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Well I finally decided to make an RPG, and whadda ya know, it's of my fav anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. XD Anyway, let's get down to the real stuff. - [Kiristo]

001: Be kind to one another. That includes in the RPG room.
002: I'll alow cursing, but only in the RPG room because Yusuke and Kuwabara have kinda a rep from that stuff..>~>
003: Fill out the form in order to join the RPG. You do NOT need to send it to anyone(me), just fill it out and play. I don't like having my message box flooded with mail.

Fill-out form

User Name: (your name)
Name: (Your chars name)
Age: (your chars age)
Personality: (what your chars attitude it like)
Looks: (What your char looks like and their clothes)
Weapon of choice: (If your char has any weapons)
Attacks: (any extra attacks of your chare)
Demon Form: (If your char has one)
Description: (short bio/history of your char)
Pic(s): (an optional pic of your char if you have one and keep it in a tumbnail please)

RPG Chars
User Name: [Kiristo]
Name: Rika

Age: unknown
Personality: She's a loner and doesn't like people too much. She doesn't talk a lot, unless it's insulting Kuwabara. She's basicly like Hiei, but maybe a little bolder.
Looks: She has saphhire eyes that occationally turn crimson, though not like her demon form. Long blound hair that reaches somewhere around her ankles that she most of the time wears in a pony tail but occationally takes it down. She wears a black dress with a red jewel on it, matching gloves with turquis gems on each glove, and black high-healed boots when she's not fighting. When she is, she wears a black leather-like tub top with one strap. Black leather-like, tight pants with black high-healed boots.
Weapon of choice: Double Elbow Swords
Attacks: Spells(mostly element), Claw of the Darkness Flame, Bullet Nails, Snare of Torment, ect. (If you want more of Rika's abilities go to Power Desription)
Demon Form: Big blue phoenix whings, for ears and a fox tail, claws, all red eyes with blue slits as pupils, fangs, two blue horizontal lines across both cheeks.
Description: She had a bad past. Her parents died, her brother betrayed her, yaddayadda. Untill she met, and fought, the team. Now she's a bit better.
<img200*0:>-Rika's demon form/<img200*0:>-Rika in her dress/<img200*0:>-Rika in her fighting outfit.

User Name:[Lady Alaina]
Name: Kisara
Personality:...Happy,carefree,tottaly out of it sometimes,love-dovey,but very good in a fight...
Looks:Blue mini skirt,large fushcia top,yellow paltform sandals. XD Red hair,blue eyes,cat ears,small fangs taht glisten,blunt
Weapon of choice:Bow and Arrow,sometimes...
Attacks:Spirit Arrow...and her claws and other stuff I'll just make up as I go along,my mind is kaput at the moment. XP
Demon Form:Longer,sharper ears,slightly longer hair,longer fangs/claws...tougher personality...
Description:....I think I got everything up here. XD

User Name: [kaeKae.]
Name: Saphira
Age: Unknown (but looks in the mid teens)
Personality: she is usually nice to all...she chooses to stay quiet most of the time...but when she does talk she can be quite sarcastic, so watch out XP
Looks: umm Long brown hair (with golden highlights), brown eyes..nothing special :P wears a white kimono, a cross pendent neckless, wears those..kenshin type shoes..and thats about it
Weapon of choice: Her 'Dragon Sword' and sometimes a bow & arrow 
Attacks: umm she knows a little elven magic (healing, sometimes teleporting, etc.)
Demon Form: (i don't call it her 'demon' form...but close enough >.<) She can turn into a kinda big sapphire colored dragon...with green eyes, wings, claws..stuff like that
Description: She doesn't really remember her past much, so she travels around the world(s) hoping that somewhere...theres someone knew her parents or something..and might be able to help her figure things out 
Pic(s): ummm soon XP

