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X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Salem Center
X-Men Central Park
X-Men Imperial No. 9
X-Men Scalini Fedeli
X-Men Abandoned Underpass
X-Men Carlyle Hotel

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2012-12-02 [Ms. Steel]: Evolution, do you want to have Val and Anthony interact on the way home, or do you want to just zip them back to the mansion?

2012-12-02 [Evolution X]: react on the way home I think. For the lulz

2012-12-02 [Ms. Steel]: I should have asked PRIOR to posting, but the Some time later... is okay...? heh heh.

2012-12-02 [Evolution X]: Yup ^_^

2012-12-05 [Flisky]: *almost spat out water on her computer reading Val's post*

2012-12-05 [Ms. Steel]: tee hee!

2012-12-06 [Flisky]: I wondered vaguely how badly Val would feel if Mihir died...But then I remembered that if Mihir died, I would be so very sad. :P

2012-12-06 [Ms. Steel]: Val is going to be rather upset when she finds out that Camille and Jonas were killed, and she's not really even friends with either of them, sooooo, ya know...

2012-12-06 [Flisky]: As Mihir's player, I'm glad that Val wasn't there to see it because that's mentally scarring.

2012-12-06 [Ms. Steel]: Heh, there are probably going to be plenty more scarring moments in the foreseeable future. ;-)

2012-12-06 [Flisky]: Yes...there will be, I believe.

2012-12-06 [Evolution X]: .-.

2012-12-06 [Flisky]: Upside down face?

2012-12-06 [Evolution X]: yes

2013-04-15 [Figgy]: Uhmm you'll need to have Caleb park somewhere then go inside the restaurant >_>

2013-04-15 [The Black Goat]: Sorry, I figured he'd pull up in front of it to have the car
valet parked then go inside

2013-04-15 [The Black Goat]: Does that work? I updated it.

2013-04-15 [Figgy]: That works

2013-05-07 [Figgy]: ????

2013-05-07 [Figgy]: Do I need to do a GM post here?

2013-05-07 [The Black Goat]: Yeah, might as well, my orders just came through and have me reporting on the 30th of this mont-h, we dont even have a house yet. Dur knows what was gonna happen though

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