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Just off the X-Men Grounds and overlooking the X-Men Lakeside Park and lake sits a carefully constructed picnic area. Several large trees keep the area shaded, although there is also some grassy areas in the sunlight where one can sit on the ground. Picnic tables are lined up nicely around the trees, and a single patio sits in the center with a few tables inside in case of rain.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

The festivities for Memorial day night had been spread out mostly through three areas - the Lake House, the Lakeside Park, and the Picnic Area next to the park - though some students lingered about near the Hot Tub and in the Recreational Park enjoying themselves. A few campfires were built around the three main areas, and night lights kept the areas lit for the most part. Students were free to roam and use boating and lake equipment as they pleased.

Some of the food leftover had been piled up on one of the tables for students and teachers to finish off, but for the most part, a large supply of Pizza had been delivered and was waiting to be devoured.

While she found it surprising, Halo certainly wasn't going to complain that she was the only person in the picnic area. She sat close enough to the fire to occasionally poke at it with a
stick or add another log when necessary, but she was currently preoccupied with enjoying a slice of pizza and a can of soda. She thought she heard voices somewhere in the distance, somewhere on the estate's grounds, but other than a passing glance to see if anyone was coming, she paid little heed to anything but her food and the fire. The dancing flames cast a warm light on her skin, which glistened with its natural luster and with a slight sheen of perspiration.

X-Men Grounds
X-Men Lakeside Park

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