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Art Contests

Moderated by the Art Contest Crew

When adding a contest, put it in the following format:

Contest Link by <Creator's Name> - <Current Status> (Deadline: <date>/Vote in <poll link>/Winner(s): <names>/etc.)

You're responsible for your own contest. Poorly maintained or unpopular contests may moved to Contests on Hold.

Explanation and building tips can be found in the Contest Guidelines

Finished contests can be found at Closed Contests

Open Contests:

-Fables & FairyTales Contest Revisited - Deadline 10 entries

-Fantasy Families contest - Deadline 25 entires

-Creatures of Myth - Deadline 30 entires

-...Now That's English! - Deadline to be set

-Dragons Club Art Contest - Deadline to be set

-A Poet's Vision - Deadline 8th August 2011

-Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest - Deadline Nov. 30, 2011

In Voting:

-Elves in Drag

-Stargate Fanart Contest

-GLU!'s 300+ Badge Contest

-Crayon contest

-DC Art Contest

-Starwars Art Contest

-Couples Contest

-A Kyo drawing contest!!!

-Coralune Contest: Sylt and Ahn

-Show Me Your Undies!

Other important pages!
-Official Elftown Competitions
-MC - Mainstreet Contest Deadlines
-Contest Guidelines
-Past Contests
-Writing Contests
-Photo Contests
-Contests by Linderel

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2005-10-01 [spiritee]: yeah xD but some people might would get more feedback if their contests are featured on mainstreet.

2005-10-01 [Chaos Sun]: true true!

2005-10-04 [Kaimee]: The To Infinity and Beyond science fiction art contest has changed owners (to me) and deadlines. It is no longer based on the number of contestants, but is set for Nov-5th 05!!

2005-10-04 [Kaimee]: It amazes me how few people are interested in entering scifi contests, from a group of people supposedly interested in fantasy and scfi art and writing XD Oh well, less competition for those who are interested I guess... :P

2005-10-05 [Mia the mermaid22]: Please join my contest called Elves and half merpeople contest : )

2005-10-13 [Dragonartist]: I Have A Best Demon Contest Best demon

2005-10-13 [Melocrie]: Come on it and enter the plushie photo contest!!

2005-10-17 [lunarsun]: m looking for entries for my Inuyasha Contest Comedy Inuyasha Pics

2005-10-23 [Zab]: And I'd love entries to Rider Art contest ;)

2005-10-27 [Dil*]:

contest winners, please add stuff!!!!

2005-11-03 [Dragonartist]: Please vote for Best demon winner! [Still Taking Entries Until November 5th Midnight Elftown Time, Two More Days!! ^ ^]

2005-11-04 [Elisha Kelly]: New competition Wights of Eldritch Competition ENTER NOW!

2005-11-07 [Dragonartist]: [Voting now started and ends on nov. 13 midnight elftown time for ]Best demon

2005-11-08 [Mia the mermaid22]: please add Zorro art and photo contest : )

2005-11-19 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Judges for Hire now supports judges for both writing and art! If you would like to be a judge or if you need a judge, this is the place to go!

2005-11-21 [cheesecake]: I deleted the Mask Contest because I own it and no one entered. I accidently messed up the page though. I looked over it and couldn't find what went wrong! Someone please fix it!

2005-11-22 [Zab]: You deleted a few letters too much; instead of just delete the wiki-link you also got the </ in </center> :P May lea fixed it for you.

2005-11-22 [Saffron]: noo! the contest of the month list is empty!

2005-11-22 [Zab]: Not updated?

2005-11-22 [Chrilith of Akhai]: No, cheesecake deleted the Mask Contest and that was the Contest of the Month. Sheez... we need a new CotM!

2005-11-22 [Zab]: uhm..rider art contest is still running if it's an emergency, but it have got really much attention already.

2005-11-23 [iippo]: The Monthly Month Contest? It's current theme of November runs til the end of the month.

