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(run by [Kim_Lundin])

As you enter the two-floor building through a plain door made of oak you arrive to a large hall, almost five metres to the roof. Wooden pillars are placed by the walls, more for decoration than functionality, and centered on the wall to the left is a fairly large fireplace. By the fireplace is a small, wine red couch and two small armchairs in the same color as the couch. On the opposite wall is a small door, a sign above the door reads "Portal, ask Kim for tuning".
At the far end of the room you can see a bar made of dark wood and with panels of black ebony. Before the bar are eleven tall chairs, made of the same dark wood as the bar, with dark red padding to make them comfortable and with low backs of wood to stop you from falling backwards if you happen to drink one too many.
Behind the bar is a door leading to the kitchen, the smell of roasting meat and chicken comes from it when it opens. To the left of the bar are wooden stairs leading to the second floor, where the rooms for rent are.
Scattered here ant there in the hall are tables of varying sizes and shapes, once they were standing in order but after countless accidents and small fights the owner has grown tired of rearranging them all the time, so now he just puts them back up where they fall. Around the tables, chairs are placed to offer sitting space, most of them are made of dark oak, but some of them, probably replacements for broken ones, are made of a lighter kind of wood.


Characters currently in the tavern

Kim CHAR - The owner of Adventurer's Tavern
Red Imp (Smutgy) and Blue Imp (Turgen) - [xido]


For past events, read these pasts:
REEEALLY old stuff



-Up the stairs to the Second Floor of the Adventurer's

-Through the door to the Portal of the Adventurer's Tavern (Ask [Kim_Lundin] for rates and use of the Gateway)

-Back to the streets of Irrundanil, outside

-Back to Wiki Fantasy Roleplay


As the place begins to calm down a bit, Kim walks back to his place behind the bar.

Some random passerby opens the door to the tavern only long enough to remember a prior engagement, and swearing to return, releases the door and walks back out.

Kim lifts his head, trying to catch a glance of the person, but the door is shut before he can see anything besides a part of the clothes. "Hmm? Odd..." he mumbles before turning his attention to some of the bottles standing behind the bar 'Lets see, I thought I had more bottles of the Laughing Gnoll... better order some of those.' he thinks.

Turgen hiccups as he slides an empty bottle of Laughing Gnoll behind a nearby window shutter, smiling crudely.
Smutgy laughs hysterically as he does it, which Turgen regards with a vehement shooshing with his finger over his mouth at the other imp.

"Hmm?" Kim looks over his shoulder when he hears the laughter "Now what the..." he notices the two miscievous imps "You two? What're you doing now?".

Smutgy hiccups and looks at Kim with an intent stare.
"We're drinking ale. What the hell else do you do in a tavern?" he replies with both snapping words and a big grin.
He and Turgen break out into laughter at the apparently amusing joke.

"Hah, and I guess you're going to pay for it, you know - like what you usually do when you drink ale in a tavern." Kim sais to the red imp.

"No way, you crazy," Turgen speaks up, slurring his words.

"And stinky," Smutgy says, laughing.

"We broke," Turgen speaks, flailing a wild arm in Kim's directin.

"It's on the house!" Smutgy cries out.

"No, it's on THAT GUY!" Turgen cries out, pointing at Al, the local homeless guy who rarely finds his way out of Adventurer's and who is currently drunk and passed out on the table where he sits every afternoon and night.

"Yeah, that guy!" Smutgy replies, and the both of them fall into a fit of drunken laughter.

"Sometimes I wonder why I haven't let a cleric banish you guys yet." Kim sais with a tired voice "You're not really working hard to avoid that, you know.".

"We's no get banished by clerics," Smutgy sais with a grin and a wave of his arm.

"Yeah, we free entertainment," Turgen, adds, flicking a deck of cards between his fingers in his two hands.

Taking Turgen's lead, Smutgy flicks his fingers to animate a small wooden puppet, which dances around, and with another flick, sets it on fire again. Tootling out some crazy circus music, he bobs back and forth as the small puppet dances, on fire.
Turgen laughs at him for it, then bobs back and forth as well.

"Well, that would be the good part..." Kim sais "... Don't put the tables on fire, I'm the one who has to buy new ones.".

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2003-12-09 [Silversong]: one feels like posting though i know that they've all been online...i'm in a few RPG's with some of them.

2003-12-09 [MathiasIV]: I hadnt realized anyone was storming through there at the moment. We should probably try to fit it in with the rest of the WFR scheme I guess.

