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2005-09-26 20:40:28
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Welcome to the adoptables page. These are slightly similar to commissions, but they are already pre-made ones, in a sense. The images on this page are only for viewing, to 'adopt' a portrait, go to the link below it. All names given to them are temporary, just so that I can call them something. The name you pick will appear on the adoption certificate.

For more adoptable portraits, go to .


Q: What does adopting a portrait mean?
A: It means that you purchase it and receive the rights to call it your own and use it as your character or as a representation of yourself (or as a gift for a friend, or anything similar), as well as the adoption package.

Q: What is an adoption package?
A: An adoption package consists of the only print in existance of the portrait in question, a hi-res digital file and a certificate of adoption with my signature and all the fancy stuff. If you so wish, for some pictures it is possible to purchase additional items like mousepads, t-shirts etc. with their image.

Q: Can I just get the mousepad/t-shirt/mug without adopting the portrait?
A: No, you may not.

Q: How do I know someone else won't just pick up the picture somewhere online?
A: All portrait adoption images are displayed at maximum 500 pixels on the largest edge, and they have been watermarked to death. Mwahahaha.

Q: So can I just take these watermarked images and use them?
A: Not advised. Going to hurt. BADLY. :P

Q: I don't see anything I'd like here. Can I order a picture to my liking?
A: Yup, definitely. Go to past commissions if you'd like to see examples, or just message [liiga]. :)

Well that's about it. If you have any other questions, go ahead. ^^

And now, without further ado, I bring you: the adoptables themselves. (About time, eh? :P)

Standard adoption: 150$
Web adoption: 130$

White Tiger
Standard adoption: 80$
Web adoption: 75$

Standard adoption: 80$
Web adoption: 70$

Standard adoption: 130$
Web adoption: 120$

Elven Huntress
Standard adoption: 40$
Web adoption: 35$

Standard adoption: 70$
Web adoption: 65$

Lady Orchid
Standard adoption: 40$
Web adoption: 35$
Note: Can be colored (digitally) to the client's specifications.

Standard adoption: 45$
Web adoption: 40$

Dark Elf Lord
Standard adoption: 80$
Web adoption: 75$
Note: Also available as part of the Dark Elves Calendar over here:

Web adoption: 35$

Standard adoption: 70$
Web adoption: 65$

Blue Apparition
Standard adoption: 40$
Web adoption: 30$

Oriental Angel
Standard adoption: 60$
Web adoption: 50$

Blue Alien
Standard adoption: 45$
Web adoption: 35$

Faery Alien
Standard adoption: 45$
Web adoption: 35$

Standard adoption: 45$
Web adoption: 40$

Standard adoption: 35$
Web adoption: 30$

For more adoptables, see !

<img:" alt="Adoptables">

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2005-01-10 [liiga]: Removing Ivory and Dark Elf Lady, because they got adopted. Woot

2005-01-17 [Tyrana]: Aww, Ivory is gone... She was my favorite, I think ^_^... It's hard to decide, though.

2005-01-17 [liiga]: Mhm, well at least she now has a good home and doesn't have to live on the Internet. Yay! ^^

2005-01-18 [giadriana]: ::cries over the loss of the dark elf lady:: She was my favorite . . .curses . . .

2005-01-18 [liiga]: So there's interest in drows/dark elves, I take it? *perks up*

2005-01-18 [giadriana]: Yup! I love artists that can render dark elves properly. If you have ever seen the cover of any books featuring Drizzt Do'Urden, you'll understand my love for your work. ::warm heart::

2005-01-18 [liiga]: *returns after a beautiful stroll through the world of covers with Drizzt in them* *-* That's a very heartwarming comparison, thankyou! ^.^

2005-01-25 [liiga]: Removed the Nymph as it looks like she's found a new home. :)

2005-02-09 [liiga]: Took down 'Ranpo' as she got adopted - in about 2 hours. My fastest adoption ever. :|

2005-02-26 [Janouk]: liiga, the newest picture you've made, up in your house, it's... it made me very quiet after I had first gasped in front of my computer. It's wonderful, I had never thought you could still make pictures more beautiful to me than the ones you'd already made. I really wonder how perfect your work will be in 10 years. 'Cause I don't see how it could become even more perfect then it already is.

2005-02-26 [liiga]: Awww thanks a lot, [Janouk]! *hug* Well I've still got a ton of things to learn. Landscapes, perspective, better anatomy, color consistency, group compositions, and so on and so forth. But hey, life's all about learning, otherwise, what fun would it be? :D

2005-03-02 [Asrun]: I really wish I had money.. I'd buy all of them!

2005-03-02 [liiga]: Hehe that'd probably be a pretty evil sum, with them all put together. ^^;

2005-03-16 [liiga]: Taking down Hyfa, 'cause she found a new home super fast and can now be found over at ex-adoptables. ^__________^

2005-03-16 [liiga]: Moving 'Lady in Green' to ex-adoptables, as she's found a new home. Guess I'll have to start working on more of these soon. o.O

2005-09-27 [Asrun]: I wish I had money to adopt White Tiger. ^____^ I love that one.

2005-09-27 [liiga]: Aww *huggles* ^^

2005-10-10 [Asrun]: It's the colours.. I love the palette you used. <3

2006-12-31 [*micky*]: I just want to say I really love your art<img:44166_1164145221.gif> I t's so beautifull! keep up the good work<img:44166_1164144907.gif> and a HAPPY NEWYEAR!!

2007-01-01 [liiga]: Thanks a lot, micky! Happy New Year to you, too! ^^ *hugs*

2007-01-04 [*micky*]: your welcome^^

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