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All Hail the Darkside!!!

The Dark One is [Bonedust], an evil jester, a mage of the dark arts with a blackened soul... He lives in an age where dragons roam heedless, where night is longer than the day. A place where evil is rife and flames consume souls.

You can visit him in bonedust's_boneyard or walk the catacombs and test your courage and luck.

For other submissions see Bonedust, Bonedusted and cobwebbed Bonedust...


Skeletal Jail

There's a darkness around me that I cannot escape
Worms eat at my thoughts as I lay in my grave
Although my body is dead my mind is awake
Trapped inside this must be a mistake
So this is it the last of my life
Lie in eternal night til the end of all time
Now I understand what it means to die
Everyone who has passed on has been buried alive
Caught in a notch between death and the grave
Slave to my fate there is no escape
I can't move
I can't see
I can't feel anything
How can I scream if I can't even breathe?
There's no relief
There's no release
There's no way to break free
Sentenced to life for all time inside my
Skeletal Jail


Verse 1

Black blood tears on an ash white face.
Lonely eyes of a corporate race
Promised lies of security
Tear away my tranquillity

Verse 2

Freedom caught in a cage of cruel
Blind men lead where the wise are fools
Promised Land flows with blood not milk
Weave our death shroud of spiders silk


razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance

Verse 3

Black blood tears on an ash white face.
lonely touch of the last embrace
shattered dreams when the spirit dies
fettered life choked with freedoms cries

razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance


trace a line - deep with the clay
there you'll lie - peace will come what may

Verse 1 again

Black blood tears on an ash white face.
lonely eyes of a corporate race
promised lies of security
tear away my tranquillity


razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance
razor dance, razor dance time to do the razor dance

Most of my peoty comes out in songs. These are the lyrics to a song I wrote several years back.
*There is an mp3 of this song (a demo with flaws) at

Warrior's Plight

I sit and dream of battle,
I wonder if I'll find glory,
Like some epic hero in the pages of a story.
But when battle comes,
I find a killing weapon,
I slash,
I cut,
No mercy.
I wonder at myself,
A little part of me,
Who am I,
What does my soul be?
My soul is tarnished,
Death is cold,
I have killed so many.
Life is becoming old.
I am evil,
I may as well except it,
Sometimes I forget,
Only to rec-colect it.
And the times when I forget,
My evilness,
Consuming sorrow,
Is when I kill again.
[Kealdra FyreMaster]

When The Moon Sets, The Never Train Goes By

When the moon sets.
When the devil for a moment
What he wants.
Then the never train
Goes by.
Going on forever without knowing why.
The souls that you want,
The desire to move,
The restless spirits on the tracks make their
They never knew.
They would ride the rails forever.
And always.
The never ever train.

by [Trisscar Swordmaid]

Black and White

As the sleek exterior of the hearse
As the coffin, unyielding and reflecting nothing...
As my eyes, dull and hollow, reflecting nothing... nothing
As his skin, tight, and unmoving
As the pills to be contemplated
As the porcelain of the sink
Death by... the blade is more dramatic, but who needs drama?
Let the rest of the world grieve in the funeral homes
I'd rather be in the coffin
[Maedilynn]- but don't worry, I'm not suicidal.

i have no title

the moon rises high
full to the brim with a yellowed light
lighting the path, a young one walks
still new from its first changing
the body still rejecting its new form
confulsing its rivers of flesh
she falls in a heap
nails digging into the earthen ground
as her body tightens and her beast fights her
she knows thou, that she will be beaten.
she is still new
the change happens swiftly and without pain
bones snapping popping reforming into a mold
the fur reaches out covering her body
a soft brown reaching to her muzzel
where you see the innocent eyes
not yet taken by the change
in a instant thou
its gone and in its place
ruthless killers
ready to snap tear bite and kill
longing for the sweet taste of blood
flowing through it's mouth
rolling on her thongue
her sanity gone
only left is the wolf

By [MissTricky]

