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2007-11-16 04:10:09
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Bleach RP Rules

ok like always....the RP rules! Stay updated. Rules may be changed or added

#1- Be respectful to others! this is a community RP. Please keep that in mind
#2- 4 chars per person. I can possibly make exceptions for good reasons (ex...Twins)
#3- NO GODMODING! You all know what that means and you all know that that rule applies to basically all RPs. Please abid by it. It is unfair for other players if you do not!
#4- No creating chars. I dont care how much you want to make your own char. There are only original chars in this RP. Maybe another day i will create a bleach rp that will allow created chars but for now...please dont ok?
#5- Nudity and language, now please keep it to a VERY low. ok? There is not any sexual contact in the show and i would like to keep it like that even here on the RP ok? And cursing you need to keep low. There are kids here on Elftown even though it is for those over 14. But even the adults can get offended. Please keep the swearing down.
#6- HAVE FUN! Dont get too serious with this. If you get too serious and begin actually fighting with other RPers then i will kick you out permanently.

Keep yourself posted. there will be more.

Now if you agree to these terms and swear that you will not disobey they you may choose your char and begin RPing. Thank you. If you have any questions, just message me at [Blood Sucking Beauty]

B1each RP

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