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2013-01-22 01:34:39
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Back to-Zooney's Army - Agamar's town

sine in under what group you will start in

   Everone this will help you go throw the ranks

  we start in the traing arana then you will be sent on quests
groups of two or more first groop Kira/still needed/cotaon
group 2.still needed
group 3.still needed

group 1.
"we start here!!!kira go get your item of choise from the rack"cotaon said

Kira gos over and grabes a staff of healing.

"good girl"he said"now lets get in gear first we need a quest go in the town and find one"

"ok bye"Kira runs to the town

Lucy looked around, playing with a toothpick between his lips. He adjusted his sleeve cuffs, more out of habit than need.

group 2.

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2013-01-22 [Kbird]: you'll probably be in group one Dani

2013-01-22 [Piercedskull]: Hokidays!

2013-01-22 [Kbird]: It would help if July was on here

2013-01-22 [Piercedskull]: Is otays. We can wait ^^

2013-01-22 [Kbird]: ^^ yeah but he should exsplain things

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