2003-12-09 [Silversong]: lol well you two can plot i've gotta get to class i'll be back in a few hours........

2003-12-09 [MathiasIV]: see you then.... then hehe

2003-12-09 [Silversong]: lol i back

2003-12-09 [MathiasIV]: I think for this stories purpose Omerye should be considered about 18-19

2003-12-09 [Silversong]: hhhmmmmmmmmmm........okay. now to fix your spelling and add something of my own...........

2003-12-09 [MathiasIV]: :P

2003-12-09 [Silversong]: ^_^

2003-12-09 [MathiasIV]: @c@

2003-12-09 [Silversong]: lol

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: Hmm...well if its alright w/ u i'll make up a place as to where they are. or do u have suggestions?

2003-12-11 [Saber]: hmmm what on the Tariwynn Woods maybe we could start there?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: why not...any idea on what to start with?

2003-12-11 [Saber]: erm no clue what so ever -.- what do u think?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: maybe we should creat another page...then work with that

2003-12-11 [Saber]: so we either create a nothe page or do it on the Woods. Or we can put that 'other' page in the woods, if you get my meaning

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: yup sounds good.

2003-12-11 [Saber]: do u wanna make the page?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: never done so before...

2003-12-11 [Saber]: hmmmm i guess i'll maket then...unless someone else wants to...anyone?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: i'll help anyway i can, let me know...i'll only be on a few times a week after my semester a month off.

2003-12-11 [Saber]: ok, any clue to a name?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: Um..."Hunting in the woods'????something along those lines maybe?

2003-12-11 [Saber]: ok ill get started in a bit.

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: i'll check in on it when i can.

2003-12-11 [Saber]: by the way do you want to be seen scouting or will you have got back and the group will be travelling there?

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: um i'll be on this next week, so i'll decide later...but yeah i'll be coming back to the group to let them know of "my" findings. then i'll let u know.

2003-12-11 [Saber]: hmm il type a description neways

2003-12-11 [Raerlas]: k...let me know when u have it done... i'm on for another ten min though....make that five.

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: Sorry I was gone, if there is anything I can help with wiki wise just let me know, Am fair at it.

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: Geeze that turned out a little longer than I expected it to lol

2003-12-12 [Saber]: hmm well go to hunting in the woods - i think, add some to the description and put youre characters up. (it was late so its not good)

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: Geebus I get going on a tangent and its hard to stop me lol

2003-12-12 [Saber]: lol evil tangents -.-

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: Me thinks they have all abondoned us

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: Perhaps we should set up a meeting point so we dont have to disturb the tavern, Something like "Just down the Road" or "Outside the Adventurer's Tavern" O and Kim if you have time you are more than welcome to tag along. We could always use another experienced Campaigner. :)

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: You should post that "hunting in the woods" on the forest wiki

2003-12-12 [Saber]: good idea! do you wanna make that wiki, I'll post the other on the forest pag. Does nebody want to add anything more to the description in hunting in the woods?

2003-12-12 [MathiasIV]: I might be able to add to the hunting page and yes I'll go ahead and place that new page and I will link it in an OOC comment above.

2003-12-12 [Saber]: ok, i have posted the page onto the main woods. I used the introduction [xido] gave to the army - hope thats alright

2003-12-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Sorry, but I don't think I have enought time... I've joined far to many wikis and can't get on-line so often. Maybe sometimes later I might join.

2003-12-14 [Phyn]: xido sais it's cool

2003-12-14 [MathiasIV]: Cool thanks Phyn, I was wondering about that but I figured it wouldnt be too bad since we are using the concept like he created it.

2003-12-14 [Phyn]: nope, Xido and I created together the whole world of Estonia and all of it's entirety, Plus the other planets in Estonia's galxy... however, there's very little chance that we'll actually be creating them for Wiki play... *give that hopeful look* and we made the plains setup.... so in essence, we're the only one's who know everything in these worlds... and don't let anyone tell you different.

2003-12-14 [MathiasIV]: Well this little monkey once told me .......


2003-12-14 [Saber]: the monkey speaks?

2003-12-14 [MathiasIV]: Volumes my friend. The monkey can speak volumes *he says mysteriously*


2003-12-15 [Saber]: just about everythings lies, sometimes the truth is evil...well thoroughly disliked

2003-12-15 [MathiasIV]: Just because you added a bunch of extra LIES's doesn't mean its true that the monkey lies... He could be telling the truth for all you lie....

