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In between the X-Men Center 1st hall and X-Men Xaver's Office is a small waiting area for students who need to speak to the headmaster. Chairs line either wall, a table in the very center of each line of chairs with a lamp upon it. The overhead light is covered with a translucent shade and there is a well worn path in the center of the carpet.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Xavier's Office
X-Men Center 1st

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2013-01-02 [Figgy]: Yaaaay posting night!

2013-01-02 [Flisky]: Figgs, are you playing with yourself again? ;D No worries, I did that earlier.

2013-01-02 [Lepellier]: Damn, Figgs, you had to lock the door on Aidan.

2013-01-02 [Figgy]: XD doubt she would've left it unlocked.

Dur will be taking care of that for me when he gets here in two weeks. ;3

2013-01-02 [Flisky]: Well, then you got something to look forward to. XD

2013-01-02 [Figgy]: Indeed >:3

2013-01-07 [Figgy]: Nice long post
Nice long post
Nice long post
Nice long post
Lep with a two liner about nothing.

2013-01-08 [Lepellier]: Well, a.) I was dead tired, and B.) I really don't have much of anything to post about with Sam in here.

2013-01-12 [Dwarf Ronin]: I hope that was a good response. Was it something I could laugh at?

2013-01-26 [Lirerial]: What changed?

2013-01-26 [Duredhel]: hr tag fixed

2013-01-26 [Lirerial]: Oh kk

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: Will post later tonight, got stuff to tend to today.

2013-01-28 [Figgy]: Ronin, did Lire actually make eye contact with Sao? Be careful of what you post.

2013-01-28 [Dwarf Ronin]: Guess I was just going along. I thought saying, "attempted to make eye contact" would sound weird. I understand what you're saying. It won't happen again.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: I covered it with my post so you don';t have to change anything if you don't want

2013-01-29 [Figgy]: Not scolding, just alerting. Just keep a watch out and try not to god mode or powerplay.

2013-01-31 [Dwarf Ronin]: Thanks for the heads up.

2014-05-16 [The Past]: God! Updating this page on a phone is a goddamm mission

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: aww... Tim.

2014-05-18 [The Past]: Don't make me post the picture Dur did of him again! Hehe

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: hehe.

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: I'm loving their interaction, especially Tims story

2014-05-18 [The Past]: Well it's stopping tonight for me, as the Roosterteeth 24 hour live stream has just finished at 1am for me.

2014-05-18 [Evolution X]: Awwwwww

2014-05-19 [Evolution X]: I have no idea if any of this is possible. But that's the fun part.

2014-05-22 [The Past]: Funnily enough, if EoD had ever continued, I was going to bring Tim in as having lost his skull and just being a floating, invisible entity.

2014-05-22 [Flisky]: And then Rook walks through him on accident. :P

2014-05-22 [The Past]: XD Ha

2014-05-22 [Lirerial]: I ki,da really wish EoD was still running :P

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: At the time, we had 2 or 3 players up and leave, so it was really difficult to keep it going, since dur had to do GM post for 3 chars on top of GM posts for the missions :/

I've mentioned to him about reviving it, but he says it will have to happen when he is a lot less busy. Which could very well be a while from now.

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: What's EoD? :o

2014-05-22 [The Black Goat]: End of Days XD

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: What sorta RP was it? :3 *now oh-so curious~*

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: It was X-Men RP in the post-apocalyptic future :>

2014-05-22 [Ms. Steel]: It was a fun sorta rp, that's what it was.

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: X-Men: End of Days

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: Connected to this RP?

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: Yes

2014-05-23 [The Past]: Sigh, one day maybe. We have sadly lost a few of the old players, would have to reorganize. But was still damn fun when it was going.

2014-06-11 [Evolution X]: *waiting... waiting...*

2014-06-11 [CuteCommander]: A restart would be possible...

2014-06-11 [Evolution X]: restart?

2014-06-11 [Figgy]: Sorry, I'm trying to get her here.

2014-06-12 [The Past]: The awkwardness is kind of funny, heh

2014-06-20 [Figgy]: Shana is not going to be very forthcoming with info on Cerebro just yet.

2014-06-22 [Evolution X]: Figgy's turn? or mine? I never know when new people are introduced.

2014-06-22 [Figgy]: I think it's Past's turn.

2014-06-22 [Evolution X]: oh yeah

2014-06-22 [Figgy]: After Tim, I'll do a Shana post.

2014-06-26 [Figgy]: Timward's turn, and then I'll post :3

2014-07-01 [The Past]: Sorry, as I said on the main page, I was off ET for a few days and you could had passed him over.

2014-07-02 [Figgy]: I did.

2014-07-09 [The Black Goat]: bahaha worst timing ever

2014-08-06 [ancienteye]: Should I wait for Daniela?

2014-08-06 [Figgy]: Yup

2014-08-10 [Duredhel]: And thus, Dani does absolutely squat.

2014-08-10 [The Black Goat]: but she looks cute doing it XD

2014-08-10 [ancienteye]: She looks cute doing anything. :P

2014-08-14 [Flisky]: Are we going to do the mission thing soon?

2014-08-14 [Figgy]: Soon, yes.

2014-08-14 [Flisky]: Because Tory is faffing around at the pool and I'm wanting to move her. So I'll wait for a bit longer. ^^

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