User Name: [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves]
Name: Inuyoukai
Age: Appears to be 12 (13 in 10 days! ^^)
Personality: Inuyoukai can be serious and loner-like but underneath she's really a fun-loving, caring girl who hates to be alone.
Looks: Silver hair, dog ears, golden eyes, wears anything casual as long as it's clean and fits. She wears a crystal around her neck that's held by a metallic-like rose.
Weapon of choice: Sword, fangs, claws and lightning.
Attacks: Spells (anything witch-like) and anything that involves lightning.
Demon Form: Pretty much the same as her looks except her eyes are a demonic red with blue pupils.
Description: Inuyoukai is Youko Kurama's younger half sister. She was abandoned by him as a child and went on a search to find him. She had few friends since she's half human, half demon. She, like Youko, is a master thief.
Pic(s): N/A (at the moment ^^")

User Name: [Rose Whip Uke]
Name: Peter
Age: 15
Personality: friendly and loves to trick or prank other people.
Looks: Orange hair, one tiger eye, one green eye, furry tiger ears, two tiger tails, and tanish skin.
Weapon of choice: claws, teeth, long sword
Attacks: ice spells, Ice Roar, and he can grow claws made of ice.
Demon Form: a gaint two tailed orange tiger
Description: He is a friendly person unless you mess with him then he trys to kill you.
Pic(s): N/A

User Name:[Raikyu.]
Personality:A will skill master of matirel arts,helpfull
Looks:he has blownd hair((not light)),wears white jeans,weras a black coller shisrt with a tie.
Weapon of choice:Matriel arts moves,sowrd,magic wand
Attacks:Magic spells,sowrd moves and fighting moves
Demon Form:tranforms to a wolf but like a human wolf
Description:He wants to help out anybody,but dosent has friends yet,He wants to meet a buitefull girl one day.

Username: [~Spirit Fox~]
Age:314 in human years
Weapon:Can make whole dimensions then take human souls and put them inside. Many other powers that I will tell later.
Apperance:Solid white with blue/silver eyes.Large sized fox.
Decription:Very kind but shows NO mercy in a fight. Very cut-throat in battle yet loyal to alph male/female. Show alot of respect to members.
History:Kakariko my mother was kill along with my father Kamen my brother there Kaza my other brother Rikihya and my sister Masiu. I was weak left to die but was found and taken in by Yoko himself. Kurama was wounded and sent to the human relem. 2 years later I did the same and found him.
Any thing else:Refuses to trust others at first. Sly and really sneaky/ theif.

Other chars:
(Clame a char from the show that you want to play as well as ur OOC(Own Original Character)!^^ Or if you don't want to have ur own char, then take one of these.)

Hiei: [Kiristo] Ha! Mine!XD
Kurama:[Kit Azhure]
Yusuke: [kaeKae.] XD
Koenma (baby/teenage):[Raikyu.]
Jin: [Lady Alaina] I cant have Hiei here,so I'll take meh second fav! XD
Touya:[Rose Whip Uke] I die, and this is my favorite character

(add any others that I might have missed if you want)

>>> The Story has begun in YYHRP: chapter 1

yyhrp: Chapter 2
yyhrp: Chapter 3
yyhrp: Chapter 4
yyhrp: Chapter 5
yyhrp: Chapter 6

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: ok....

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: yay

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: done

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: ok

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: so were do i start?what chapther?

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: ....?

2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: yyhrp: Chapter 5

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: ....

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: ...k

2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: yeah....

2005-07-13 [kaeKae.]: ya know gunna be Yuske! i mean he is the main character right? (i haven't seen the show ina while so srry if im not good ><)

2005-07-13 [Kit Azhure]: *cough* we dont need yuske

2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: doesn't matter, you can play him if u want

2005-07-13 [Raikyu.]: ..k

2005-07-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Hi

2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: hi, what up?^^=

2005-07-13 [Kiristo]: shadow boy, u can RP now....

2005-07-14 [Raikyu.]: oh okay

2005-07-14 [Kiristo]: yeah...

2005-09-28 [Ŧhe Jøker]: uh, whats this wiki about? ... im confused..

2005-09-28 [Kiristo]: Just randome RPing, still not much of a plot. So far Rika is taking the others to seal a jewel.

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