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The Legend of Zelda

Hiya. so what im going to try to do if i can. is find sites of set up games here that are based on Zelda. if you know of ne let me know please. i have some already...i just need to remember what site they were at. I'll try to get this going as soon as possible. THANK Ya!

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2004-08-14 [fizzle]: how do i join

2005-04-29 [Rhammin]: well i can't recall any games based on zelda at the moment but [] has some great zelda parodies along with marioand sonic they're really funny but some are not aprropriate for peopl under the age of 13 that what the site says so don't be pissed at me for saying it

2005-05-29 [kamikame]: ZELDA UNIVERSE.COM ....thats where i get all my information like the release dates and new trailers

2005-06-05 [fizzle]: koool

2006-03-17 [Lord_Guac]: I sugest watching Legendary Frogs "The Return of Gannondorf" on

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