2005-11-23 [Zab]: that seems nice to me.. but I have nothing to say about it really.. :P

2005-11-23 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Then who does? Saffron's name is up at the start of the wiki, but... Why don't we just make the MMC november Contest of the Month untill we find a better one? It looks so empty here without one ^ ^

2005-11-23 [Saffron]: ?? hey, I'm here, am I not? And I decided on the new contest of the month using my absolute power and wisdom XD

2005-11-24 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Tsss... power and wisdom... I guess that's why your name is at the top of the contest? ^_^

2005-11-24 [Saffron]: :P nah, it was #2 from the poll, too. Note: if no-one enters, it will suffer the same fate as your contest

2005-11-29 [Saffron]: deadline for Animated GIF Contest is set to January 1st!

2005-11-29 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Sorry, Saffron but I can't draw any mangaish manga. I'd practically kill your contest by entering it! :p

2005-11-29 [Saffron]: you know, there are a lot of different styles in manga, some very realistic, and otherwise you could always collab with someone and be the writer *nod*

2005-12-02 [Dragonartist]: I need entries for Dragon art contest!

2005-12-03 [Elisha Kelly]: hee hee... I can draw... but no ideas :P

2005-12-04 [Sunrose]: photo contests should perhaps be linked here too? As well as on writing contests? Will help promoting it ;)

2005-12-07 [Jitter]: We need entries at Kissing Contest Join please!

2005-12-09 [iippo]: I'm in the process of making a wiki that might interest contest-holders: And the Oscar Goes To.... Could I have it mentioned in this wiki, in the same fashion as Judges for Hire (it's in the same ball-park as it's like award-maker for hire).

2005-12-09 [Saffron]: There's a special section for that at the bottom of contest guidelines. And of course you may always advertise in the comment box here ^^

2005-12-16 [Mom]: Please vote...Kris Kringle Contest

2005-12-19 [Dragonartist]: you could probably get ideas from for the Dragon art contest but no stealing

2005-12-22 [Saffron]: v Contest of the Month v

Manga Story Contest

^ Contest of the Month ^ (needs more enthusiastic participants!)

2005-12-22 [Saffron]: Can anyone help me count these contests? Because I'm kind of curious :P

2005-12-23 [Jitter]: Winner announced:2 Voting in progress:37 Closed:3 Deadline expired:3 Deadline set:8 Deadline based on #contestants:24 Deadline not set: 84 Less than 2 entries:32 I hope I got all of them right...

2005-12-23 [Dil*]: Saffron, mind if I add my contest crew link up at the top with the other pages?

2005-12-23 [Saffron]: I already did that

2005-12-23 [Dil*]: oh, and I scanned through the 'other important' pages like a million times >.<

2005-12-23 [Saffron]: it's all the way at the top, with the even more important info :P

2005-12-23 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Ah well, as I was told to advertise here: check The artists workshop if you're interested in creating a piece with other artists.

2005-12-23 [Dil*]: hehe, thanks.

2005-12-30 [Saffron]: The end of the Animated GIF Contest is near, people, so for those who would've wanted to enter but didn't, this is your chance!

2005-12-30 [Melocrie]: I really like the animated badges^^

2005-12-30 [Saffron]: Yes, people, animated badges: <img:stuff/saffrons_animated_badge_participant.gif> It's a one-time opportunity! *wink* :D

2005-12-31 [Saffron]: there are some new sections, use them!

2005-12-31 [Elisha Kelly]: what do the stars mean?

2005-12-31 [Saffron]: those stars mean that they're looked after by someone from the art contest crew, just ignore them ^^

2006-01-01 [Dil*]: vote vote vote vote vote (feel the urge to vote with my hypnotic repetition!)

2006-01-01 [Chrilith of Akhai]: The Elftown House Contest is still looking for entries... 10 maximum, so don't be late!

2006-01-01 [deeterhi]: LOTR Bad Guys Contest needs more votes too

2006-01-01 [Jitter]: I voted :)

2006-01-03 [syagre]: Deadline set for the Ancient Gods art contest on january the 31st !

2006-01-05 [iippo]: Mystic Creatures Contest poll is inactive and people can't vote anymore... Is there a mistake or should the contest be moved away from "vote" -category? Same with the Earth Elemental contest... *starts to think that the problem is me*

2006-01-05 [Jitter]: Kissing contest is closed and voting is held at kissing contest voting Please vote!

