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(aka My characters information)

   Yudan is a female half-dog demon by the age of 18. She has long silvery hair with strands as timid as the moon, (can't forget the cute little ears as soft as velvet!), golden eyes that reflected the sunlight, same clothes as Inuyasha (the red color too of coarse), her claws that could cut through trees, her fangs that could penetrate flesh, and her face as soft as a steam on a warm spring day. Her attitude when you first meet her she's very offensive not knowing whether to trust you or not. But as you get to know her the relation between you to will grow greatly and she will give her life for you if you are in danger.

   Her enemies better watch out because she's the highest-ranking female 1/2 demon in the whole country. If your looking for her she's most likely resting in a tree, near a lake, running through forest, or leaping over trees. She has an older brother by the name of Darsha, he is a full demon but he has many more abilities, mostly dark magic, spells, and tellepathy. She also had a long lost brother by the name of Nozomi. Nozomi is a sweet 8 year old full demon like his older brother Darsha but is still discovering his power thanks to the aid of his new-found sister Yudan, that will watch over him and protect him at all causts. Karsa is one of her friends that really likes her. Plus he wants her to bear his wolf demon cubs. Yudan thinks Karsa is a pain in the ass to deal with but somehow she tries to get along with him.

   She had been pinned to a tree for 100 years, by a priestess named Kee`ko. The reason being is she lost control of her demon side and destroyed a village and Ki'ko found her and pinned her to the tree. A demon called Naraku discovered her and freed her from the spell. But he sensed a great power in her and sought her out to become the child bearer of his own child. She is still on her way to becoming stronger to destroy him, but she is determined.

   Along the way she get's a scar on her back in the shape of a cross. It resembles her Father, a Priest and with if she becomes a demon-angel. She has control over it and will have white eyes, and large feathered wings. She will be able to purify sins, clense evil souls, and heal.
(this is a picture that's supposesd to represent her scar excapt smaller to fit her back)

   She also obtains her mothers fang that could heal and cause destruction. Naraku had killed her mother and Yudan had killed her father. She killed him because she had no power over her demon form. After that her mother banned her when she was 12, so Yudan was alone for 6 years, killing, stealing, and fighting to survive. After the 6 years she becomes 18 and get's pinned by Kee'ko.

I know it follows the Inuyasha anime a little 2 much if I can find a way to fix it I will ok! >_<

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