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The Legend of Zelda

Zelda Fan Stories


If you have a story that has characters or is based around Zelda, or if you find a story go ahead and let me know so that I can post it. one that i am still in the process of writing...its stupid..hints the name...Stupid Story of Characters - writen by [Aerith]
here is a zelda story that i found;parentcatid=1

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2004-06-11 [Ayeaka]: I found a story on the internet of the Dbz cast acting like the Zelda charecters.....sound interesting? (I forgot where it is, though) btw, nice pics, but the one of Link looks a bit fuzzy.

2004-06-11 [Aerith]: hmm...that would be funny..heh...well when you remember where it was can you let me does look fuzzy...hmm

2004-06-12 [Ayeaka]: The one of Sheik looks very nice, though.....can't remember the Url, only that it was a Dbz fansite...

2004-06-12 [Aerith]: hmm..ill try finding it. thank you...hey...are you a zelda fan?

2004-06-15 [Ayeaka]: Somewhat, but I can't play any of the games, because I have neither a gamcube, gameboy, or nintindo, but hey, point me towards any Japanese rpg game or anime/manga and I'm an instant fan......(seriously)

2004-06-17 [Aerith]: dont have any nintendo hey...i just got a gamecube this past i understand...and i think you have read all of the manga and seen more anime than i cant do much there...^_^

2004-06-18 [Ayeaka]: I learn most of what I know by the internet. Filesharing is such a wonderful wanna gameboy! I'm saving up for one. Then I can finally play the Awakening of Link! ^_^ *happy dance* Most of my friends at some time or another have owned a few of the Zelda games. I have played most of them.........I even played Windwaker a little, but I preffered the older games....I just think that the older games where a lot better. In fact, if they took some of the older ones, went back and improved the visual quality, it would be perfect! They've done that with practically everyother game imaginable, why not Zelda?

2004-06-21 [Aerith]: yeah..i just got a sp last yeah...i wanted to get one so that i could play the zelda games and the new kingdom hearts game...;;...yeah i havent finished playing any of the zelda games..cuz i just started last year...*sniff...yeah..i like the older games too...though...i kinda like how they did something just didnt feel right. true true...they should do that...good point.

2004-06-22 [Ayeaka]: I loved kingdom hearts.....and I'm going to get my hair cut and layered so that it will look like Riku's......even though he's

2004-06-28 [Aerith]: Haha. that would be awesome....dude.. i want hair like that...actually...i want hair like aerith's...but...yeah..

2004-06-29 [Ayeaka]: ^_^ Well, I got my hair cut........a little too short...but it will grow out......hmmm....perhaps I should get sme hairjell and spike it.......

2004-07-01 [Aerith]: haha...that would be cool...yeah....i got a hair cut also....five inches off...i was going to cry...(not really)...and i got bangs like my nose...i look like the dude from freaking mortal combat the movie...kinda said...cuz im a girl...

2004-07-02 [Ayeaka]: Oy Vey.....

2005-03-08 [kaimetsu]: well, i played a little bit of the kingdom heats game for gba. I don't like the cardbased battlesystem, but otherwise, its pretty good. I was never much of i disney fan, but cloud's new outfit is so cool! lol, its vincent/cloud!

2005-03-28 [Aerith]: ^^ !! isnt it awesome!! have you played the first one on ps2, cuz the way he looks there.....*melt, i kinda like the cardbassed battle system , then again i dont. but oh well, still a good game, though a bit confusing....

2005-04-21 [kaimetsu]: lol yeah, the KH for the ps2 is so awesome.. Can't wait for KH2!!! Lol, i just hope i can beat the one for gba before it comes out! lol

2005-05-28 [Aerith]: i know same here, i havent played that version in a while. i should probably get on that. *runs to gba and starts playing*

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