2006-01-06 [Kuruni]: PLEASE ENTER MY CONTEST!!!!! sorry hehehehehe, i'm desperate. Witch art

2006-01-07 [Jitter]: Yes enter^ it's a great contest :D

2006-01-27 [Galatea]: Voting for the Unicorn Art Competition has started, please go vote! ^_^

2006-02-01 [Perplexity]: X-Men Fan Art Contest Revisited - new contest, please visit us!

2006-02-01 [Saffron]: The winner of the Animated GIF Contest is [GregowicH]. Thanks for voting everyone!

2006-02-02 [Cliché]: Draw-Your-Muse Contest! New contest!

2006-02-02 [Mr.Scoop]: Landscape Contest!! New contest based on people's talent with art-programs!!

2006-02-02 [Mr.Scoop]: Oops sorry ^^'.....thanks :P

2006-02-08 [iippo]: Which month's "contest of the month" is that manga-contest? Feels like it's been there forever >.<

2006-02-08 [Saffron]: November :P want a new one?

2006-02-08 [Lothuriel]: I would like to add The Painters' Contest deadline June 1, I ask first or simply add it somewhere?

2006-02-08 [iippo]: :O Yes please.

2006-02-08 [Lothuriel]: Yes please I just add it or yes please I must ask permission first? 

2006-02-08 [iippo]: Ehm, I didn't see your comment when I made mine so my comment is aimed at [Saffron].

2006-02-08 [Lothuriel]: Oh, ok then.

2006-02-09 [Kaimee]: Just add it ;)

2006-02-09 [Saffron]: Go vote at Contest Ideas for the new contest of the month

2006-02-09 [Jitter]: elftown house contest Needs A LOT of entries. Please join!

2006-02-09 [Mr.Scoop]: Same with Landscape Contest!

2006-02-10 [kay-chan]: Heh... FantasyC~Ccontest wants some luvin', too. I am... Super-Pimp!

2006-02-10 [Kaimee]: It's got plenty of loving already, it's like... rolling in prettiful entries! :O

2006-02-10 [Lothuriel]: Thanks [Kaimee]

2006-02-10 [kay-chan]: It iiiiis. ^.^

2006-02-13 [jsun]: Brand new contest guys... Bring Mirra to Life gives you a chance to actually win a prize for your coloring ability. Hope you guys like it.

2006-02-14 [jsun]: Does anyone know of a "Best House in Elftown" contest in which the competition is about how good your personal house looks?

2006-02-14 [Mr.Scoop]: Isn't that what the featured member on mainstreet is?

2006-02-14 [jsun]: hmmm... let me check

2006-02-14 [Lothuriel]: No, there was a contest like that a long time ago but, I don't remember who ran it. I had an Elftown hero thing going but not enough folks took interest in it. It was inspired by that contest. Which, come to think of it, I don't htink it was a contest. Ithink it was a wiki that someone had made and added their personal preferences. *babbles incessively for another 10 minutes*

2006-02-14 [jsun]: LOL oh well, I added it to the contest ideas just incase someone else finds it interesting. I suppose I'm selfish because the only reason I don't host it is that I wanna participate. *slaps himself* {dingbat}

2006-02-14 [Mr.Scoop]: Ah well I couldn't wait for my contest idea to be aproved so I made my own. Of course I would love to enter but alas, I cannot. But feel free to do so yourself! Landscape Contest *shameless advertising* ^_^

2006-02-14 [Kaimee]: I don't, I have a pretty crappy antagonistic house ;) My writersco house.. now that I like :P

2006-02-14 [jsun]: lol too bad I don't do landscapes Mr.Scoop or I'd plunge right into your shameless advertising! :)

2006-02-14 [Mr.Scoop]: Haha well if you know people who do, don't be shy ;)

2006-02-18 [Dragonartist]: A Kyo drawing contest!!! if anybody would like to join ^_~

2006-03-07 [Lady of Lore]: Attention all artists and rising artists please come and join or comment on the new The Art Store where artists of elftown have come together to improve and grow, we take serious commissions, we like compliments, constructive criticism is appreciated, and new members are welcome!

2006-03-07 [RiddleRose]: Nice shiny new contest!!!! go have a looksee at Illustrate a Poem! *is following Mr.Scoop's example of shameless advertising* ^_^

2006-03-16 [Kuruni]: Wheee!!! does someone wants to enter my new contest? Faerie's Party Contest! The idea is to represent a faerie's party, music, dance, lot of fun with gnomes, pixies or faeries, or a wedding party, illustration, painting, photography and photomanip allowed! 