The darkened earth holds me back
my hands move up, meeting a hardened surface
which they begin the claw at furiously
in exhaustion my hands fall back
leaving me in a dream of no escape
I thrash about in my small box
screaming out a voiceless scream
that comes from my numb lips
the voiceless gap seems to swallow space
as tears trail down my dead face
a final effort as i lay still
feeling the blood course through my body
slowing to a silent rythum threatining to stop
my chest heaves a small sigh
as i give a small laugh
and shut my eyes slowly
drifting off into a final sleep
in the hours that linger I am found
too late to save me from being a corpse

by [MissTricky]

to bad...
It hurt when you said that,
When you laid your hands on me,
When you whispered nothing but grunts,
I didnt notice, i was happy someone was touching me,
But when the dream was gone i was left with you,
Then it all came to life for me,
I didnt say yes when those hands...

I cried, though, you dont care, do you.
You say poor child.
Fuck you.
In twenty minutes your mind will wander from me
to other things.
Doesnt matter, really...
You couldnt stop it.
I couldnt...

It hurt when i pull the knife hard down on my dirty skin.
But it only lasts a few hours then i have to do it all over again.
Though, i like to see the salty liquid run.

I cried, though, I dont care that you know.
You dont know me, never will.
If you only could see my sarcastic amusment when i type this.
Yes, im amused that im writing such nonsense.
Crying for nothing and smiling through at it.
Im not suppose to be like this...

It hurt when she turned away from me.
Not saying a word when i confessed...
She 'listened'.
Enough to leave me alone.
She has more important things to do know.
All grown up, my onee-san.

Havent seen her since.
She couldnt stop it.
You couldnt.
I couldnt...
::gomen if you think my language is offensive::


To cry I have little strength left, but still I try
With broken wings, despite the pain I fly
But lost - that's what I am, that's all I ever was
I stand tall, but still lower than stone and grass
Afraid - that's all I am, that's all I can ever be
Caught in a strange world, where I can't be me

Over the abyss of insanity my senses I can't keep
I lay down now, naked, for all to behold
How a man can be so lost, how he can fall so deep,
How can a tragedy so small keep my whole world cold
A young spirit trapped in a body that's so old

Embrace me, for I refuse to change!
Stare in my eyes, see me as I really am
Accept me, world, even if I'm strange
A blossoming flower, dying, without it's stem
In my lonely forest I'm a rootless tree
Standing in the twilight for all to see

I promise to be brave, I promise to be real
Every pain I will ease, every wound I will heal
But I can be hurt too, why wear a disguise
Go now, even if my words won't last
After all that's said and done, finally I realize,
Into the pit of life too weak I was cast

Time slips away, nothing lasts forever
But I don't want to face alone life's endeavor
When my limbs are numb and my senses dulled
I'll say: "After all, what was I to the world"

is it wrong to want to feel the knife
go ever so slowly across my wrist
first nothing but a scratch, until i go harder each time
is it wrong to wonder what, the blood feels like
seeping from my wrists, flowing over my own closed hand
is it wrong, that need to feel something
that will end me, take my pain
and throw it away unlike me from it's aching horror
is it wrong, to sit and wonder
what a knife across my throat would feel
the sweet warm spill as the blood ran still
down from my throat to the floor
how long would my pulse beat
before i dropped dead to the floor
how long until my blood grew cold and the blood dried
would i lie on the floor or propped against a door
as i watched my blood run cold
would i hold the knife close to my heart
or fling it from my grasp
would i pray for forgiveness for what i have done?
hell no, the pain stopped now didnt it.



I see the sunlight of another day
another hour
another minute
another second
Why must it haunt me?

Leave me to the sweet abyss of the night
of the darkness
of the shadows
of the everlasting flight
May her sweet pale hands enfold me

Am I wrong to love the underline
the hidden side
the unseen light
the misdirected link
I dissappear within the deep


We stand beside the place of
mourning. Where tombstones
are standing, bleak against
a heavy sky.

Where, in the east, the
sky is dawning and tears
flow from statues.
Tombstones with the names

of angels, written deaths through
needless causes and crimson-
stained pavements. Here are
standing rows of bleak-faced

soldiers, grey and solemn,
heedless to the winds of ages,
and scarred with haunted
memories of war.

