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This small indoor shopping mall is located in downtown North Salem, usually crowded with teenagers and bustling businessmen. Clothing stores and miscellaneous kiosks line the strip on either side, along with a few fast food restaurants and an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Lire walked into the mall and went straight for a cute looking boutique. She was thrilled to find a gorgeous green two piece and immediately snatched it up before going to the counter. "Is this all?" The girl asked with a bright smile and Lire nodded silently as the girl quickly checked her out and put the piece in a bag. "Thanks." Lire said quickly before headed back out the door. As she walked she pulled out her phone and quickly dialed a number. Lire smiled nervously as she heard the man on the other end answer, "Hey, René, it's Lire... what time did you say the party was? Do you still want me to come?" She asked a bit hesitantly. She still wasn't good with people and though she'd talked to him a good bit at the bar she hadn't seen any of his friends... or been to the school and she was already nervous enough to consider backing out and spending the day in her apartment instead.

"Of course! It's actually just now starting. I'll be disappointed if you don't come!" the man answered, still speaking into the phone. "Do you know how to get to Greymalkin lane?"

Ugh. Lire wasn't sure what she'd been expecting but she'd kinda been half hoping he'd tell her not to come. "I can figure it out. I'll see you in a bit." She said and managed to sound a bit happier even though part of it was still fake. She wasn't quite ready to give up her spot at the bar and, though she wasn't ready to admit it, she might have a tinsy little crush on the man. She walked back out to the X-Men Salem Center

Rage walked in from the parking lot and glanced around the stores. She needed booze and Nora needed a bathing suit. She wasn't sure she would find a liquor store in the mall but a bathing suit should be easy. She paused to wait for her companions before deciding which store to visit first.

Isabelle came in after Rage, looking bored already. "So where's the liqueur store?" She asked with a raise of her brows. Now that they were here, away from the mansion, all Izzy could think about was getting back and doing her job.

Nora came through the mall doors a few seconds after Isabelle, moving at a much slower pace and still looking a little green. She paused once inside, looking at the girls she came with, then glancing at a nearby bench. With a deep breath, the black-haired teen headed straight past the girls and for the bench, sliding down into the seat and breathing out slowly. She wore a somewhat pained-looking expression as her gaze fell to the ground, and she took a few deep breaths, apparently trying to calm herself after Rage's driving. Finally, after a few seconds, she lifted her hand, waving over Rage and Isabelle, despite the fact they were rather close by. "I can find the swimsuit on my own if you guys want to do something else," the girl explained, speaking loud enough so that both her companions could hear over the hustle and bustle of Memorial Day shoppers.

"Ok, sounds good. Meet here in 30 minutes?" Rage asked as she glanced,around the stores once more. She was oblivious to the affects that her driving had had on her companions and didn't seem to notice Nora sitting,down.

Isabelle raised an eyebrow when Nora called to them, half expecting some bullshit talk of staying together. However, she was pleasantly surprised when the girl instead suggested splitting up to take care of their own things. Huh. As of yet this girl had managed not to annoy her in anyway; no smart or stupid remarks, no mouthing off, no shit what so ever. Isabelle found herself curious about her, and whether it was intentional or not. And a girl had to have friends. Having friends is normal- and helpful. Isabelle saw an opportunity to make connections with someone who didn't make her want to drain the ever-loving shit out of them. Her hand slipped into her back pocket and pulled out one of the fifties she'd shoved in their earlier, then handed it to Rage. "I need a bathing suit too, I'll go with her." She said, giving first Rage then Nora a glance. "Just grab me some vodka, not the cheap shit either."

Nora felt as if she was about to lurch forward off the bench and roll right into the floor when Isabelle offered to go with her. She had honestly been hoping for a few minutes alone to regain her composure after that sickening car ride, but she couldn't say no to someone who was being kind and giving her a ride. Instead, the girl forced a smile up at Isabelle, then gave a nod and a simple, "Okay," to Rage before she stood up. She was a little wobbly, but she pretended nothing was wrong as she began walking off into the mall, looking for a suitable store for bathing suits. "I thought you wanted 'booze'," the girl commented off-handedly, her gaze never reaching Isabelle even as she addressed her.

