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Alice Madison

As played in Masked Morality
by [Lin Star].

Gender: Female

Age: 43

Physical appearance: Being a woman who looks a little over half her actual age, Alice stopped aging around 27. Her looks never changed as she aged, and she used them to her advantage. At a glance, this beauty has gorgeous dirty blond curls that end around her mid back. As untamable as they are, they're very soft and silky to touch and run through your hands like water. She has dull gray-blue eyes with a slight olive toned skin that's rather tan. Her body shape stays in an hour-glass shape and she has an average bust size. With her usual clothing, she goes all out and wears trendy clothing, not really hiding in the crowd. She enjoys going out in public and has a bit of an ego that can get bruised easily, but not by anyone telling her she looks old.

Hero Costume: Since her skin is almost always naturally tanned darker than either of her parents, Alice wears a nearly pure white costume. Her mask acts as a headband and surrounds her eyes. She pulls her hair back and twists it into a very tight bun behind it, no strand out of place. She wears a tight-fitting material that encases her body from her neck down to her thighs, leaving her arms and shoulders exposed. Her forearms wear finger-less gloves with a metal band around the wrist and her boots cover from mid-thigh to her feet. They are not high heels, nor do they appear to have a zipper.
Hero Name: Mirage

Power: Light Manipulation (If that's gives a wider range of available
Her control over light merely pertains to the appearance of items, the light reflected, and the light that people see. She has the ability to "shape-shift" by changing the light around her to reflect a different image. She could also render herself invisible, like a chameleon does, by taking the light bouncing off of the objects around her and reflecting them on the opposite side, as if she was invisible. Other powers can include making other people, objects, or what have you appear differently.

Brief History: As all girls dream of at the young age of 6, Alice wished with all her might to become a princess. As she pretended she was the heir to some kingdom far away in distant lands, her parents began to fight. It wasn't long before they split up, leaving Alice to live with her mother by order of the courts. This reality check at 8 brought her so down to earth, she began to think of her life as ruined and blamed both of her parents. Little of importance happened until she turned 22 and her mother died from a generic cancer. As a dying wish, her mother told her that she was something special and said that Alice should go see her father. At 27, she went to see him, having finally found where he disappeared to, but upon reaching the place he was supposed to be in, she was attacked. Already she'd become a high ranking model, not the best, but certainly someone worth noting, and figured these guys were sent by another model. When she came to, her father was there, standing in a white lab coat. She tried asking him questions that he never answered until finally, he told someone to gag her. She became his over-night experiment and when he was done doing whatever scientific thing she couldn't describe, she never aged again. In fact, she could change her appearance. Even when she transformed into her mother at a time when she enjoyed seeing the woman, she felt exactly like herself. In actuality, she merely bent the light around her to reflect something else, some other color.

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