2003-12-16 [Silversong]: huh?? i lost on this conversation........but that's okay!! ^_^

2003-12-16 [Phyn]: I can't lie! I made it! He lies because I told him to!

2003-12-16 [Silversong]: oooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy...........................................

2003-12-19 [xido]: I lie a little.....but usually only in my sleep.................x.X

2003-12-19 [Phyn]: you tell novels in your sleep boy

2003-12-19 [Silversong]: how would you know that?? NVM Happy holidays everyone see you all in January.........

2003-12-19 [Phyn]: cuz he sleeps not 10Inches from my face???

2003-12-19 [xido]: o.O  Now THAT's gonna start some rumors...........X.o

2003-12-20 [MathiasIV]: Correction That started rumors lol j/k

2003-12-20 [xido]: LOL!!! oh lord......

2003-12-21 [Leara]: o.O

2003-12-21 [xido]: well, it's me....not one of my characters........expect the craziness..........c'mon, now, don't be bashful.....

2003-12-21 [Leara]: why aren't you playing your character?

2003-12-21 [xido]: which one? They're all involved in RP elsewheres.....they're all very busy amongst the wikis

2003-12-21 [Leara]: are ppl allowed rp'ing in more than one of the wiki's on here? like with the same character.

2003-12-21 [xido]: The onlt one left to use is the gate-jumping cat. No one likes the cat except [BadCat].....

2003-12-21 [Leara]: O.O

2003-12-21 [xido]: well, they can, but eventually something ends up happening like with what's happening to Kim Lundin.......eep

2003-12-21 [Leara]: like what? *blinks*

2003-12-21 [xido]: like you end up in a hellish landscape, looking down at a vast sea of you's everywhere, all scratching the backs of their heads, trying to figure out where to go, like some deranged Where's Waldo!

2003-12-21 [Leara]: hehhehee

2003-12-21 [xido]: yeah, you laugh 'cause it's not you....hehehe, he'll be finding it fun when it happens.....ok, now I have to erase this before he gets back...

2003-12-21 [Leara]: huhna?

2003-12-21 [xido]: it hasn't happened to him yet, so I erased it.....sort of a surprise....well, he knows, but not what exactly it will be like.....hehehehe

2003-12-21 [Leara]: I'm confused @_@

2003-12-21 [xido]: He's on his way to meet the other Kims he RPs with on other wikis.

2003-12-21 [Leara]: lol

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Well... at the moment there's ONLY two Kims in the abyss... ^_^ But I guess Xido's about to change THAT.

2003-12-21 [xido]: damn.....I had deleted most of the details......hoped to make the good stuff more still don't know EXACTLY what to expect though...heheheehehehehee

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Surprices... either you love them, or you hate them...

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: SURPRISE!!!!!!! *looks around to see who was suprised*

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: I'M about to be surpriced.

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: Might I make a sugestion... It might be prudent to whack off the part leading up to that groups leaving, and post if up top with the others, its getting kinda long again.

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Is it already getting long again? It seems like yesterday I last "shortened" it...

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: that little group that I (omerye) am a part of belted out a lot of text. I figured if you chunked off the part up till when Xido showed up it might make it a little easier to read.

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Ah, I... THINK I understand...

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: haha that little group of adventurers tends to write up a storm haha. That outside the adventurers tavern page I made filled up mad fast.

2003-12-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Now it's a bit more tidy, right? ^_^

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: perfect :)

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: geezus 880 versions of this page... I do believe thats the highest I have seen. Congrats hehe

2003-12-21 [Leara]: 880? thats nothing

2003-12-21 [MathiasIV]: ok ok not in all wiki I mean in an RP page. And no I havent been around the block

2003-12-21 [Leara]: an rp page I'm on has over 4000

2003-12-22 [Kim_Lundin]: Which rp?

2003-12-22 [Leara]: the Greatroom, just a normal wiki page for rp'ing, that sometimes gets pulled into some of Magus Ferox's campaigns. Her campaigns are were I rp most.

2003-12-22 [Kim_Lundin]: Ok...

2003-12-26 [Pip]: Hey i see your wiki si a great sucsess well dont mate ^^ i dont no if i should join in again or not lol?

2003-12-26 [pyrate grem]: i think we should

2003-12-26 [Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ You are more than welcome! I make sure there's aome free tables.

