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[xido]'s Personal List of Necessary Updates and Data


[First of all, this is my page, but is openly viewable and commentable. My priority is my own list of updates, so chatting is not something I'm going to pay attention to, and I will remove the comments if this begins to occur. Comments are welcome, chatting is not. Thanks.]

*****MAIN PRIORITY: Update *MY ROLEPLAYS, **WIKI FANTASY ROLEPLAY PAGES, and delegating guild tasks on the ***WFR Renovations and Updates, ****WFR Rules & Guidelines, and *****WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs!!!

Things to do:

-add notation to Creature List pages about images and copyrighted materials, and guild-wide post on personal endorsements on another page.

Personal Endorsements/Sponsorship: (for those of you who enjoy 3.5 D&D-style open RP like me, you will be happy to hear someone state it as a formal acknowledgement)

I, Will Thompson,

believe that experienced open roleplay is one of the greatest hobbies a creative person can pursue, and as a roleplayer of nearly thirteen years, I have seen a lot of published material that has given me great inspiration and a love of fantasy and science fiction that has far surpassed most linguists' love of the classics of literature.
I also believe that Wizards of the Coast, under the direction of Hasbro Games, Inc., has come the closest to providing the gaming community with the most excellent and modern published materials that provide both detailed information about supposedly legendary creatures and societies of the fantasy realm, as well as the flexebility of real-time game settings and stories that could fuel any creative person into making their own rendition of the 'standardized' rules into a truly unique, fulfilling and similarly inspirational experience.
I therefore have no qualms with personally endorsing the Wizards of the Coast company and its community, resources or its future good fortune. I also believe whole-heartedly that a form of gaming and copyright sponsorship to Elftown's wikis or to similarly affiliated sites (such as the potential RPG Community in the works, Elfpack, etc) would also be possible and beneficial on both sides if only legal stipulations could be overcome by a show of opinionated force from customers worldwide. Elftown is an international site and part of a great movement in free online communities that help build society integrally as opposed to destructively, and is therefore a great resource for both personal achievement and networking with potentially genuine individuals from all over the globe... A new form of international family, not something I disagree with at all. Therefore,

I would like all WFR Guild and all other Elftown members to consider joining the Wizards Online Community, which is also a great resource for both people and information. Wizards' full D&D publication archive of images is a great resource for artists and fantasy lovers abroad. Join at:

I would also like to make sure that all copyrighted images from both Wizards archives and other web sites/links are properly marked on guild pages and wiki pages as being copyrighted to whomever created the material, as well as the html code for the page you found the image on. A Creature List statement, similarly worded, will also (soon) be posted on that page, if you need an idea of what to state and how.
Thank you,


WFR Guild Page Statement:

[ATTENTION:  This RPG Guild is now officially undergoing renovations and updates! All activities are still active, but gameplay with guild members may become slow for two-three months as we are developing better formats for guild pages and moderators for those that do not have one besides ME (xido)! If you apply with a new char app, it may take a while to be accepted, but do not this sway you from joining! We are still active, but somewhat dormant while we make our growing family more comfortable in our homes.
Thank you for your help and patience!!!


* WFR Art : currently, [Leara], [Sunny Silverunicorn] and myself are top dogs on this project, and our first samples, from Sunny, include and Leara's elven facial span-banner, <img:>. All WFR Guild art and pages for member RPG-related art and contests will be featured on its own guild page, along with a moderator. 