Uh huh..... Rage watched almost in disbelief as Izzy decided to go with Nora and the two girls walked away. She frowned thoughtfully as she turned and headed in the opposite direction, walking until she found a liquor store and stepping inside to browse the selection they had available.

Isabelle shrugged even though she knew Nora wasn’t looking, her slender fingers stuffed into her front pockets, shoulders back as she walked with a purposely slow, almost lazy stride; the epitome of not giving a fuck. Likewise her expression had taken on a look of indifference and it was all intentional on her part, just another show. “I forgot my fake ID back in DC,” That was half true, she was fairly certain it had been burned up along with Andrew when Frag’s men lit the car on fire. “and I need a new bikini.” She sighed, then noticed some high-end swimwear boutique that her mother would have approved of and jerked her head in that direction before stepping over to it. From the corner of her eye she watched the other girl, cocking a single brow. “So what brings you to a mansion full of freaks?”

This time, Nora did cast a glance at Isabelle as she admitted she was underage, looking up at the blonde form the corners of her eyes. "That's... a good reason not to go, then." Had the shorter girl been feeling better, she might have actually managed to produce some sort of comeback, but as it was, she was having a hard time thinking straight - part of the reason why she had wanted to go off on her own for a while. As soon as she noticed the older girl look in the direction of a swimwear store, Nora turned and walked in the direction of her gaze, right beside Isabelle. "I suppose being a freak has brought me to the freakfest," Nora replied with a small raise of her eyebrows, the sarcasm in her voice evident but not overbearing. She didn't particularly like the term used for mutants, and in reality, Nora was quite proud of her abilities and thought that others should be too. "My brother ran away when his abilities... manifested, and my parents were afraid I might do the same," Nora added, speaking the words as if she were reciting a speech. Her eyes fell on a rack of swimsuits near the entrance and she made her way towards it. "You?"

Isabelle scoffed loudly in response as she flicked through the suits hanging from the racks. On of the associates, a well dressed blonde with a perky smile plastered across her stupid, perfectly made up face. "Ma'am, can I help you find anything today?" She asked with a robotic like tilt of her head. Izzy turned her head to look at her properly, her upper lip curling up as she took in the girl's appearance. "Yea, you can fuck off and leave us alone until we ask for you." She snapped, then shook her head and rolled her eyes. As the associate stood there stunned she gave her another look and a raise of her eyebrows until she finally walked off with an expression like she was trying to hold something in. With her gone Isabelle finally got around to answering Nora. "My parents wanted me to be doctor, I didn't. This was the alternative." She let out an exaggerated sigh and then pulled a strappy black two piece that would leave little to the imagination from off the rack.

Nora looked up casually as the blonde approached, though it didn't look like she was eager to reply. However, Isabelle saw to it soon enough that the associate would leave, and the black-haired girl gave her current companion a sidelong glance, eyeing her up after her snippy and blatantly rude remarks towards the other girl. She was quiet for a moment, even after Isabelle explained her position on coming to the school, but she simply stared at the rack in front of her rather than continuing to sort through bathing suits. "You didn't do what mommy and daddy wanted, so they sent you off to a school of freaks?" Nora questioned after a moment, looking back up to the angry blonde. "That sounds like an unlikely story," she added as she began to walk off, in the direction where the other girl had stalked off to. Whether or not Isabelle's story had some truth to it, Nora seemingly didn't believe her words. "Excuse me," the girl spoke up, waving at the sulking sales floor associate until she approached. "There was actually something you could help me with. I was wondering if you could help me find the petites section." Apparently the young teen had little regard for the words Isabelle had spoken to the employee.