All their blackened eyes are turning,
Watch my fear, then see it burning-
Those failures taken,
Now I'm broken,
Will never trust myself again.

Darkness now is my protection,
These blackened hopes and this deception,
That all is well and grand and fine,
So sit and breathe and pass the time-
Till breathing now no air is drawn,
So sleep you there upon the floor.

These gnarled hands will twist and moan.
Crows watch from their regal throne
While blackened, withered knowledge fades,
These crows are caught and hurt and caged,
So caged within their fearful dreams,
Already dead; the dawn appears.

Pins and needles take my heart,
Wither'd hands tear me apart,
Grow no more, but stay a child-
To think you saw the moon once smile,
But in smiling turns a spiteful grin,
All destruction now begins.


Seasonal Variation

The gracious skies
This glorious age
Hope springs high
Now turn the page

Warmth is raw
A furnace stage
Summered hopes
Now turn the page

With autumn here
Heat is assuaged
All life retreats
Now turn the page

Darkness has come
A heartless rage
Winter's deathly hand
The final page

By [Surt]

Fly No More

White doves spread bloodied wings-
To fly into the night with such
Unknown freedom,
Such ruined things lay on the floor,
Their wings will fail, they'll fly no more.
Fly no more.

Hazy rain, tinted with steel-grey sunlight
Brings comfort amidst confusion,
Soft caress, I feel safe here-
And the world rains down around me.

Sunken eyes watch me sleep,
Black and hollow, dark and deep,
Sunken eyes like drowning pools,
With dancing beasts and headless fools.

Fire burns still, though
I've not the heart to watch it,
Those burnt remains now black and charred,
This broken body, burn and scarred-
Though scars will hide so dark and deep,
Where no frightful eyes will see,
So lay me down again to sleep;
A nameless piece of flesh I'll be.



as I watch the blood fall
forever dripping
I wonder if at all
I care if my sanity is slipping

so, I watch the blood fall
unaware of the harm
fighting to the urge to crawl
into someone elses arms

so, the blood goes
making a splotch
and I wonder if anyone knows
how much left there is in my life to botch

so I put down the knife
and turn off the water
and watch whats left of my life
go down the drain

pitter patter


I Think
inspired by E. E. Cummings

i think i'm   f   a   d   i   n   g 

my skills & techniques d i m  i  n   i   s    h    i     n      g

my thoughts & dreams    s ta gn a t in g       inside

technology is stearing emotions carelessly for...get...ting without something giving up & b r e akin g

nothing will become of me   nothing will be waiting

waiting for selflessness

d e c a y i n g

i am inside without p r o g r e  s  s  i   n   g

put together by [SerenityDisrupt]

Shadows in the Rain

You sit there and judge
Don't pretend to know me or the things that haunt me so.

I will not taunt you with the demons I have seen and the shadows I have endured.

I do not wish to torment one as I have been tormented.
A twisted soul is all I own.

You have myriads of colors and I have grey.
I will stand alone in the rain in hopes to wash it all away.

Go back to your safe minds and warm beds.
Written by [Bratt]

No Peace

Is there no peace for my mind?
No peace for my soul?
I truly know not what lies ahead but a blackhole
I only see darkness, of my mind and heart
The fury within has yet to tear me apart
I feel the strength of the despise and hate
I must save myself from spinning, before it's too late
As out of control my life is, I can't give in
Yet everyday as I awake it always begins again

written by [Dragonus]

Paper Dolly

Paper Dolly sits on the shelf
Nothing was said
As she played by herself

Shadows weeping
in the night
Tearing the darkness
Free of the light

Which gave way to new hope
For this little paper toy
But was soon washed away
When she was taken by the boy.

The girl has grown up,
A wedding dress Sewn
The parents dont know
That dolly sits alone

Weaving new stories
For the teddy bear here
Who doesnt listen to her tales
Of happiness and tears

Toy knives and guns
before her eyes in dunes
But no blood will seep
From this paper dolls wounds

She could tell you how it hurts her so
How she cannot sleep
She could tell you how it makes her cry
Each day of each lonely week

Suicidal eyes,
Dead in their stare
not a secret in this world
Paper dolly can share

Useless to slit her wrists
Or try to kill herself
So paper dolly cries alone
Above that oaken shelf

Times of laughter gone
Times of tears as well
The blood on the knife
When that little girl fell

Dolly had seen so many things
Murder to rebirth
Sanity has left her
And everything shes worth

Where she stays flowers dont grow,
Atop that wooden shelf
And paper dolly sits alone
Playing by herself...