Image Copyright and Info Statement: (for Creature_List and similar pages)


wikis with a "-" dash are important, with "*" is super-important and TOP priority


-add Vxa/Tiahaara Civalya/[Sairafaen]/Aquaea/Aquaean and GM rights DONE
-gameplay in ionnya
-characters we need
alasse saralonde
-sylph as a Faerie Races
-realms of lemire arena
pirates book
sphinx on CL
background contest judging
faresylia xay'erno
pheonix on CL
*-new moon inn pic on WFR Games description DONE
**-text integration DONE and [SilverFire] as member and Mod (membership complete, without character apps, Moderator status on Text Page pending page renovations and links...
iea personnel
-werecreature DONE / lycanthrope (incomplete) on CL, and as Wild and Savage Races or Beastial Races
gnome on CL
wsfr character page
-orc on CL and as Goblinoid Races
aboleth on CL... Linn
felldrake on CL
tales of the:
-raptorian on CL, and as Beastial Races
*-tal_anduril's tour update, and add Tal as tour guide/Mod
*-henchman - Mods???
fae on CL
-update caylandra
**-make me a psion! - update WFR games, advertising, Emily as Mod
-satyr on CL and as Satyr Races
-wyrm on CL, True Dragons
temple of the divine twins
*-adventurer's tavern - newbie hangout, new gate, picture?
si'ir update
selkie on CL
*-rp guild members integrate more fully
student list in???
dead man in the inn
***-Currently: eltown water fountain - create the REAL ELFTOWN WATER FOUNTAIN and (pending) 'MARKET@wiki/-PLACE@wiki', the official WFR open RP section for all of Elftown
-myrannen tributaries - Robin Woodsman, Dtalk, Qéla har Magdivas, Dystanul of Downwater Valley, Maraya Lockheird and her brother Andronius, and the hara Roth, Duva and Vasseht
dae'vhiris gardens  *ADD TO NOTES
celestials and guardinals
serleetha derath
drider on CL
flight to tabletta with Raerlas's char
goa'uld, a type of mindleech
sci-fi races page
The Abyssal Mercenary Graz'zt of Aggrazzat on the ____ layer of the Abyss
-gould'chrond'h, modernize, update
axiomatic creature on CL
thillosia update
tanar'ri demon updates
unicorn description????
-androntel dungeons
pixie description
starport iea
-clans of the rephaim
-golidere's parlor - add to notes
torea update
*-the realms of existence
-the war of the roses and history update
animated objects
will's fave quotes
salamander description
wfr games see all pages
-great temple
red cap
**-wfr char rank page
fight in the dungeon
pegasus description
small open glade
***-wfr guild pages, mods, & gms
titan race
-minotaur description, beastial race, add castes page
-out of the city and purple vortex updates
-trailing styxia (in comments)
the shining breeze
*-temple of the light description and updated info, RP/spiritual pages
in the midst of the hidden forests plot and actions
*-history of jashnia
*-wfr quests, and msg reminder to [Blood Raven]
unicorn race for description or for a race-contest


talon nightsilver
carellia disturka
new moon inn
alasse saralonde
tales of the:
kirael tlin
planet 313 z
wsfr application page
realms of lemire arena
-adventurer's tavern and its description on WFR Games
sci-fi races page
-henchman and Original Roleplaying to guild list
-wfr quests
arctik char
-make me a psion! and psion as a WFR CHAR Rank Page entry
-out of the city / pictures
animated objects
cat, el and kim returns
kimothy, the squirrel rogue
-androntel dungeons
-begin trailing styxia
ancient egypt lovers
shady inn -
the shining breeze - me
*-Integrate Text Adventures

***WFR CHAR Race Page:

subterranean races - drow, drider, illithid, duergar dwarves, spriggan gnomes

undead races - vampire, lich, Wight, mohrg, shade, wraith

draconic races - kobold, half-dragon, dragonkin, Sarkrith, Lizardfolk

wild and savage races - lycanthrope, orcs, felynne (catfolk), faunarian

gnome races - !!!

dwarven races - !!!

