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2006-08-10 02:16:36
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The Legend of Zelda

Zelda art

um...i think this is an amiture drawing of shiek...i havent played the games enough... [Aerith]

Um, it's dark link...^///^ It's bad I know. I'm gonna enter it in the badge contest too.

By [black_rose666]

By [Fashionably Restrained]

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo] *grin* the image just sorta... came in my head.

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo]

<img:>[Suri Quill] (Yay I fainaly got art!!!)

by [swabloo]

Link in the Temple of Time, talking to Zelda right before Ganondorf takes her. (zelda and the ocarina of time)

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2005-10-10 [swabloo]: man i have SO many pictures that can go on here...... i'll give it a go :D

2005-10-10 [swabloo]: oh, and i recently found my computer pen, so i'll put on more pictures.... plz comment

2005-10-11 [swabloo]: do you want me to put on more pictures, or stop?

2005-11-04 [Suri Quill]: Put up more please!

2005-11-04 [swabloo]: uhm okies! *goes to empty draw full of fan art* hmn i kinda want to delete the first one i put up here... it's an old picture and i can do better, but if you guys wanna keep it...

2006-01-06 [Rhammin]: tracing isn't usually a beginning thing, some artists use trace to learn body shapes, after they do it a couple times, they usually free hand it.

2006-01-10 [Aerith]: oh my god....i'm going to kill this person....

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: tell the guards about it, they can restore the page.

2006-01-10 [Aerith]: he has already been banned....

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: so? the guards can restore the page, i think... putting back all the lost data :D

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: there you go!

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: and i get to put up my new picture! hurrah!

2006-01-11 [Aerith]: ^^

2006-02-02 [furrystevo]: how do you put up picturs?

2006-02-02 [Aerith]: umm...well, when you edit the page, you take the properties of your picture and add {< img: } with out the {} and then a {>} at the end...and the submit the changes....or you could maybe send it to me if you didnt understand anything that i just said ^^

2006-02-02 [furrystevo]: how would i send it to u

2006-02-03 [furrystevo]: would this be it? You can't use the img:-syntax to inline images from your harddisk (That is you can't use links like <img:C:\My Documents\my puppy.gif>). You have to upload them to a webserver first so that everyone can access them. For example you can upload them as your drawing/photo on Elftown and right-click on the image to see what URL (address) it got. Use that URL like this: <img:img/photo/hedda1066581858.jpg> ( is not needed as it's same server). Old uploaded photos are generally not deleted from Elftown (but that might change) so you can upload new ones, but please don't build a huge gallery here.

2006-02-03 [furrystevo]: ok i have no clue

2006-02-06 [Aerith]: pretty much...load it into your house or something of that sort. then i can add it to the page.

2006-06-16 [swabloo]: i.. appologise for the bad picture of Saria before.. so i made i new one..

2006-06-16 [swabloo]: hmn.. looking at that picture make me want to do more LoZ... any suggestions of who i should draw?

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