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[Zardra]s tutorials

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience that my name changing is causing here ^^;

Dana's PS CS layer tutorial
my little layer tutorial for Photoshop CS and useful links ^_^
(still missing pictures)

Danas eye tutorial
very fast tutorial of how to draw eyes.
Danas lip tutorial
same as eyes but... lips =P

Danas anatomy/face tutorial
a small tutorial of how to measure/draw faces and people

Danas ink/colour tutorial
my tutorial of how to combine digital colouring and traditional ink painting.

Danas scan/prepare sketches tutorial
the tutorial for pictures that are too big to be scanned in one piece and how to prepare them for colouring =)

Danas hair tutorial part1
Danas hair tutorial part2
My hair tutorials for Photoshop (black hair) and Opencanvas (white hair) =)

Danas Layer Mask tutorial
A mask tutorial for Photoshop.

Zardra's portrait painting tutorial
a very short tutorial on how I paint my portraits.
Program: OpenCanvas 4

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