giant races - titan, clan giant, oceanstrider, troll, ogre

gargoyle races - stonestander, mountaingoyle, windriders, jannigoyles, moondoggies, goregoyles/___ (see aquatic)

satyr races - Divvisat, Grecosat, Hevasat, Demosat, Wyldesat

faerie races - satyr, dryad (sylvan and ferhmi), nymph, unicorn/unari, pixie/sprite, genadai, gnome, selkie, sidhe,

human races - by cultural/physical dustinctions

planar races - githyanki, githzerai,

goblinoid races - orc, goblin, hobgoblin, half-orc, troll, kobold, mongrelfolk, squidgies,

reptilian races - yuan-ti, naga, half-naga (or nagafolk), lizardfolk, sarkrith,

halfling races - tallfellow,

beastial races - minotaur (and castes)

elven races - high elf, wood elf (sylvanian), wyld elf (grugach), drow/drider, night elf/grey elf, moon elf, avariel elf

aquatic races - merfolk/triton, aquaean elf, selkie, goregoyles,_goyle, sahuagin, kuo-toa, oceanstrider

centaur races - cantaur, tauric, carnotaur, leurian/anthro

ALL WFR Pages:

Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - [xido], guildwide
Character Page and WFR Application Page - [Leara], [Blood Raven], [Nightshadow]
WFR CHAR Race Page - [xido], [Linn Scarlett], [Blood Raven]
WFR CHAR Rank Page - [xido], [Linn Scarlett], [Blood Raven]
Creature_List - [Angel Dreamer], [Linn Scarlett]?
WFR games - [Nightshadow], [Cougar], [Blood Raven], [Kim_Lundin]
WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs - [xido], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [Kim_Lundin]
WFR Quests - [Blood Raven], [Cougar],
WFR Renovations and Updates - [Kim_Lundin], [Blood Raven], [Pinkdonkey], [Nightshadow], [Leara], [xido], [Cougar]
WFR Rules & Guidelines - [Kim_Lundin], [Pinkdonkey], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [Leara]

The League of Accepted Characters

- [Leara], [Blood Raven],
Size and Alignment, Character Trait aspects - [xido], open for additional info
WFR Guild and Member Art and Contests@wiki ?

Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - [Nightshadow],
WSFR Character Page -
WSFR Application Page -
Sci-Fi Races Page -

[Raerlas], [Cougar], [Juraviel], [Linn Scarlett], [Sunny Silverunicorn],
Sci-Fi Ranks Page -


Well, I would like to compile all the Rules and Guidelines of the WFR that have
been stated through the years.... But most of them have been archived away in the
old comments of pages like the Character Page, WFR Character Page, WFR
Application page
, etc.
Everything about our ideology and methods is deccribed somewhere in these wikis at
one time or another. We once referred to the Roleplaying for Dummies page a lot,
but some have claimed that even that is difficult to understand for the common
newbie and veteran alike.
[Kim_Lundin] is also very good at finding old comments and page version... ask him
for help in fiding these rules... This will all benefit the WFR Rules &

The outline for this page:
-creating a character for application, what the WFR Mods look for in a new
character and player (talk with [Leara])
-creating secondary characters and new char pages
-hints and tips for gaming in the wikis AND in tabletop games
-what you'll see and find in the wikis: lands, open roleplays, taverns &
establishments, worlds, realms, death, highly active and dead wikis, campaigns,
schools/classes for RP/locations, etc.
-starting your own wiki: concept, images, wiki page layouts, advertising and
recruiting players, where to find info, pseudo-html, cool designs/logos/WFR stuff
-creating a world or land, new and unconnected AND in another GM's realm or continent
-sci-fi, fantasy, modern, or humor? what game am I making?
-powerplaying and good gaming; what is a guild member? what do I do? what does the
WFR do for me?
-Game Moderating and Moderator wiki responsibilities
-where to look for more info, other sites/links: how to connect with guild members,
the forums, new guilds, advertising

And anything else you can come up with....
Don't be afraid to ask others for help, especially Mr. CIA [Kim_Lundin], who has
found countless lost articles of info in random comments, etc.
-will (To [Cougar])

see my forum reply for you.
After I see what kind of work you can come up with, I will consider you for moderating a page, perhaps even this update page, which may need a monitor to keep things moving. If that is the case, then all final calls on major updates or renovations to the site are still through me, until further notice. Other updates would be up to you, or people you work with/delegate. If that sounds like your type of mod job, you're on the nominee list. If not, work on this, and we will find a more suitable position for you in time.
;) Thanks for helping out. I will consider more on that html thing... I think the raw html version of some of these pages could be a lot cooler than than they are in raw code... We will see. Let me think on that one.
-will (To [Pinkdonkey])