"Whatever." Came Isabelle's response to the apparent disbelief. "It was medical school or the Xavier Institute." If she noticed the look Nora had given her after her dismissal of the blonde twat who worked here, she didn't show it. "And there was no way in hell I was going to be a fucking doctor." She added, pulling a couple other suits from the rack and then followed Nora and the sales associate to the petites section before thrusting the outfits into the blonde woman's arms. "Hang these up in one of the dressing rooms. I'll be right there." The older girl turned back to her companion, heedless of whether the employee was doing what she'd ordered her to or not. "It doesn't matter now anyway. Mommy's dead and daddy's so fucked up over it that he doesn't even care where I am or what I'm doing. I could completely disappear for months and he wouldn't even notice." He hasn't either, and that was the truth. She came back from Frag's training and found out that her father had never even filed a missing persons report on the daughter he had not seen since the day of his wife's funeral. "Hell, I'm not sure he even knows that I'm here now." Isabelle laughed then, but it was a hollow, bitter sound.

"I just feel like there's more to it, is all," Nora immediately tried to defend herself, lifting one shoulder in a carefree shrug. After being led to the petites section, the girl set about looking in the hanging bathing suits, which weren't much different than child's sizes - just a little more 'grown up' looking. She listened to the rest of Isabelle's story and her attempts at explaining why she came to the mansion in the first place. "I'm sorry about your mother," the young girl began in earnest, lowering her head a bit out of politeness before she went back to looking through the racks of swimsuits. "Is that how long you've been here?" the then asked, pulling out a black and white striped tee-shaped bikini top from the racks and holding it up to herself. "If your dad doesn't care, and you despise living with 'freaks' so much," she continued, not really sure whether Isabelle truly hated other mutants, but surmising such from the way the word spilled out of her mouth like venom, "why don't you just go back home? Or find somewhere else to stay?" There was a pause in Nora's words, the girl stopping everything she was doing completely and seemingly staring at the floor. "I'm sorry, that was rude," she apologized, suddenly realizing that her words probably weren't suitable for a conversation with someone she didn't even know.

"No. I just got back a few days ago." Isabelle replied, ignoring Nora's condolences. She didn't fucking care really, she didn't feel a thing over her mothers death. She cocked her head to the side as the younger girl held up one of the suits. It seemed like it would fit the girl's personality, but she wasn't going to say anything. To what the girl said next the blonde scoffed again. "I didn't say I fucking hated it." She remarked as she rolled her neck and enjoyed the feel of it cracking against the pressure. "What am I gonna do? Go back to the empty house and drink up my inheritance?" Isabelle let out a mirthless chuckle and shook her head. "I don't have any interest in going to college and that place is like a fucking morgue. At least here I get to sit back and watch the craziness." She shrugged it off, but her gaze was hard as she looked Nora over and then sighed loudly. "Let's go try something on then. I don't want to miss the party."

Nora grew particularly quiet after her apology, at least until Isabelle claimed not to hate living at the mansion. "My apologies. My experiences with people who use the term 'Freak' have mostly shown me people that hate mutants," explained the girl before she grew silent again, looking back at the swimsuits in front of her. Deciding she liked the top she had pulled out, the girl decided to find a pair of bottom to go with it, as well. Pulling out a pair of red bikini bottoms, the girl looked up at Isabelle when she suggested they try on their suits. With a nod and a small "okay", Nora took two sizes of each piece of the bikini she had found, then returned to where the associate was standing. "We need dressing rooms, please," the girl politely told the associate, though her voice sounded deadpan. After being led to the changing rooms, Nora took her own stall, hanging up the two bikinis on the wall. As she undressed, it occurred to her to ask the other girl something in the privacy of the fitting rooms. Just to be sure, Nora leaned down, looking beneath the door of her stall to other stalls, and after ensuring no one was there, stood straight. "So what do you do?" questioned the teen, knowing Isabelle would understand the question without Nora having to elaborate.