2006-03-18 [Perplexity]: Lots of great prizes offered at X-Men Fan Art Contest Revisited - go check it out, people!

2006-03-21 [Mia the mermaid22]: I changed the dealine on my contest called Elves and half merpeople contest

2006-03-22 [Melocrie]: half merpeople? O.o

2006-03-22 [liiga]: With one leg. :]

2006-03-26 [dayah]: if you lik faeries and drawing them then i have one for ya Give Jinx a Face!

2006-03-29 [Chrilith of Akhai]: *Advertisement* elftown house contest is looking for entries!

2006-03-29 [kay-chan]: I really want to enter that one for a while but I haven't even been able to start on an entry... :(

2006-03-31 [iippo]: sorry for being confused, but can photography contests come in this list (because some are) or is this only for art and Photo Contests is the only place to show photography contests?

2006-03-31 [Jitter]: I think the photo contests here also include art (like the one I hosted)

2006-04-04 [kittykittykitty]: Added a new section: people contests. Hopefully the 'miscellanious contests' list won't be so long now, btu if you see a contest in the wrong section please move it ^_^

2006-04-06 [Saffron]: ?? right...

2006-04-15 [Bratt]: Im really not sure where to put this. build a background

2006-04-15 [dayah]: New contest I am sponsering...other one not going over so well...maybe this one contest Hidden Paradise

2006-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: *to [Bratt].. not all have a section at the moment. Just put it in misc. contests if you can't be more specific

2006-04-26 [Jitter]: New contest: All Things Purple :D

2006-05-05 [5thwitch]: even mine is new: Pastkeepers art contest

2006-05-05 [kittykittykitty]: Remember to keep us up-to-date with their status. [5thwitch]: don't you want to put yours in the 'new contests' section?

2006-05-06 [5thwitch]: Uhm, that was a better idea, don't worry I'll keep you informed.

2006-05-17 [Fire Panther]: first contest...hopefully it works :) Fire Panther Logos

2006-05-17 [Fire Panther]: Wait,...did I put that in the right spot, or should it have went under the "official" section, since its for a logo for my wiki?

2006-05-17 [iippo]: I think you put it right because it has a deadline, and all the other categories are "deadline not set".

2006-05-17 [Fire Panther]: ahh ok :) thanks

2006-05-18 [Fire Panther]: Changed my deadline from June 1 to July 1

2006-05-20 [Avalyn Bastian]: hi! All SW fan artists are welcomed to the General Grievous Art Contest. You don't have to enter though...I'm not forcing anyone

2006-05-21 [Heartless Hooligans]: sorry but that link doesn’t lead anywhere.

2006-05-22 [Avalyn Bastian]: It doesn't? wow. Try looking in my ET house. The link is there too....

2006-05-22 [SilverFire]: General Grievous Art Contest Your link goes to an empty page because you put two spaces between 'Grievous' & 'Art'

2006-05-23 [Avalyn Bastian]: ouch. thanks bunches!

2006-06-01 [iippo]: Was there a reason that the design the Gemini badge contest went to 'running contests of the month' without first being a "contest of the month"? *confused*

2006-06-01 [kittykittykitty]: That's odd... it's a one-off contest. Fixed. All new contests must go in the "New Contests" section, or be sorted by deadline

2006-06-01 [Avalyn Bastian]: hmm...

2006-06-02 [Lakayana]: tanx a million for that. I was just confused...

2006-06-02 [Saffron]: Harry Potter 7 Contest is actually a writing contest, but I'm sure you all don't really mind that Harry Potter is a book and not a drawing :P

2006-06-02 [Chaos Sun]: tee hee :) Kewl> bad i suck at writing :)

2006-06-02 [Avalyn Bastian]: don't say that! T.T *sniffles*

2006-06-02 [Chaos Sun]: but it's true

2006-06-02 [Avalyn Bastian]: still

2006-06-07 [Jitter]: all things purple voting please vote :)

2006-06-07 [Kyrinn]: Already did. ^_^ There are a lot of nice entries too, it was tough..

