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Authored & Drawn by [stuffAEAmade]

I made this wiki especially for Comic Genius!.

Astral Gate (with a space) is my more 'public' AG wiki and has more related stuff. This one will just have the pages. :)

I'm trying to train myself up to the speed I would have to work at if made manga professionally. About 1 Act per month.

Updates when it updates, hopefully at least once a week. o.o

Act 1--- mid June - early September 2006 (apparently I did nothing in August... that may have been when I re-discovered Morrowind =| )
Act 2--- early September - mid November 2006
Act 3---

Last Update-- Nov. 23, 2006 -- 6 pages

The Pages- 62 up!

Act 1 scene 1 - AG1.1 - DONE!

Act 1 scene 2 - AG1.2 - DONE!

Act 1 scene 3 - AG1.3 - DONE!

Act 2 scene 1 - AG2.1 - DONE!

Act 2 scene 2 - AG2.2 - DONE!

Act 3 scene 1 - AG3.1 - not to be :(

Feel free to pose any and all advice, pointers, criticisms, comments, and questions, because a great deal of this is still experimental. :)

This version died, like several early versions

I'll eventually restart this (it's my baby), but not for a long, long while.
The story was just too complex for my skill level, and the story was not finalized enough. x.x
I do still work on writing bits of it, from time to time. :D

In the mean time, have a look at a new (shorter!) comic I am developing, pilgrim_comic?

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2006-06-20 [Perplexity]: Super cool comic, DarKlaw! Keep 'em coming!

2006-06-20 [stuffAEAmade]: You bet! :P

2006-08-13 [Hobbit teen]: i luv them!

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