"Why, do you tell everybody about what you do?" Came Isabelle's retort. She stared at the girl with a slight frown as she politely requested dressing rooms from the attendant, uncertain of what to make of her. Earlier she'd been wondering if Nora's ability to stay as unoffensive as possible was intentional or not; she was starting to think it was. Maybe it was the current double life she was leading and her attempts to make nice with those she'd rather be sucking dry, but she was starting to get the impression that Nora was doing the same thing, only she was better at it. As rude and stupidly abrasive Isabelle was, she knew that the way she'd been acting would make most people, especially polite, apologetic girls who talked nice to the staff, would react in some way. Isabelle didn't know why this girl was playing nice with her, but she wasn't about to let herself be played. So while in the dressing room pulling on one of the swimsuits when Nora asked about her ability, she gave her the same reply she had given to Flame her first day at the mansion in the same deadpan voice Nora had been answering her with. "I can give people tumors by looking at them; that's how I killed my mother."

"Why not? was Nora's sharp reply as she tossed her clothes aside, taking the smaller size of the bikini and removing it from the hanger. "I'm rather proud of what I do, believe it or not. And I'm curious about others, as well," she explained, pulling up the bikini bottoms over her legs and hips and proceeding to put on the top. "It's a shame not everyone can take pride in their abilities, whether because of circumstance or by their own volition." Nora pushed her hands beneath the hair at her neck and pushed out, pulling it from under the elastic of the bikini top. The girl grew quiet for a moment as she turned and looked at the swimsuit from every angle in the mirror, and decided that the size fit well enough to not worry about the other one, the girl smiled a bit to herself and began undressing again. However, her silence was soon interrupted by Isabelle's reply to her question, and subsequently, an eruption of her own cackling laughter. She said nothing, only laughed, and laughed, and laughed, for several seconds, eventually having to take a seat on the bench in the fitting room so that she wouldn't collapse.

Isabelle scoffed just loud enough to be heard. “Maybe because being a mutant freaks people the fuck out.” then paused as she was attempting to tie the strings on her back, “Unless you’re talking about other freaks, in which case, I’d rather know then be known.” She didn’t miss the sudden change in the way that Nora was talking, it came off sounding almost defensive. Well that’s something at least That’s what she felt right up until she finished lying about her ability and her mother’s death, at which point the woman in the room next to her burst out into hysterical laughter that went on for an uncomfortable amount of time even by Isabelle’s standards. The young woman stopped where she was and stared at the wall separating them with furrowed brows. What the fuck. She waited until the cackling stopped to speak again, clearing her throat softly before giving her reply. “Glad you think it’s funny.” She was careful to keep any acknowledgement of just how fucking weird that outburst had been or how much it actually unnerved her.

Her unintentional outburst had kept her from replying to any of Isabelle's last statements, but Nora couldn't help it. It was just too funny. With her arms crossed over her abdomen, the girl's laughter eventually died down, and she had to suck in a few breaths to force any remnants of giggling away. "Wow," the girl said simply, breathing a little heavier than normal now that she had spent and inordinate amount of time cackling. "I'm sorry. That's a really awful power," she continued, almost sounding as if she was in disbelief about this girl's supposed powers. However, she also found amusing the way Isabelle had phrased her earlier statement - she had used her power to kill her mother. "Does that mean you did it on purpose, then?" the girl questioned in a quieter voice, but didn't wait very long for an answer. Nora stood and finished stripping down her swimsuit, beginning to put on her black top and pink skirt again as she finally commented, "Is that why people are so 'freaked out' over mutants, then? Powers like yours scare them." She took a seat to put on her sandals, buckling them as she continued, "The thought of someone else having control just... doesn't sit right with them. They can't stand it." She made no reference to the other thing that Isabelle had said; of course she enjoyed learning about others' powers, but there was also something to be proud of when others knew about hers. "Maybe that's why they bullied my brother so much."

