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This is some information that normal members of Elftown don't need to know, but it can be interesting to know.



04:24 UTC: Elftown starts updating people's ages, so that they fit with the day of birth. Elftown is a little slow then.

At 8:30 UTC every Saturday: A backup is made. It takes about 25-30 minutes and Elftown will not respond during this time. Powder your nose, or something! ;-)

At 04:30 UTC: Elftown is restarted. This is done in a minute, and you can mostly see it on the the last logins, which becomes empty. Elftown restarts at other times too, when the mayor [Hedda] is updating the software or when something happens.


Privs (Member Privileges)

Every Elftowner has a "priv" value. This value rules what kind of features that you can use.

Elftown allows users different abilities through the use of member privileges, or privs. Each priv number within the list grants the member a different ability on Elftown, such as the ability to upload images to wiki-pages, which includes the abilities of all privs of a number higher than their current one.

Only members with priv 89 or below may change a user's priv number, and then only for good reasons. The members who have this power of priv 89 and below are normally found within the ranks of the Council. Any member can give themselves priv 100, though!

Priv:  Description:
101   Normal member. No extra features.
100   A crew wannabe. No extra features.
 99   Can upload images to wiki-pages. Can invite people.
 94   Can upload any file to wiki-pages.
 90   Can use iframe tag.
 89   Can write news, Mainstreet-polls, edit other
      members' privs but to 89+
      and has access to own badge-slot.
 79   Can access all badge-slots
 49   Wiki-boss - Can delete wiki-comments, 
      change wiki-passwords and page-owners
 29   Can delete in forums, change forumboss
      and read reports.
 14   Can change members' description and write
      secret service comments on their houses.
      Can also write alarm messages that are shown on
      the top of of every page. (Mostly used for "Elftown is
      going to shut down soon!")
 13   Can delete wiki-page versions completely. 
      Can also change owner of wiki-pages without
      leaving a trace about it.
  4   Lieutenant - Can change all privs and 
      read private messages
  3   Vice mayor/Programmer
  2   Mayor
  1   God - Can give more 'titles and orders' 
      in description, make members
      forum-dictator etc.

Below is an explanation of the four priv numbers that normal members should be concerned about; that is, the ones they have a chance to receive if they can prove that they need it.

priv 100
-To get priv 100, all you have to do is setting 'Elftown crew wannabe' to Yes in your 'Change Personal Data' settings page. When this is turned on, you can see the link in the top navigation bar that will take you to the obsolete Tech page..

priv 99
-This priv is granted mainly to people who enter art contests which may require you to submit works of art that are larger than the slots in your house allow. With this priv, a form is added to the bottom of each wiki-page, allowing you to upload an image in any size to Elftown without having to go through your house.

priv 94
-This priv is granted to the select few people who need to upload some material that is not in an image format to Elftown, such as a personal audio recording, and so forth. Because of the ability this priv gives, it is not handed out often, as very few people really need it.

priv 90
-This priv allows a member to use the iframe tag.

Note: Remember, having a higher priv than someone else does not make you 'better'! After all, no one with a priv higher than 89 can see the value anyway! Only ask for the priv if there is some special use you need it for, and remember, with more privilege comes a higher responsibility to obey the Uploading Art Rules.

Read the FAQ about becoming an Elftown crew member.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The Elftown technical pages index
-The help index

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2005-07-02 [Cina]: I have a question about uploading images. It seems lately whenever I want to upload an image into the photo or drawing slots on my house, I will browse for my file and click "upload image," and it will take a considerable time to think, and then ask me if I wish do download/save a file called "". This doesn't get my image uploaded, and I can't open the file on my computer. Am I doing something wrong?

2005-07-02 [Nita]: What kind of image is it? You can try downloading that file and opening it in Notepad, to see if it says what's wrong... Or you can try to figure out what's the difference between the image you're trying to upload and the ones you've uploaded before.

2005-07-02 [Hedda]: [Cina]: You're probably trying to upload a too big image. It must be less than 1MByte. Shrink it in an image-program first!

2005-07-02 [Cina]: Alright, thanks for your help! I never thought of that. *bow*

2005-09-02 [MrW]: Is there an Internet email gateway to Elftown?

2005-09-04 [Hedda]: Do you mean that you want to email messages to Elftowners? No, that would be a pretty bad idea, I think. I have thought about it, but it's too much work to build and maintain a email-system, so it's not worth it

2005-09-12 [iippo]: Do the privs work their way down, or is each a separate one? Exapmple, if I have priv99, I also automatically have priv100 even though I haven't ticked stuff? Or that a priv14 member has all the privs listed before it (in that list)?

2005-09-12 [True, plain and simple]: Yes

2005-09-12 [iippo]: Good. Thanks.

2005-12-01 [nokaredes]: What priv do I have? I can see the tech button no matter what my crew wannabe status is, and so I am confused. @_@ But I don't see the upload-an-image form anymore...for reasons the crew knows...

2005-12-01 [Paz]: Ummm, I have a hunch (not a formal answer) you have at least priv 100 if your tech page is still on. Are you sure you can't see the form at the bottom of the wiki page? Check and see

2005-12-01 [Paz]: You must have at least the 99 priv because even if your 'Crew wannabe' is No the tech and poll buttons are still on. Make sure that there is an upload form at the bottom of the wiki, under 'Edit this page'

2005-12-01 [Paz]: Hmmm... well, I really don't know then, it could be a glitch. Sorry, I can't be of anymore assistence :( I suggest you ask a guard/council member because they have the power to change privs

2005-12-01 [nokaredes]: That's why I'm here ;P

2005-12-01 [Nita]: Your priv is 100 :P

2005-12-01 [nokaredes]: Okay thanks ^_^

2005-12-05 [Stray Kitty]: I have the privedge that allows you to upload images to a wiki, but I can't get it to work. I talked to the gaurd who gave me the privedge and it didn't work. I've tried with images that weren't on Elftown and some that I had had once in my picture box. I can't figure out why it won't work.

2005-12-05 [iippo]: The images you put to the wiki-upload need to be on your hard drive.

2005-12-05 [Paz]: Take the picture you're wanting to upload, as [iippo] said, save it to your hard drive. Then upload it using the form at the bottom of the wiki. It's just like uploading an image to your house** (ack, wrong use of words)

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