I like the page, I especially like the way you composed the list and symbols... honestly, a lot, nearly all of those wikis in Eastonia are inactive, under construction, or completely lost because of [Phyn]'s departure permanently from Elftown.
Perhaps the WFR Quests page would be more for adding new/recently proposed games and quests that players have announced, like more of an advertising page for GMs that have active stories or games. If you would prefer to be the moderator of this page, that can be possible, but change the password to WFRPGGuildonly and the owner to me (I know, I'm greedy and selfish)... and if you're not intersted, do it anyway! :P
I am going to make a post in the forum, and perhaps a page dedicated to GMs/Mods......
And I thought of another picture idea... tags for WFR GMs and Mods... oh yeah *rubs hands* I'm contacting Sunny now with the idea.... she's helping me on graphics.
(to [Blood Raven])

Sounds like a plan. See if anyone needs help with the updates we're making to the main WFR pages, and I'll find a position for you. Are you good at managing or organizing contests, searching for wikis, hooking players up with games, teaching classes at the Androntel Academy, or any other various personal skills that would help me place you on a page? With some of the new pages going up, they will need moderators and monitors.
We'll consider more later... Just give me some ideas of what you're good at, and check out my forum replies.
-will  (to [Juraviel])

(From [Leara]:)
Can I have some specifics on the type of things you'd like to see in graphics for WFR? I have an exam this week, the only school work I do will probaly focus on that, and when I study, I usually get strong urges to draw whenever I have time. I'm trying to come up with some idea's, but nothings really...I don't know, very good. I tried making a divider of a female elf headshot with her hair blowing outward, making the divide, but I don't know if I like it, let alone if it suits the wiki. And without specifics, I will result to drawing chibi fantasy the fairy I started, this may not be a good thing. ^^;;; I need ideas. >.<

lol... oh god, okay, well.... lol
Let's see. Talk with [Sunny Silverunicorn] about what she has done so far... She has also come to me asking about graphic ideas. Honestly dividers, maybe a set of cool designed letters to begin WFR page paragraphs (like the cool old english publications), a neat page graphic that could fit in with any descriptive portions of a current or future page. (Maybe chibi pics of someone drawing up a character for a char application, sweating - "Don't sweat it" or something - and crumpling up the paper and tossing it... or chibi characters of different races or classes fighting for the Race and Rank page... Monsters from the Creature List that would fit well with another graphic...anything)
Other page portions we will need are page title images, Caution/Warning/Attention banners for important points or hints, cool pics for bullets, WFR common actions/FAQs, house tag-banners, Mod/GM tag-banners, Motto pic? "Roleplaying is not an option... It's a necessity." WSFR's is "The best way to predict the future is to play it." I don't hope that these will change anytime soon... So maybe.
I know, take something in text (like say, the application page template) and incorporate it into a picture, like a scroll or piece of parchment.... Any way to include fantasy details into common WFR pages is cool. I am visualizing Henchmen's neat scroll picture when I see this... but different, obviously.
WFR pages thus far include:
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay
WFR Application Page
WFR Character Page
The League of Accepted Characters... Changing to WFR Guild League
WFR Games
WFR Quests
WFR CHAR Race Page for player races... would love a lineup or series of race pictures at some point!
WFR CHAR Rank Page
Androntel Academy
WFR Chat
WFR Renovations and Updates
WFR Guild and Game Moderators to come...
and if [Nightshadow] wants any help with the WSFR at any point, maybe this could lead into future projects with that.... you never know.
I think that's all the pages... I could be wrong, check to make sure and I will too.

Leara's response:
Chibi chibi chibi chibi. >.< I think it's accurate to say I have a minor obsession, my divider idea now resides on the bottom of Leara's Art. XD I'll message Sunny if I remembers.

