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The Legend of Zelda

Zelda art

um...i think this is an amiture drawing of shiek...i havent played the games enough... [Aerith]

Um, it's dark link...^///^ It's bad I know. I'm gonna enter it in the badge contest too.

By [black_rose666]

By [Fashionably Restrained]

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo] *grin* the image just sorta... came in my head.

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo]

by [swabloo]

<img:>[Suri Quill] (Yay I fainaly got art!!!)

by [swabloo]

Link in the Temple of Time, talking to Zelda right before Ganondorf takes her. (zelda and the ocarina of time)

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2005-02-22 [Suri Quill]: WHAAAAAAAAAA.....I wish i could draw...all i can do is trace....

2005-03-28 [Aerith]: do you mean like putting a peice of paper on a pic and tracing or looking at it and drawing. i used to do that so i could memorize what they look like

2005-04-21 [Suri Quill]: I put a peice of tracing paper over the pic I want to draw and trace it...Bummer I can't put it up...The stuped copyrighting on all the pics I trace are Evil!!!!

2005-04-22 [Suri Quill]: ...Would you consiter something done on Paint Art???

2005-05-03 [Aerith]: *shifty eyes, ...i guess so, sure why not. and try to not trace things, skills dont increase that way. try looking at it and drawing it so that your mind remembers how to draw it, and then you can put them into different positions so it isnt copyrighted.

2005-05-03 [Rhammin]: well tracing actually can increase skills in drawing, like curves of faces eye designs nose shapes, stuff like that, but if all you do is trace you wont be able to start a face because you wont know how, try reading Katy Koopes book How To Draw Manga, that's how i started to learn to draw and now my girlfriend helps me, she's damn good too.

2005-05-14 [Suri Quill]: Actually Tracing Has taught me how to draw so far...If it wasn't for tracing I wouldn't be able to draw horse Heads as well as i do....Right now I happy because I drew an Okay Zelda pic.....Not an Original Chariter from the game....It's a Zelda Made up....if you want to see it its in my house....and if you look at it take my poll to tell me what you think of it. Pwetty Pwease! *Puppy Dog Eyes*

2005-08-03 [ArchRose]: *looks around shyly before quietly speaking out* you know when i first started drawing my drawings would take me almost 3 months a piece, now they take a week at the very most, but i still cant get down how to give the clothing more life and how to shade. The cloths on all my characters looks like they are wearing cardboard instead of cloth ^_^;;; so yea you have to really try hard to draw, exspecailly for manga or anime....

2005-08-31 [Aerith]: hehe thats how i used to be, i still cant draw clothes very well, but i'm getting there, put i got the shading part down now.

2005-10-10 [swabloo]: man i have SO many pictures that can go on here...... i'll give it a go :D

2005-10-10 [swabloo]: oh, and i recently found my computer pen, so i'll put on more pictures.... plz comment

2005-10-11 [swabloo]: do you want me to put on more pictures, or stop?

2005-11-04 [Suri Quill]: Put up more please!

2005-11-04 [swabloo]: uhm okies! *goes to empty draw full of fan art* hmn i kinda want to delete the first one i put up here... it's an old picture and i can do better, but if you guys wanna keep it...

2006-01-06 [Rhammin]: tracing isn't usually a beginning thing, some artists use trace to learn body shapes, after they do it a couple times, they usually free hand it.

2006-01-10 [Aerith]: oh my god....i'm going to kill this person....

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: tell the guards about it, they can restore the page.

2006-01-10 [Aerith]: he has already been banned....

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: so? the guards can restore the page, i think... putting back all the lost data :D

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: there you go!

2006-01-10 [swabloo]: and i get to put up my new picture! hurrah!

2006-01-11 [Aerith]: ^^

2006-02-02 [furrystevo]: how do you put up picturs?

2006-02-02 [Aerith]: umm...well, when you edit the page, you take the properties of your picture and add {< img: } with out the {} and then a {>} at the end...and the submit the changes....or you could maybe send it to me if you didnt understand anything that i just said ^^

2006-02-02 [furrystevo]: how would i send it to u

2006-02-03 [furrystevo]: would this be it? You can't use the img:-syntax to inline images from your harddisk (That is you can't use links like <img:C:\My Documents\my puppy.gif>). You have to upload them to a webserver first so that everyone can access them. For example you can upload them as your drawing/photo on Elftown and right-click on the image to see what URL (address) it got. Use that URL like this: <img:img/photo/hedda1066581858.jpg> ( is not needed as it's same server). Old uploaded photos are generally not deleted from Elftown (but that might change) so you can upload new ones, but please don't build a huge gallery here.

2006-02-03 [furrystevo]: ok i have no clue

2006-02-06 [Aerith]: pretty much...load it into your house or something of that sort. then i can add it to the page.

2006-06-16 [swabloo]: i.. appologise for the bad picture of Saria before.. so i made i new one..

2006-06-16 [swabloo]: hmn.. looking at that picture make me want to do more LoZ... any suggestions of who i should draw?

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