2003-12-26 [Pip]: hum come on bridgie lets add in Jade and Moricky

2003-12-26 [pyrate grem]: okidoke, you sort our enterance out. make it cool!

2003-12-26 [Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ It was really crowded a while... and unfortunately I had problems getting on-line (It's the evil being that is called "school"'s fault)

2003-12-29 [xido]: I think Ragnar likes me.....he even hollered out a door at momma used to do that, and that means love........she used to say, "Xidoraven Edward Namahya, get your little white ass in here and make me some coffee! Momma's drunk, and has to go to work....and she's late, so hurry up!!!" That's how I know Ragnar loves me.

2003-12-29 [Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ There's nothing so beautiful as a mothers love to her kids.

2003-12-29 [MathiasIV]: Aye but if you ask me to make you coffee to get you undrunk I am afraid it willna work so well. I dun't remember the last cup of coffee I made that was less than 50% rum

2003-12-31 [xido]: lol

2003-12-31 [Mystic Beauty]: All's i ask is help...

2003-12-31 [Leara]: You really shouldn't assume how other characters will react to you, 'Men of all ages gape at her rare beauty' ......

2003-12-31 [Mystic Beauty]: Why thank you for that, i'm new as i said... I'll remember that.

2003-12-31 [Leara]: :P

2003-12-31 [Mystic Beauty]: But, why dosent any one add to the story?

2003-12-31 [Leara]: because their possibly not online to do so :P

2003-12-31 [Mystic Beauty]: Oh... But do you like my little story?

2003-12-31 [Leara]: story?

2004-01-01 [Mystic Beauty]: you know my little thing i made up. i thought it was quite creative.

2004-01-01 [Leara]: o.O

2004-01-01 [xido]: don't use the words travel, flowers, or diamonds, if at all possible. Otherwise, those little html codes pop up.....can someone delete the ones there so far?

2004-01-01 [Leara]: Try not to put actions in should be: sweet little imp,", She helps the red imp up.....etc, use grammer like your writting a story, thats the easiest way to explain it. 

2004-01-01 [Mystic Beauty]: Leara again my mystake...

2004-01-01 [Leara]: fix the name thing up there! its ok, your a newbie :P its not hard to catch on :P

2004-01-01 [Mystic Beauty]: better miss?

2004-01-01 [Leara]: yep. keep in mind its like a story and life at the same time, your not going to know things unless you see them or have been told, such as names :P

2004-01-01 [Mystic Beauty]: right i'll remember that miss

2004-01-01 [Mystic Beauty]: But, i'm sorry i'm becoming anxios, am I welcome?

2004-01-02 [Leara]: whadda you mean?

2004-01-02 [Mystic Beauty]: I mean in the story am I welcome?

2004-01-02 [Leara]: Leara's not a fan of many ppl ^^; hence why she's in a dark corner.

2004-01-02 [MathiasIV]: And ragnar is a barbarian and acts as such, he isn't easily impressed by such vanity...

2004-01-02 [MathiasIV]: I will delete the diamond lines and replace it with gems...

2004-01-02 [MathiasIV]: Oi, er something I just noticed Mystic is that you arent a registered user of WFR. Not entirely certain if this is a page restricted to such but if you are interested talk to leara about applying or go to the character page if that link doesnt work I will make a new one.

2004-01-02 [Leara]: I was waiting till the ower of this page came on to check with him, I thought if it was restricted at least xidoraven may have said something, but I dunno....

2004-01-02 [Leara]: Don't put things in brackets like that!

2004-01-02 [Mystic Beauty]: Mathias?

2004-01-02 [Leara]: you

2004-01-02 [Mystic Beauty]: No I meen Mathias, thank you for being so kind

2004-01-03 [xido]: This page isn't restricted to WFR players unless Kim says it is.

2004-01-03 [xido]: The words wildflowers, houseflowers, or bouquet will work fine, as well as gems. I changed moricky's post of TRAVEL to JOURNEY ABROAD, which also works. Those damn mouse-over-popups!!! *GROWL*

2004-01-11 [MathiasIV]: KIIIMMMMMM!!!!!!! *im im im im* WHERE ARE YOOOOUUUUU *ou ou ou ou ou ou....ou.........ou..........ou*

2004-01-11 [Hutch]: maybe he's hiding

2004-01-12 [xido]: Check the oven. sometimes he climbs in there, for some odd reason.

2004-01-12 [Hutch]: lol

2004-01-17 [xido]: you think I'm joking.........if only you knew the truth.......