(To [Kim_Lundin]:)
Uh, dude, I know your wiki page... It's been listed since the very beginning....
I will make sure it gets proper advertisement, so come up with some cool, catchy or funny description of the tavern, and we'll say it's a good place for newbies to hang out and meet up with others. You can add in a back room that has a secret gateway to every other dimension and world, provided they pay you a hefty fine.... That way, they're not stuck on Eastonia, in Irrundanil which is about as sleepy and domesticated as one can get.
Sound good?
By the way, you're a Mod in my opinion... even if not just because you're a veteran member. We'll work something out about you having a particular job, but for now:
[Blood Raven] is making a WFR Quests page for active/accepting rps, and could use a recruiting scout or two. [Cougar] and [Pinkdonkey] have been given the task of seeking out all old comments on current and past WFR pages, to find a complete list of WFR player-quoted rules, guidelines, hints, methods, and guild standards/objectives... I told them you were really good at finding anything in old comments and page versions, so they may need you.
At some point, a list of WFR Guild and Game Moderators will be created too, I think.

(Response to Leara's pic:)
Yeah, it's neat, cool jewelry and nice hair and all, but you're right, it's just slightly offish.
Maybe we should go with a less humanoid theme, and let the player tag-banners keep the elf-setup, GMtags get a unicorn, and Guild Mods get a dragon one, just for instance... But yeah, the elf wouldn't convey much other than what else you can find here in Elftown.... ELVES.
Love the hair though.
I would prefer if you two did work together, maybe swap emails, and email each other graphics and .ttf fonts for use in making tags and images, so we can keep a common theme with them when we get our concept down. Maybe come up with a few cool designs, swap them off for a while, maybe checking out a few other pages for new ideas, and when we get a good groove of making images, we can just copy the themes we've used for other pages.
If Sunny ends up not wanting to, or takes a horrendously long time doing it (maybe, maybe not), you can take charge, and we will catch up together later. I like [Nightshadow]'s and your styles of laying out a wiki page or other space with neat icons, dividers and doodads (yes, and doohickeys and thingamabobs too while we're at it). So I trust you and she the most for page layouts... But Sunny came to me first, so I gave her dibs.
However the two of you see fit works for me. Just msg me with new pics every so often, and we'll make a damn sweet setup. I'll be making some neat background color/textures soon for the WFR things, too. So maybe come up with some figures, designs (celtic knotwork would be sweet) and template images that could be manipulated for various uses, and I'll send any of my updates when I have them.
(and another:)
Right on, but just recently, when I started delegating out jobs for guild members, and she shot a hand up for graphics concepts... I am more than willing to have you be integral on that. I love seeing your ideas, so go for it. Like I said, if she doesn't get back to you on it, just go for it when you're bored. ;)
Can you think of anything not specifically humanoid that could be utilized, even a cool graphic you've found elsewhere that could be manipulated enough to be considered dissimilar to its copyrighted material? See if what she is doing in banners can give you any inspiration in your chibis, or things like dividers, etc.
I appreciate the help, and I haven't forgotten how much I value the current evolution of our friendship. I still can't believe how personally I took everything on here when it first started, but I am glad to have you on board now, and I'm sure others are as well.
And now I'm blabbering, so thank you.

(Leara's response:)
Well...none humanoid...what do we have...I could look up tutorials on some creatures. I'm trying to figure out what most of the characters are, I don't remember seeing any fairies...which is kind of odd. Lots of humans, elves, drow, anthro, dwarves, halflings...they all appear humanoid though. Are their any fantasy atrifacts? Objects or weapons that somehow represent fantasy?

(my reponse:)
A longsword of refined, elven detail, perhaps similar in appearance to your elven head's jewelry, with ruby orbs mounted in its handle, or something. Or a really sweet looking helmet, like an elven paladin would wear.
Do you remember the last entrance image ET was using? The landscape picture of the huge elven city and the woman descending the stairs? That image was inspirational. Perhaps ask the artist of that picture for some of their ideas or tips about making a very dynamic set of images that would convey that form of solidarity that elves portray to us more than any other race. Independence and purity of heart.

