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2009-02-27 [Hedda]: A little too cute, but otherwise wonderful! <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: May a wish for some angry, sad and crying out in pain photos?

2009-02-27 [Cillamoon]: Yeah, cutesy I know. I can do some sad photo's, it comes to me naturally, but angry...that's more difficult. I can do pissed off, that's easy enough with my eyes. But sad...crying out? I need some motivation remarks here!! What is my motivation? Give me a scenario and I think I could try it this weekend. So glad to see you have taken a interest in my photos btw Hedda, thanks! :)

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: I would love to see a Cilla-copy of my Mouth Reference Pictures.

I don't think you want to see me copy this page though... Hm, I could do something with different clothes though.

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: Eh, sorry, I was referring to It's A Bunny Affair, but I don't know what page I'm commenting on.

2009-02-27 [Cillamoon]: Okay, so just to make sure I understood you correctly, I should do a Cilla-copy of a Mouths Reference Pictures. And you know what, about a different clothes page, I would like to hear what you have in mind for that. I think I will also be working on, not only my witch pictures this weekend, but also some clothes pictures too. I have two types of shirts, in two different colors of each. I was thinking about putting together some kind of quick flup book type project to make ppl think it's a mind trick between black and white, black and pink. Any thoughts?

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: I was thinking of wearing the clothes I had on (Especially the photo with Per is ... having a big medial impact velocity.) Anyhow, it should be more tasty than seeing me in a bunny dress.

Witch pictures sound great! I think you'll be a great witch. Try to make yourself look really scary! <img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif>

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: My thoughts about dresses and colours would be "Gooble uh gooble gabb glup blup.". Sorry, not my area of expertize. <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2009-02-27 [Cillamoon]: LOL, funny. Yeah the witch should be fun, I just have to accomplish a scary look, which may be a bit difficult as I have only the city around me and not too many places that would deem scary. But I'll think about it on my ride home from work tonight and see what I can come up with. 

2009-02-27 [Hedda]: Think about something that pisses you off, and then you probably look very scary regardless of what's on and around you.

2009-02-27 [Cillamoon]: Sweet, thank you!

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