2006-06-08 [Jitter]: Thanks. I know. Was hard to cast my second vote

2006-06-08 [Avalyn Bastian]: I did as well

2006-06-10 [moira hawthorne]: could I suggest a recent change list at the very bottom of the page.. so that watchers know what has been changed? incase they dont have the whole page memorized...

2006-06-10 [iippo]: ^_^;;; Sorry, I've just been putting things under their right sections - mostly from "voting in process" to "winners announced". Today the most interesting addition is the very bottomest link, the art store contest, which is a new one. But if you are really curious, you can use the 'view diff' button at the wiki data box, and the previous versions to see the exact changes. I can't help it, I'm a wiki faffer: I need to organize :P

2006-06-10 [moira hawthorne]: i know... but with such a long list of so many things it is hard to find the changes...

2006-06-10 [iippo]: I realise that. But don't worry, you're not missing out anything this time. :) I just like to go on voting sprees, and it ticks me off when I go to vote from a link in the 'voting in process' -section, and the winners are announced on the page already.

2006-06-10 [Lothuriel]: You are still doing a wonderful job! I don't think I would have the patience to keep this up. There are so many contests to navigate through and sometimes hitting the button to view recent changes works, unless of course that recent change was a m changed to a n or something, lol...0__0 Don't you hate when that happens...

2006-06-10 [iippo]: >.< Or someone adding a space to a site. That takes ages to spot in the view diff. X_x

2006-06-10 [Lothuriel]: Yes, that!!! LOL...

2006-06-10 [moira hawthorne]: corrected a typo...

2006-06-10 [moira hawthorne]: under ... Deadline not set: Miscellanious Contests ... is... The Chibi Art Contest by [Dragonhearted elfgirl] this one is contest closed... but I dont know about voting

2006-06-10 [iippo]: I put the Another bloody colouring competition under "Miscellaneous deadline not set" -- if someone knows a better section to put it in, please do not keep quiet. :)

2006-06-10 [iippo]: I moved the chibi contest under "contest closed".

2006-06-10 [moira hawthorne]: =D

2006-06-10 [iippo]: I think I'm done editing for today. :P Time to actually enter some contests now. :D

2006-06-10 [Linderel]: GreekGoddess Contest has gone to voting... :o

2006-06-12 [Lady of Lore]: Please add Babies as we see them deadline August 1st 2006 from The Art Store by the [Lady of Lore], thanks!

2006-06-14 [dayah]: Hidden Paradise Archives needs votes for contest.

2006-06-26 [Jitter]: Check Twin contest :)

2006-06-27 [Cia_mar]: we are open now!!!.. The Cliché Contest

2006-06-27 [iippo]: It's already there. 3rd from the bottom. And this list can be edited by anyone.

2006-06-27 [Lady of Lore]: lol, thanks sorry bout that

2006-06-28 [Kaimee]: Wish you hadn't brought the Twin contest to my attention so soon after I finished a twin picture that doesn't fit the requirements ;)

2006-06-28 [Cia_mar]: lol...hate it when that happens!

2006-06-28 [moira hawthorne]: yes... considering how much effort goes into making anyone art image...

2006-06-28 [iippo]: Yeah... Although I'm more annoyed by people entering the one same image they made 5 years ago into all contests at once. In one contest it's a greek goddess, in another it's an elf, the next it's the incarnation of darkness... X_x I watch contest because i like to see how people interpret the theme, want to see new things, not the same ones over and over again :/

2006-06-28 [Cia_mar]: lol... i have noticed that .. there was one in particular that i remeber seeing in like 5 contests a few months ago... it was funny really to see how the same thing was "adapted" to fit the theme

2006-06-28 [Jitter]: Kaimee, why doesn't it fit? :O If you're talking about the one in your house I think it does fit :) Hair can be dyed ;)

2006-06-29 [Kaimee]: *Grins* I hate that too, but I have no compunction against doing it myself if something really does fit a contest, considering how much effort goes into creating the damn things :P And jitterbug, they aren't identical! It's not just the hair, their skin is rather different too. I could cheat and mess with the adjust hue tool though... xD

2006-06-29 [moira hawthorne]: Kaimee you could make some changes to it... just tak a different layer to change the skin and hair...OR the one almost looks like the albino twin of the other.. which would still be identical twins.. if the gene was recessive in one and dominate in the other...