If we're modeling after player characters, you could do a lineup of the main races, which I have begun to outline on the WFR CHAR Race Page... maybe a little of each is a good start, and we can develop color schemes and background details as we go. I really did like the elven head, and it's a great image for backup concept, or other guild pages... Even as a titlebar for that Race page... But if you wanted to begin basic lineup of the most common Races, or even a set of different cultures of elves... Anything that, as an image, can be partially or fully manipulated to become another integrated page adornment, like a divider, banner, seal, pictorial, or contest trophy object (yes, a gilded image of any WFR-pic would be great as the icon on a trophy for a WFR-sponsored contest... and yes, I want to start doing some of those soon after the majority of renovations is complete, or at least underway. I will be looking around for more update material myself soon, too, and updating pages, probably tonight.

The only fantasy artifact I have dealt with is called the Depthnaught, and has not been currently introduced into any wiki-storyline as of yet, but my bad guy has it. It is turtle shell sphere in the background of my updated drawing on my house. I have a better resolution picture of it.... but it's strange, and not easily utilized, outside of its eccentric texture. I like it, but it is not readily usable for any quick and general use... though it could be.

I am personally going to begin working on a background layer of these pictures, something similar to what I made in the background of the original guild tag, but more intricate and a bit larger. If Sunny has mentioned about having already begun work on anything like that, I haven't heard... I know your elf pic had the elftown light green that something that is required, or can a .gif image utilize a transparent background on ET? I would prefer transparency, but if we have to use ET background colors, we can.....

We can come at this from any angle, and I think that between, you, me and Sunny, we can come up with a lot. But let's continue to think outside the box as we're coming up with things (and yes, it might take a while to get it all...but this place isn't going anywhere, and we've got time) It will be sweet, like sugar beet.


(To [Juraviel]:)
Check out the Androntel Academy, and we will prepare a class for you there, of any type you wish to teach. It may be inactive for a little while, but it will give you room to play with in-game concepts.
As for organizing, see if [Blood Raven] would like any help getting a list of active wikis together, and maybe even if you're pretty good at PR work, if you want to recruit other GMs/players from the Text adventures and elsewhere in the wikis?
If you are putting that delegation skill to use in-game as quests, character motivations, and generally getting newbie players into some form of adventure abroad, you could talk about taking up a position with [Kim_Lundin] at the Adventurer's Tavern, which is where we are conceptualizing a sort of home-base tavern where rookies in the wikis can chat and jump in and out, and maybe begin adventures of their own.
See if there are any pages going on now that you would be willing to work on, and I'll tell you who to hook up with... Currently, I'm the one delegating most update tasks, and with good reward so far.
Thanks for helping, it's definitely appreciated.

(To [Adaman], about Fantasma:)
I can understand that need for control, with a world and story that has taken such time and efforts, to see it messed up by a player that does not get it as well as they say they do. I totally back up your own character application process, and I will include some memorandum for new applicants about the difference between WFR membership and story membership. Hopefully, this will also occur on the new WFR Rules & Guidelines page, which will help to comprise the entire WFR method and litany. Maybe this will also help you for what to have your own members include in their char pages/apps.

No need to do it all twice, either. ;P

As for moderating, I will have added that you are the sole GM of Fantasma, unless someone feels that they have the skills necessary to personally seek further moderating within your storyline... I may not have to. And as for new players, they will be readily informed of the need to apply once more to a new wiki system. Will you be accepting WFR character pages as viable playing characters, or is there any given rule that you think has a major role in WFR character creation that would affect their gameplay in Fantasma?

If any of your players feel willing and able to apply to the WFR, ask them to convert a character they currently own and run in Fantasma to the WFR template, and apply in that manner. If there are any huge lacks in character info, I will work with your players personally, so that Leara doesn't hack my head off.