"Yeah, I suppose it is." Isabelle replied in quiet voice, then leaned against the wall separating them. something was clearly off in this chic; she needed to find out just how much. So in reply to Nora's question, there girl pause for a very long time, rolling her neck with her head pressed against the wall while she waited for the right amount of time to pass. "I guess I did, but that would make me a murderer then wouldn't it?" She asked just loud enough for the girl to hear her. ""Everyone hates everyone really, they're just looking for an excuse to show it." She sighed, then began to strip the suit back off and her clothes back on, then stepped out into the row between the individual fitting rooms with the suit in hand. "Well then, maybe your brother should have used his ability to put the fuckers back in their place rather then let them walk all over him."

Nora was quiet for a short moment after Isabelle's reply, waiting until she had put back on all her clothes before she made her own response. "I suppose that depends on the situation. If you just did it to do it, then.. yes," came the girl's statement as she repeated the same action as earlier with her hair, pulling it from beneath the neckline of her shirt. "You seem to have a very negative perception of people," she stated matter-of-factly as she picked up her own swimsuit and stepped out of the dressing room. Closing the door gently behind her, she faced the waiting Isabelle before giving her a nod, turning, and heading towards the check-out counter. She spoke no more on that particular matter, but once the mention of her brother came from the other girl's mouth, she spoke up once more. Turning only enough so that she could see the blonde girl from the corner of her eyes, Nora said simply, "I never said he didn't." With that, the teen girl placed her things on the counter and began to pay for her items.

Though there didn't seem to be an actual liquor store, Rage did manage to find, what appeared to be, a gentleman's store. She appeared a strange sight, sashaying around the small store in the flowing white dress and high heels, but she did find an excellent selection of expensive wines and dark liquors. After several thoughtful moments of careful browsing the wild haired girl approached the counter and glanced around for the employee.
Mr. Smith, as the elderly owner of the shop was called, had watched the tall woman enter his shop and make a beeline for the liquor. His lips were set in a firm line of disapproval as he studied the girl's appearance and then stood to approach the counter as she approached.
"Can I help you?" The man asked, though he clearly didn't believe this girl to be capable of affording any of his expensive liquors.
"Yes, I need 3 bottles of brandy, 2 of whiskey and some bourbon. Oh and a case of wine." She finished and smiled brightly before digging through her purse, seemingly unaware of the man staring at her like she'd grown a second head.

Isabelle didn’t at first reply to Nora’s assertion on whether or not she was a murderer, nor to her statement about the blonde girl’s perception of humanity at large. I wonder what she would think, if she really knew? Her nostrils flared slightly, cocking an eyebrow when the girl gave her a nod, but following none the less. “Good for him then,” was all she added to the conversation of the girl’s brother. Having not expected the response she’d gotten from this strange girl when she lied about killing her mother, Isabelle found herself needing to correct the situation, just in case word got ‘round. Nora didn’t seem like the kind of girl to blab her mouth all over the place, but after their interactions Izzy certainly didn’t trust her. She waited though, until after they’d paid for their things, to speak up again. “I didn’t kill my mother Nora.” She said softly as she moved to the exit with her bag, keeping her eyes straight ahead and her voice low, “She died in a car accident. Also, you’re really fucking weird.”

Nora let a blatant smirk show on her face at Isabelle's answer to her suggestion that her brother might have hurt those who bullied him. "And I never said he did," she added as a sort of final blow to the conversation, her smirk turning into a wry grin. Turning back to the cashier who had been bullied earlier, Nora paid for her things, offered the abused woman a "Thank you," then proceeded to walk out of the store alongside Isabelle. She grinned yet again when Isabelle admitted to her innocence in her mother's death. "Even psychopaths don't tell random girls they just met that they killed someone," the girl remarked, hinting at the fact that she most likely suspected Isabelle's words weren't true. To Isabelle's last comment, the girl answered her with a shrug. "I grew up in an unusual household, under unusual circumstances, and I have unusual abilities. My personality is just icing on the cake." She flashed Isabelle a smile, this time the expression seeming kinder, at least until she spoke once more. "You aren't exactly normal yourself, miss."

