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This ismy first wiki so please bear with me.  If you want  to join ask[angrmangment13] and then put your character onYemPack members
This a wolf pack called Yem. They are being slowly chased out of their territory by crazed nymphs. The pack is not a usual wolf pack as they are smarter and learn from human mistakes.Their wolf Goddess has sent a prophecy for the wolves, they would need to use strength, cunning, and honor to get out of this situation and a gold cub would bring the end of their troubles.
Kemarra stopped  and  sniffed the air.  Hunters were approaching. She ran over  to the  Clan Rock and howled to her Pck-mates,"Hunters, hunters!  Hide!." Having  warned her pack , she  crept into the undergrowth where  she was  hidden. 
  She watched util she saw a flicker of  movement at the corner of her eye. A green creature came into her view.-They're getting  smarter- she thought.-Soon we will have to come up with new laws to keep us safe-She  sighed mentally, it  was getting so hard to be free with these creatures hunting them.
   Luca came up the hillside to sit beside her, and a bit behind. She was, after all, Drappa. He gave a motion of respect before he sat, carefully looking as noble as he could.
   Kemarra snarled at Luca, she wasn't ready to deal with him just yet. She needed more time to think. Then she immediatly twithched her ears and said,"I'm sorry, I just need more time to recover."
   Luca's ears twitched at a sound behind them. "I understand, Drappa." He murmured, and resumed sitting quietly and unobtrusively (and, of course, noble-posingly) until Kemarra was ready to speak.
"Luca, what can we do? The nymphs have gotten smarter to our ways. How can we continue to live in fear of their next move?"
   Luca considered the question, pleased to be consulted by the Drappa. It was some moments before he spoke. "If they learn from us, and we learn from them, it appears that no matter what ideas we come up with, they will match them, and the situation will remain the same. As we are currently getting the short end of the stick, the only thing that remains is to make peace - or retreat."
   Kemarra growled  low  in her throat. "We  will  never back  down  to  those worms." Kemarra's  eyes flashed at the very thought of  surrenduring  to  the lowlifes that threatened her home.
   "So we hope they're stupid, and this last response to our tactics was a fluke." Luca resolved.

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2006-09-17 [*(.Randi.)*]: Do you need some help? If so....I could help.

2006-09-17 [angrmangment13]: with wut?

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2006-09-23 [Elodicressida]: Hiya! I can help, but first I'm going to suggest. Namely, you might want to put a little bit of background information up, and perhaps put the roleplay on its own wiki. Are they wolves or werewolves?

2006-09-23 [angrmangment13]: wolves...but you can be anything as long asyou ask me first

2006-09-23 [Elodicressida]: *tries to resist being utterly evil and clicking 'Edit this page'*

2006-09-23 [Elodicressida]: Oh, and may I join?

2006-09-23 [angrmangment13]: absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-23 [Elodicressida]: Okay! *leaves*

2006-09-23 [angrmangment13]: wait!!! whAT ARE YOUGONNA B?

2006-09-23 [Elodicressida]: *deletes comment*

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'I don't drink coffe'

2006-10-22 [Elodicressida]: :D

What squirrel? What's Hoodwinked?

2006-10-28 [angrmangment13]: It's a pretty stupid movie but the squirrel rox

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