2006-06-29 [Kaimee]: I actually don't often use layers :P Because I've spent so long using solely traditional arts, I'm more used to just working strait onto a piece, and find it comes easier :) And I can't do anything anyways yet xD I've just gotten a new computer (54 inch screen o.o I'm going to die of joy. It's like a football field. ) and have to find and reinstall all my art programs xD

2006-06-29 [Dil*]: 54 inches, you lucky whore :P

2006-06-29 [Jitter]: 54? *steals*

2006-06-30 [Bratt]: holy crap no thanks Ill stick with my 21 whatever inch, Im the kind of girl that knows when to stop :D

2006-06-30 [moira hawthorne]: gee and I thought i was spoiled with my 19"

2006-06-30 [Fire Panther]: Tomorrow is the Last day for Fire Panther Logos folks, so get your entries in Before 23:59 Elftown time

2006-06-30 [Cia_mar]: please come and see The Cliché Contest we need entries!!!! *gives pleading "puppy dog eyes" look*

2006-06-30 [Serwa]: I started a contest named Winged contest

2006-07-02 [Kaimee]: Oh, I don't say I'm not spoilt.. xD I keep thinking I'm going to die of joy, and my mother has instructed me to "stop cackling evily everytime you get on the computer!" ;)

2006-07-02 [moira hawthorne]: I just got a 6 X 8 wacom

2006-07-02 [Deadlock jester]: *jealousy* ._.

2006-07-02 [kay-chan]: I want! *steal* How does it handle? I'm saving up for a wacom tablet... o.O

2006-07-02 [moira hawthorne]: its like skating... but Im told the learn curve is steep

2006-07-03 [Kaimee]: Just to be most odious and smug, I have a wacom graphire 6x8 too ;) BUT that one I had to pay off myself. Debt sucks :P

2006-07-03 [Jitter]: Mine was a gift mwahahah I must shove a wishlist with a big screen in it in my parents' face :p

2006-07-03 [Kaimee]: My first tablet was a wacom, and a gift. The dog chewed it up. The second was crap and bought until I could afford a wacom. The dog chewed it up. I bought a wacom on a loan from my parents. The dog chewed it up. Now I'm on my current wacom. The dog is too old to do anything. I'm no longer in debt xD

2006-07-03 [Jitter]: Heheheh I'm so afraid for my tablet when it's in withing range of the cat! Good thing your dog can't chew it anymore

2006-07-03 [moira hawthorne]: I have to protect mine from a 5 yr old... the cats and dog are better behaved

2006-07-04 [iippo]: I can't imagine what my father would do to the dog if it chewed on any expensive electronic thing. He'd probably make mittens out of the dog or something >_>

2006-07-04 [Deadlock jester]: same here; make a hanger from his teeth or something O.o

2006-07-04 [moira hawthorne]: children and pets must be forgiven their failings.. its adults that are unforgiveable

2006-07-04 [Deadlock jester]: ..for beeing unforgiving.

2006-07-04 [moira hawthorne]: yes...

2006-07-04 [Deadlock jester]: oh, the irony!

2006-07-04 [moira hawthorne]: God is perfect forgiveness.. (supposively... not the old testement God.. he was a royal egoistical bastard) ... but the loving God.. b/c to him we are all children... or pets..

2006-07-04 [kay-chan]: Yeah, if my dog chewed up like my tablet... ooooooh I would be eating her. But she's really well-behaved and hasn't chewed up like anything in forever.

2006-07-05 [og_ghost]: Why are we bringing up theological analysis in art contests comments?

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: wandering conversation... has very little to do with theology on the whole... more to do with artistic toys ... started with: 2006-06-28 Kaimee: Wish you hadn't brought the Twin contest to my attention so soon after I finished a twin picture that doesn't fit the requirements ;)

2006-07-05 [og_ghost]: Ah. ok.

2006-07-05 [Kaimee]: Sure, blame me ;)

2006-07-05 [moira hawthorne]: its all your fault! "MOM she is touching me!"

2006-07-05 [Kaimee]: ...uh huh.

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