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The red pineapple is considerably stylish club, all and all. The club itself has a large, semicircular form, with a large T shape stage coming from the back of the club, decorated with poles and small spotlights on the bottom to illuminate the dancers. On the outer, curved wall of the club are booth-like areas designed to have some private or cozy time with the dancers and waitresses, as long as they keep their hands to themselves. Around the stage itself are several chairs and a long bar like area, alongside small bar tables and stools located on the club floor. On top of the stage, a neon sign of a red pineapple flickers along the music and lights, and beautiful, scantily clad waitresses tend to customers and patrons.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

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X-Men Back Alley

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2010-08-25 [The Past]: Or big in another way >D Rawr! *daydreams of Hugh Jackman* mmmmmmmmm

2010-08-26 [The Past]: All yours Priest :3

2010-08-29 [Veltzeh]: Oh, Flame would probably go and grab Kaider if she sees that ey fell.

2010-08-30 [Priest Kel]: She was paying attention to her former fellow circus freak and the guns pointed at them

2010-08-30 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, I said if she sees it...

2010-08-30 [Figgy]: Guys, I'm going to post tonight. Working all weekend keeps me busy as hell. >.<

2010-08-30 [Priest Kel]: Cool! ^_^

2010-08-31 [The Past]: Man, you guys have all the fun while I'm away XD but booting you back off [Priest Kel] ;) thanks for handling her for me.

2010-08-31 [Figgy]: Hahaha, "Furry boy no!" seems so much funnier now XD

2010-08-31 [Duredhel]: Now you got to imagine is as if James Chapelle was saying it.

2010-09-01 [Priest Kel]: I couldn't really think of what she would say to try and stop him but she called him furry earlier so I went with it

2010-09-01 [Figgy]: It was just funny. XD

2010-09-01 [Priest Kel]: I try

2010-09-02 [Araglas]: ok so we go outside the clun or to the township?

2010-09-02 [Figgy]: township

2010-09-02 [Araglas]: ok! ^_^ Thanks!!

2010-09-02 [Araglas]: that good?

2010-09-03 [Lepellier]: Hmmm, And here's where my inner-debate comes in. To have Aidan get back to the car to run to the mansion or follow everyone else outside and hope he can hold out on being invisible for long enough that he can find a safe place to uncloak...

2010-09-03 [The Past]: Well isn't Vlad and someone else by the car? Aidan could meet up with them there and explain what's going on or something?

2010-09-03 [Ms. Steel]: Yes, Vlad's just hanging-out, waiting for anyone to show. Kyle is... creepin'.

2012-03-09 [Figgy]: Post post! :D

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