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2011-05-08 04:07:17
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behind the door

It was a thundery night; I was laying in my bed watching television, I was watching the Jeremy Kyle show, it was a repeat from last year, I was not looking forward to the next day as me and my friend Silvie were going on a ghost walk together, I haven’t done one since…last time. Silvie loves her ghost walks, it’s one of her hobbies, I go with her as I don’t want anything to happen to her, and she is my best friend.

The next day I got up bright and early ready for the day ahead of me, work and then the ghost walk, little did I expect this could be the most scariest one I have been on.

At work I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I wanted to but just had a bad feeling something really bad was going to happen, I really didn’t want to go but I didn’t want to let Silvie down.

After work I went home to have my tea, mmmmhhhhmmm, chicken curry and rice, my favourite, I ate my food, then got changed and went to Silvies house, I knocked on the door and Silvie came to it, “hi Sam” Silvie said “I’m just about ready to go, come in for a bit and then we will set off” so I walked into her house, all the walls were cream coloured, the furniture was all wood, it was so nice, I wish I had this place.

Once Silvie had put her make up on and gotten changed we set off, we went to a place called the blue lagoon, there used to be a quarry there but it is now unused. There has been people going up there and never being seen again but now we are going up there to see for ourselves which I personally think is a bit stupid. We had to climb up 2 hills to get to it but when we got there all my bad thoughts went away. Instead there was a beautiful site of a town in front of me then I walked for a bit longer and I found the blue lagoon. It was the most wonderful site I have ever seen before!

We started to put the tent up and get ready to go for a walk around, then we heard this loud “screech”, “what was that”, I said

“I don’t know” said Silvie “but we will find out” so me and Silvie went for a walk around, and found a small tunnel. We got through and it opened up, it was like a large room, then we kept on walking. We found another room and then we came to a door but it was locked. Silvie tried to push it open.

I said ”Silvie, there could be anything behind that door, please don’t try to get in” all of a sudden she ran at it and it fell open and it was just black, there was complete blackness, nothing at all was in this room, but then….. I felt a tap on my shoulder, tap, tap, tap, I turned around, but there was nobody there then I felt someone doing the same to my head, tap, tap, tap so I felt my head and then found that a nail had been hammered into my head and looked around to see a man with a black cloak and a hammer in his hand staring right back at me but was floating. I cried out in pain “Silvie, help” but no answer then all of a sudden he brought a nail to my forehead and said “good night” and hammered it in with just one bash then I fell.

Ever since this day I have never spoke to Silvie. I miss her dearly. Where she is I do not know, though I hope she is ok.

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2011-05-07 [Alexi Ice]: If you need a little help with this story I could help out. I'm not 100 % at spelling and grammar but I do know enough. Also remember there needs to be a paragraph break after a new person beings to speak ^^ <3

2011-05-07 [kians mummy]: that would be helpful [Alexi Ice] x

2011-05-07 [Alexi Ice]: KK ~ I can do it real quick after work ^^

2011-05-08 [Alexi Ice]: Ok, you might want to ask someone else to check that again but I did a bit of work on it.

2011-05-08 [kians mummy]: thanks akane, Your a good help

2011-05-08 [Alexi Ice]: Your welcome

2011-07-01 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Holy commas, Batman! I like the story, but woo-hee, the commas! I was practically running out of breath reading this. Do you mind if I help you edit a little? If you break the sentences into smaller pieces it can help with the mood of the story. I don't want to make any direct edits to your wiki so I can put my suggestions on a separate wiki and send it to you in a message. Only if you're interested though. :)

2011-07-01 [kians mummy]: Yes i'm interested, i have been wanting the help

2011-07-01 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Okay. Give me a day or two and I'll send you the link with my suggestions. 

2011-07-01 [kians mummy]: ok then :)

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