Isabelle could only respond with an exaggerated sigh to Nora's added statement on the subject of her brother, finding it annoying that Nora was trying to fuck with her. Despite this, the blonde was starting to find that, if anything, the petite young woman was a sort of kindred spirit, not that she would ever so something so ridiculously gay out loud. Izzy cast Nora a look from the corner of her eyes as the other essentially revealed that she hadn't believed her to begin with and when she replied, it was with a slight and begrudging smile. "It was worth a shot." To the rest she didn't comment, instead leading them both back to where they'd last left Rage, hands shoved in her pockets with her bag dangling from her wrist, chewing on her cheek absentmindedly. After all that, she could really use a drink. "How long does it take to buy liqueur," She complained out loud as she slumped down onto the bench as Nora had earlier, "she better not have forgotten my fucking vodka."

It hadn't taken long, paying for the liquor and delivering a flirtatious wink to the man who was clearly to old for her. She ignored the strange look he gave her as she gathered up the dark liquors in a box and her winds took care of the case of wine.
Rage's high heels announced her presence before the girl herself was in view as she click-clacked her way down the large corridor. She was carrying a box of bottles while another case floated along behind her, carried by a small whirlwind. She arrived just in time to hear Izzy's last report and frowned. She had forgotten the vodka.

Nora fell quiet after her own last comment, barely sparing a glance towards Isabelle when the blonde admitted to lying. Not that she hadn't done that already. As they came back to the meeting spot, Nora looked around for any sign of Rage before she reclaimed her seat. Isabelle was in the middle of her rant about alcohol when Nora saw the shadow of someone creeping up, and she turned in her seat to face a frowning Rage. The expression was timed perfectly with Isabelle's comment on Vodka, and Nora pursed her lips, trying to hide a grin while a small, guttural snort of laughter came from the girl's throat.

Isabelle turned her head in the direction of the approaching clacking and immediately stood, giving the approaching woman an incredulous look. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." She said, mostly to herself than anything as she watched Rage walk in their direction carrying a box in her hands while another floated along side of her. Izzy glanced around to see if anyone was watching this bizarre sight and then stalked angrily over to her, snatching the case from whatever was holding them up with a glare to the woman. "Really? In the middle of a fucking mall? Why not just wear a big fat sign around your neck that says I am a mutant?"

Rage was deeply imbedded in the habit of making use of her powers on an everyday basis. She used her winds in her performances and daily life to the point she simply didn't find it strange. She blinked in surprise when Izzy stalked up and snatched the case of wine from behind her and started grouching at her. "I didn't think I had too." She answered as she looked steadily back her, normally good-natured, eyes were uncharacteristically sharp though she managed to keep the annoyance from her voice. "In fact, I'm fairly certain you are doing a better job at announcing it than I."

Hearing Isabelle's hissing voice come towards Rage, Nora simply folded her hand in her lap and leaned back in her seat, looking up at the two girls as they looked ready to duke it out. She looked between each of them as they spoke, not speaking a word on the matter herself, and simply waited for the situation to resolve. In all honesty, the teen, herself, had somewhat forgotten about keeping her powers hidden in public, having always been allowed to use them openly at home, and she was suddenly thankful she hadn't been showy with them so far in this trip. With a silent reminder to herself not to showcase her mutation in public, Nora continued to watch Isabelle and Rage, hiding a tiny grin.

"You don't know who the fuck could be watching." Isabelle hissed in response," There are groups who kidnap mutants, you ever think of that shit? Pull up in black vans with tinted windows and just nab 'em wherever. You know what they fucking do to them!? They- " She stopped abruptly, swallowing her words and glancing around, momentarily paranoid that someone from the company was there and could overhear her spilling her guts to this stupid bitch. Shifting her eyes back to Rage she straightened, "Yeah, is that fucking so? Fine then, here." The blonde took a step back and lifted the box, then dropped it.

