. Victoria Adelaide Deveau

X-Men Mission Control

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2013-05-27 [Figgy]: OR what Dur said.

2013-05-27 [Lirerial]: Rage is fine :) I wasn't sure if it was just for this day lol

2013-05-27 [Flisky]: Addy could go on the Convoy. Mihir is currently out of town.

2013-05-27 [Duredhel]: Yep, the instructions are on figgs' first comments, missions change every day :>

2013-05-27 [Lirerial]: Oops sry! Sign Rage up then lol

2013-05-27 [Duredhel]: No prob. Guys :O please try to RP your chars over to Mission Control area and actually sign up, they can talk to Danger for that. Mission control should be a new area they suddenly got access too, so you can have them ask questions if you'd like.

2013-05-27 [Figgy]: Btw, guys, we're probably gonna have Danger or Shana make an announcement to the students to report to the mission control room, and ask for 'volunteers' to go on the missions. Danger won't allow anyone under 18. Whoever you guys sign up for a mission should volunteer.

2013-05-27 [Figgy]: Don't listen to Dur >_> I don't want people going to MC for no reason.

2013-05-27 [twitchboy]: Justin wants in for the convoy, a little payback for his eyes and chest

2013-05-27 [Flisky]: Oh yay! We can do the Justin/Addy thing we were kind of talking about! ^_^


2013-05-27 [The Past]: Would like to have Flame on one of the remaining ones, chance to test her out as leading. I think she is more suited for a possible fight with the mysterious attacker, but I think it might be more amusing to have her for the illness one, forcing her to be more tactful than she normally is.

2013-05-27 [XxTsomexX]: Bostooooooooon :) my home city

2013-05-27 [Haunted Fate]: Ok, so students are not allowed to go on missions? Or just not students under 18?

2013-05-27 [Figgy]: Those classified as 'student' and not 'x-men' are not allowed on missions.

2013-05-27 [Haunted Fate]: Mkay~ Will there ever be minor missions of sorts that students would be able to go on? Kind of like training missions?

2013-05-27 [Figgy]: Uhmm, there will be training in the DR, but that's probably it.

2013-05-27 [Figgy]: Also, Past, which one do you prefer?

2013-05-28 [The Past]: The hunt please

2013-05-28 [Figgy]: Done

2013-05-28 [The Past]: Thank you

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