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The X-mansion hides in the more secluded neighborhood of Salem Center in the small town of North Salem, a town of about 6,000 people outside of NYC near the Connecticut border. There are a number of neighborhoods (or hamlets) in North Salem and there is even a lake in the northern part of town. The neighborhoods of Purdy's and Crocton Falls boast a Metro-North station, their own train depot. The town also has a small indoor strip mall downtown, known simply as the shopping Mall. Another point of interest is the Titicus Reservoir, which is one of NYC's reservoirs located on the western part of town. The reservoir is a large body of water, easily mistaken for a lake. The X-Manson lies on the east end of the Titicus Reservoir and is well hidden.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Well at least the day was nice Lire thought to herself as she walked along the road. This was where she'd had her accident, she'd seen the pictures of the accident but hadn't had the guts to come back herself. She wasn't sure what she'd expected to find but it wasn't here. She glanced towards the direction of the reservoir and shrugged. A swim would probably do her good she probably would've preferred it but she had promised René she'd come. She couldn't help the small smile that appeared on her lips as she thought of the handsome bartender, he made her laugh and that was something she appreciated. She turned and walked slowly towards the black motorcycle that was parked a few feet away. It had almost killed her, but it was one of the few things she had and she'd forced herself to learn to ride again. On a second thought though... she'd treat herself with a bathing suit first. She reached her bike and then gunned the engine before driving off towards the X-Men Shopping Mall About 45 minutes passed before Lire walked back out and, holding her bag, walked towards X-Men North Salem Apartment B1. It wasn't long before Lire was back out, this time wearing a backpack, and leaned against her bike and pulling out her phone for a few moments as she typed in the school's name into her gps. After a minute or so she turned off her phone and put it back in her bag as she climbed on her bike and sped off down the road towards X-Men Mansion Gates

Rage was flying down the roads as was her habit in this car and she quickly turned into the parking lot and hit the brakes. After climbing out of the car she waited for Izzy and Nora before going to the X-Men Shopping Mall

The entire way there had Isabelle looking pale and gripping tightly to the handle above the door, her jaw clenched tightly. This bitch drives like a fucking maniac. Of course she wasn't about to admit, even to herself, that it was just that it reminded her of the accident she was in back in January. She was relieved when they finally stopped and got out as quickly as she could without looking like an idiot, giving Nora a glance in the back seat before stuffing her hands in her pockets and following after Rage.

Nora was in much the same shape as Isabelle, her hand gripping the back of the seat instead, since no door handle hung in the back where there was no door. The black-haired girl stared straight at the seat in front of her, all color drained from her already pale face, and she hardly moved the entire ride there, unless the movements of the car made her do so. She sat still for a moment after the car finally came to a stop, and some seconds after Isabelle exited the vehicle, Nora pushed the seat forward and followed suit. She was a bit wobbly as she stood, but as soon as she regained her balance, the girl followed behind Isabelle and Rage, albeit a bit slowly, into X-Men Shopping Mall without a word.

Rage walked up to her car and placed the case she was carrying on the ground before opening the trunk and lifting the box inside. Her winds delivered the wine into her hands and she put it into the car before closing the trunk and getting in the car. She was waiting for Nora and Izzy though she went ahead and cranked the engine to life, just in case they needed a quick get away.

Nora left the building a few moments later, easily catching up to Isabelle and looking after Rage as she loaded the liquor into the trunk. "Well, I think things went quite swimmingly in there!" the girl said cheerfully to Isabelle, though it was unclear whether or not she was completely serious or absolutely joking. Picking up the pace, Nora half-jogged her way over to the car, opening the passenger door and climbing into the back seat.

Isabelle gave Nora a sidelong glance from where she stood beside the passenger seat, her pale brows arched high. "Oh yeah. It was fucking fantastic." She replied as she opened her door and slid in, staring straight ahead with a scowl on her face. Her neck started itching again; she reached for it, then dropped her hand to her lap, she just wanted to get the fuck out of here.

Rage grinned sourly, "Sure, since so far we haven't been arrested yet." She waited until everyone was situated and then slowly manuevered the car out of the parking lot before speeding off towards the X-Men Mansion Gates

X-Men Mansion Gates
X-Men Lakeside Park
X-Men Shopping Mall
X-Men Back Alley
X-Men Red Pineapple
X-Men Wild Thaiger
X-Men Downtown Salem
X-Men North Salem Apartment B1
X-Men Metro-North Station
X-Men New York City

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2014-01-12 [Ms. Steel]: Yikes!

2014-01-12 [The Black Goat]: 0_o

2014-01-12 [CuteCommander]: Fuck! Fuck! ........fuck!

2014-01-12 [The Past]: And this kids, is a lesson on why you should always wear your bike gear, even if it's just for a short trip :/

2014-01-13 [CuteCommander]: In all truth this is exactly what would have happened to me in my bike accident if I hadn't been wearing a helmet

2014-01-13 [Lirerial]: Lol yea.... Hopefully an ambulance will show up soon unless I'm supposed to play it lol

2014-01-13 [Figgy]: I reckon you can play that if you want >_>

2014-01-13 [Lirerial]: Ok :)

2014-01-13 [CuteCommander]: Is she gonna be okay? O.O

2014-01-13 [Lirerial]: We'll see ^_^

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: Is there a little apartment place that Lire can live in?

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: Like above the club or anything?

2014-05-12 [Figgy]: Probably not above the club XD we cab just make a place.

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: Ok :)

2014-05-12 [Figgy]: Assuming Lire and René have been talking at this point, maybe he invited her to come back to the mansion for the party?

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: OK! Thats a lot less depressing lol

2014-05-12 [Figgy]: Hah. She can give him a call or something when she is ready so he can let her in. :3

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: kk :) Btw do you want me to make her apartment or you? So she has a place to get dressed and ready

2014-05-12 [Figgy]: I can make it :O

2014-05-12 [Lirerial]: kk, thanks :)

2014-07-25 [The Black Goat]: I'll post today, promise

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