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2010-10-26 02:30:20
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Zooney's Army
         welcome to ZA's ranking list

the more quests you do the better you will rank

1.penon,pond,pesent,so on and so fourth

2.grunt,privet,foot solger so on and so fourth

3.hunter,archer,mp,so on and so fourth

4.fighter,wizard,solger,so on and so fourth
[Silver Moon]

5.dule welder,apptence,stdradgest,so on and so fourth

6.weapons expert,healer,intel,fist fighter,so on and so fourth

7.sargent,special ops,so on and so fourth
[July 47]

8.lutenit adjent,worrior,intelagence agent,so on and so fourth fighter,major,RN,so on and so fourth

10.luttenet,lead investigater,fire arms expert,knight,general,so on and so fourth

11.cptain,commander,leader,health expert,and more

12.corpril,secound lutenet,special rank,and more worrior,master wizard,mp genral and more

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2010-10-25 [Kbird]: Kbird rank 2

2010-10-25 [Kbird]: july 47 rank 7

2010-10-25 [July 47]: silver moon rank 4

2010-10-25 [Silver Moon]: I thought you said I was a you really have me confused

2010-10-25 [July 47]: on the land yes but until i finsh this i will have to keep them lower

2010-10-28 [Silver Moon]: oh ok

2010-10-28 [Kbird]: ohhh. did our brother hurt your feeling sis?.

2010-10-29 [Silver Moon]: Nope

2010-11-03 [Kbird]: ohhhhh. o i mean good thats good.<img:44166_1164145101.gif>lol

2010-11-03 [Kbird]: what abought Nikko?

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