As for interacting with the guild, this is the most hectic time in joining, because of finding out info about your game... after this, it will be minimal and for the most part easier. I now have quite a few moderators for the WFR that are just as informed and willing to help as I am, and their names will also be listed on a new WFR page soon, in case you need any more help or info and I am not around, or unable to help.
For now, I will get Fantasma on its feet in the guild, and we will go from there.
Thanks again for joining.

(From [Sunny Silverunicorn]:)
Hey there,
I wanted to say that I can take care of some parts of the guild if help needed. And I was thinking maybe we coulkd have an art center somewhere where people could add requests for their characters' images to be drawn?
One more question, I'm making the banners, for the pages, and I was wondering, do you want them to be the same size as the previous banners? or can they be wider but thinner?

(my reponse:)
A WFR Guild Art Center... that's cool idea. Keep me up on that one... That could be a home base for contests, character drawings, and other WFR art.

The banners can be any size, preferably bigger, longer.
Msg [Leara] with any questions. Her and I have brainstormed a lot of thoughts out... And because I really need more than just banners, ask her about all the pages that could use wiki art that is similar in motif to other WFR artwork.... I would like you, her and I to all work on various portions of artwork if we could... Could you msg me or email me at with what you have so far?
I would like to work on background color and texture, as well as helping on general layout, when we have an established usable font and motif... I will utilize my PC programs to edit artwork as I can see fit, adding bits and pieces to other WFR pages... Like I said, msg Leara for what we talked about. Ask her if she can copy-paste those msg's between us to you, too, so you can see what pages will need artworks too. This is not an immediate need, it is a project over time that can be faster if we all keep on the same page, and work together.
I will love to see anything you have for now, and if you could keep Leara abroad of your creations, we will make this thing work for us. :)
Thank you for your help. I'll think more on that Guild Art Center... You may end up being the moderator of that page in the end. Very creative. I'm honoured to have been told of it. Very good, darling. *bows*

(To [Linn Scarlett], about pics in the Creature_List from D&D:)
no, you don't have to do all that. I just post the name of the image of creature below the pic, and state "3.5 D&D's rendition of the creature, see for more"
You don't have to do any photo-editing. I will make a guild-wide post about personally endorsing Wizards, so it's a known thing, but for now, let's just add in that little tidbit, and everything will be legal for when I actually ask Wizards for some grant money, sponsorship, or something.

Letter number: 51450732
From: [Nightshadow] (Finally cleared my bloody "changes" lists! @_@)
To: [Autum.] (Developing Draconic Alphabet)
Sent mail 2005-12-05 00:20:39
Hi, xido. :3 If there's some reorganization going on in the WFR anyway, I thought I'd advance a thought I had doing what's-his-name's tryout out Make me a psion! (which will now be a guild audition page, like some others)...the last guy.

We used to let powerful characters be accepted because they can add so much to a game if played well. But then, it's the rare person who actually understands the place of said characters in a storyline and who can pull them off, so, after a lot of problems, the rules have been tightened down. As you know. X3

Anyway, what if acceptance was a possibility, but, after reviewing a basically good character that just has too much powerplaying potential, [Leara] directed them to an audition page? If the person succeeds in the audition, their character would be added, but with something like the following note easily visible at the top of the character page:

"Note: Exceptionally Powerful Character.
This player and character have passed a WFR audition at some page. GMs, please use your discretion on whether or not this character is appropriate to your setting (or how to make it so!), and, to everyone, please message [>mod who accepted this particular char<] with any problems or concerns."

This would give us an organized check and balance system to allow hand-picked powerful characters into play without just washing our hands of them after they're accepted.

Just a thought.

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2005-11-20 [xido]: WFR CHAR Race Page races updated with formatting.... I want the format of the Human Races page to be used for all the others. More to come on those, for sure and for certain.

2005-12-26 [xido]: Need to add in descriptions and races for dwarves and gnomes. League is now named WFR Guild Members, and [Leara] / [Blood Raven] / App Mods are now in charge of that page.

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