Rage stayed quiet as she listened to the verbal abuse Izzy was spouting. She was far from being cowed by the blond girl, quite the opposite. It was concerning, the way the girl talked seemed to express a real fear and Rage's eyes narrowed thoughtfully. One the one hand she was beyond pissed that the bitch saw fit to scold her in such a way, in fact she was quite tempted to leave the blond stranded. On the other, she knew better than to completely lose her head in a public mall, instead she watched as Izzy lifted the box and then let go. "Are you done?" She queried as her winds swooped in to keep the box from falling. "Because I need a drink and a swim." She sounded pleasant, keeping the irritation from her voice because she knew Izzy would jump on any sign of anger... That and she hoped it'd piss her roommate off even more.

The small, escalating feud between Isabelle and Rage hd no doubt been drawing the attention of onlookers around them inside the busy shopping mall. Little by little, a crowd of people was growing, circling the trio of girl some few feet away. Children clung to their mothers, questioning what exactly was happening, while couple and friends whispered in each other's ears, the occasional "mutants" passing through their lips.

Nora would have been content to just sit and watch the little display of powers between Isabelle and Rage, but as she began hearing murmurs around her, the girl turned to find that they were all being watched. There was no doubt that is things got any more tense, bad things would happen, so the teen decided to act. "WELL, if you sass masters are finished heckling each other," she announced rather loudly, followed by a quieter, "and giving yourselves away... We should probably head home, right?" The girl reached out with both her hands and placed one on each of the girl's arms, hoping she could bring both of them back to their senses and encourage them to leave before things got ugly.

Isabelle stared hard at Rage, watching as the woman once again used her abilities, now in front of quickly growing crowd of people. “Yeah, yeah I’m fucking done.” She spat, pissed that her warnings had gone unheeded. Fine. Let the bitch show off. See if I care what happens to her. Was it too much to ask that Rage not broadcast her abilities to the entire fucking world? Her eyes narrowed and shifted when she felt Nora’s hand on her arm, jerking away and turning her back to them both. She shouldered her way through the crowd, pushing past the onlookers and making for the doors. Hell. I fucking hope they take her. I’ll even fucking recommend it. Stupid bitch. She thought on her way back to the x-men Salem center, though her eyes still scanned the area, looking for signs that she was being watched. As if in response to her paranoia, the back of her neck started to itch around the ‘loyalty implant’ embedded there, the metal that showed covered up by a band aid.

Rage looked around guiltily at the growing crowd and smiled. Even she knew better than to keep it with the atmosphere going so bad and she turned and quickly walked out of the mall and into the X-Men Salem Center. The case of wine followed close behind her; for once she wanted to get out of the spot light and it seemed like her best option was to leave and assume the other girls would follow instead of staying back and trying to explain.

Things happened much easier than Nora had imagined, and both the girls, with their egos obviously damaged, turned and headed for the door, not without a few choice words from Isabelle. Nora puckered up her lips and screwed them to the side, watching both Isabelle and Rage - who was still, for some reason, exhibiting her powers right in front of the already tensely suspicious crowd - left the building. After a second, the teen turned back towards the onlookers with a smile, one that seemed incredibly genuine. "Magic theatre, ladies and gentleman!" the girl announced to the crowd, giving a deep bow afterwards with her arm bent over her stomach. It was a strange way of diffusing the situation, but then, Nora had never been exactly normal. With a little wave to everyone, who still didn't seem like they quite believed the girls weren't mutants, Nora turned on her heel and followed out the door behind Isabelle and Rage, out to X-Men Salem Center.

X-Men Salem Center

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2014-07-19 [Figgy]: Rage?

2014-07-20 [Figgy]: ?

2014-07-20 [Lirerial]: Sorryo

2014-07-21 [The Black Goat]: XD

2014-07-24 [The Black Goat]: Whoops was I supposed to post to the Salem center instead of here when she left the mall?

2014-07-24 [Figgy]: 8> yah

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