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Hello again! Sorry for being away so long, dad had to fix an anti-virus program... This is not restricted to WFR char's only, everyone's welcome... *reads some of the comments and ends up in a laughting pile for a minute* ...IN THE OVEN!?

2004-01-18 [Hutch]: that's what I said *looks around to see if there's an oven nearby*

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: AHA I have done it, I have solved the mystery that is Mystic Beauty. "She and the petals then disapears in a large cloud of gold and shimmers" ITS XIDO I SWEAR. Xido is the only person I know that can dissapear in a shower of sparkly stuff that well :P                                                    j/k ^_^

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: *Looks into the oven in the kitchen* Nope, I'm not in there.

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: *notices Kim looking in the kitchen* lost something old chap? I could help you find it.

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh... I'm just looking for myself... Have you seen me?

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: Hmm, not lately, Try to remember when you last had yourself. That usually helps me.

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... I think it was me doing the homework on friday... but that might have been someone who just looked like me ^_^

2004-01-18 [Hutch]: lmao

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Poor guy... must be hard to look like me...

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: roflmao

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: What's so funny?

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: Wait till I put a pic up in my home page then you can see someone who is hard to look like :P

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Me?

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Where did you get a picture of me?

2004-01-18 [MathiasIV]: a picture of me lol not yourself. Why, are you funny looking?

2004-01-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Short... Long hair that looks like it hasn't been combed for a week... Just the hair is a piece of art in itself.

2004-01-19 [Mystic Beauty]: Im watching over all of you! lol

2004-01-19 [Leara]: Thats just scary...

2004-01-19 [Hutch]: spooooooooooky

2004-01-19 [MathiasIV]: GAH!!!! *hides behind his cloak of not getting watched over*

2004-01-19 [Mystic Beauty]: oh, come on its a good thing. I'll keep you all safe....

2004-01-19 [Leara]: *screams*

2004-01-19 [Mystic Beauty]: lol


2004-01-23 [xido]: *farts*

2004-01-23 [Leara]: ewwww

2004-01-23 [xido]: sorry. had to neutralize the excess fairy dust in here......

2004-01-23 [Hutch]: but I liiiike fairy dust...

2004-01-24 [MathiasIV]: No I think you are thinking about a different kind of dust Michi.. Thats called magic powder lol.

2004-01-27 [Hutch]: ahem.. I erm... have no clue what you're talking about... ^^

2004-01-30 [Kim_Lundin]: XIDO!!! What have you been EATING!?

2004-02-01 [Karisla Sorium]: Oh all right some um...someone's been here yesterday,....okily doky

2004-02-01 [MathiasIV]: Er... OK..... got no idea what that means.....

2004-02-04 [Kim_Lundin]: Is it just me, or is this page getting big again?

2004-02-04 [Hutch]: just you

2004-02-08 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... I have to stop using magnifying glasses when I'm checking the wiki's... ^_^

2004-02-08 [Hutch]: lol

2004-02-08 [Kim_Lundin]: *takes the glasses off* Hey... The page got smaller!

2004-02-09 [Deloriel]: i can't believe i'm about to get drunk on my first post...

2004-02-09 [Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ I've seen worse, some people ARE drunk on their first post.

2004-02-09 [Deloriel]: mwuhahaha!

2004-02-09 [MathiasIV]: Now Kim I thought I asked you not to tell anybody that...

2004-02-10 [Kim_Lundin]: Sorry Mat... must've missed that part... I was listening to you'r beautiful song. ^_^

2004-02-10 [MathiasIV]: LoL :)

2004-02-11 [Tyried_the_Dark]: wow... is this what the RPing is like here?... you haveto go to edit page just to post?..

2004-02-11 [Tyried_the_Dark]: huh... interesting. WEll, Im out... I hope I'll behere tomorrow

2004-02-16 [Hutch]: ...

2004-02-16 [MathiasIV]: I like Fumunda Cheese!

2004-02-16 [Hutch]: hmmm that's nice

2004-02-16 [MathiasIV]: No.... its not...... ^_-

2004-02-16 [Hutch]: lol

2004-02-17 [Kim_Lundin]: Then why do you like it?

2004-02-17 [Hutch]: shhh *whispers* don't question the crazy people

2004-02-17 [Kim_Lundin]: Why? *tries to hide a smile*

2004-02-17 [Hutch]: ... no clue.. I think it's the same reason why you don't wake up sleep walkers, or say no to Nymphomaniacs

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