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2006-07-22 10:11:19
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This is [beautiful _ darkness] photomiplations all of these are by autumn =^.^=

<img:" alt="mesothelioma treatment">


this is my 8th grade school picture... this is one of my first photomiplations


what an angel [kirina]


this is nicole i love you chica [colbert;]


this is [Atikin] your awesome Love ya


the beautiful [Zauberin]


this is [Zauberin] sister Mo... one of my older pm pictures that i did


this would be [poisoned_hearts] sister aint she pretty


this would be [poisoned_hearts] aint she so beautiful


i dont really know what to say about this but aint it sweet


yea i dont know i was bored


I felt shy




aint that sweet


I was really really depressed


its prettiful


kitty kat


I dont know its the whole thing with me and being against the war


this is angel aint she pretty [poisoned_hearts]


Me and my brother

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2005-06-13 [beautiful _ darkness]: danmit this means i have to load all this shit on here -kicks it-

2005-08-20 [Panda-monium]: you alright?

2005-08-21 [beautiful _ darkness]: yes i am good... i think... why?

2005-09-23 [circus snatch]: I wanna be manipulated!

2005-09-23 [beautiful _ darkness]: ok what photo would you like to be minpulated

2005-09-23 [circus snatch]: O.O I dont know, what photo do you want to manipulate?

2005-09-23 [beautiful _ darkness]: i dont know... the other wiki has better mips

2005-09-23 [circus snatch]: can you make me an angel?

2005-09-23 [beautiful _ darkness]: you already

2005-09-23 [beautiful _ darkness]: yea i can

2005-09-23 [circus snatch]: you'll make me blushie, thank you

2005-09-23 [beautiful _ darkness]: -giggles- your welcome

2005-10-22 [Tolmeni]: OooooOOOooo! Pretty! *steals all of them, is attacked by darkness' personal attack baboons*

2005-10-22 [beautiful _ darkness]: o no you dont -gets all kong foish-

2005-11-01 [To the Welkin]: oh they all are so excellent ^-^ I like kitty and the one above it...

2005-11-01 [beautiful _ darkness]: yea you should go look at more at

2005-11-30 [dark_maige]: these are really clever congrats

2005-11-30 [beautiful _ darkness]: than you very much I need to update thou

2005-11-30 [dark_maige]: you got more have you? what vprogram do you use?

2005-11-30 [beautiful _ darkness]: yea Ive got loads more most of it is on deviantart... I use adobephotoshop 7.0

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