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2006-08-29 22:24:51
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Yours and Mine:Poetry by Catagory


This is where I post poetry from famous poets in the following categories. If You have any request feel free to write me-[Pink_Pixie].

Yours and Mine:Love Poetry

Yours and Mine:Heartbreak poetry

Yours and Mine:Sad Poetry

Yours and Mine:Friend & Family Poetry

Yours and Mine:Life Poetry

Yours and Mine:Holiday/Happening Poetry

Yours and Mine:Angry Poetry

Yours and Mine:Death Poetry

Yours and Mine:Other Poetry

*Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

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2006-06-08 [moonscale]: Great idea this! btu you realize much of this is probably copyrighted...

2006-06-08 [Pink_Pixie]: Yes I know but I've never once took credit for any of them. They all say who they're by!!!

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