     Written by [I'm Invisable!]

Field of Dreams

lay down in the field of dreams and drift away
but dont let go of reality, not all the way
cause lurking on the outskirts of the field
is the one who can take you away for ever

the one who will steal your soul
and leave you to rot in nothingness
the one who will take your dreams
and cast your mind into the abyss

lay down in the field of dreams and drift away
but dont forget where in the world you belong
or the dark one will make sure you never wake
and the dream you dream will last forever

written by [wiccanmaiden]

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
on the wall
Whos the deadliest
of them all?

A figure clad in black
The moon all alight
He sets out for the taverns,
This cold lonely night.

A girl he sees
From the corner of his eye
Crying oh so saddly
Because of all the lies

Into a conversation
He does lure her then
And to a rest he commands
she goes where he sends

Mirror Mirror
On the wall
Whos the most seductive
Of them all?

Into a vacant room he lured
This perfectly innocent girl
When she'd discovered his plan
Her trust for him did curl

For he'd thrown her onto a bed,
Merciless as he was
The button for help was pushed
The bartender overlooked the buzz

So she was stripped
And so was he
He'd raped her hard
Satisfactory stained the sheets

A blade came into view,
As it tore down her front
And blood to the sheets
Was very well sent

He redressed himself quickly
And exited the room
Letting others to realize
This innocent girls doom

He left the tavern,
and fled the night
With eyes of stone
And the moon alight

Mirror Mirror
On the wall
Whos the Deadliest
Of them all?

  By [I'm Invisable!]







by [Faery]

Black December

Black thorned roses
Fingers never touch
Afraid of the crimson blood
The Adreniline Rush...

Tearing eyes begin to flood
When the light of mankind remembers
No matter how white the snow is here
theres only a black december...

A promise of peace
That would never come
Mid-nightingale whistles
And the lyrics of life are sung

Sad to see the angels tears
Fall into the snow
And the sorrow of the heavens
Are something none can show

Forgotten dawn alive
Snowy owls remember
The humans talk of a better world
Amidst a black december

When death and poverty
Are that of the past
medicine could be rushed
To a sickly child fast

Where the skies of darkness swarm
And are flooded over with light
And the sun consumes the oceans
When the day takes over night

But promises as this are gone
The night lingers low
The children of the moon so sad
to see earths treasure go

Amber eyes of light
Smiling to the dawn
And the mid-nightingale swallows
To sing deaths darkened song

Tearing eyes begin to flood
When the light of mankind remembers
No matter how white the snow is here
theres only a black december...

        By [I'm Invisable!]

Save me

How can you look
Into these eyes of stone?
When my soul sits petrified
Crying, cold and alone.

Im sleeping
Somewhere this lonely night
Call my name aloud
And I'll stumble to the light

How can you seep
So slowly into my dreams?
Bring Angel tears to me
So ethereal It seems...

Awaken me with your voice
Save me when I run
Save me from the nothing
I now realize I've become

Your touch against me
Like eyes opening again
And like his precious seraphs
To heaven I accend

When you die Into my heart
With your ever sutle touch
I know that to me
You've become so much

So much more than I knew
So much more I wouldnt leave
So much more than I could see
So much more than I'd believe

Awaken me with your voice
Save me when I run
Save me from this monster
I now realize I've become

Pull me from the shadows
And into heaven's light
Save me from this darkness
Keep me safe tonight...

But your hand reaching me
Only to late
Embodied evil
Already tearing my fate

Without you
I dont deserve this life
And while half of me is dead
The other half remains alive

Awaken me with your voice
Save me when I run
Save me from this monster
I now realize I've become

You can walk away
Please dont leave me
Dont tell me I have to stay
But dont tell me that Im free

So much more than I knew
So much more I wouldnt leave
So much more than I could see
So much more than I'd believe

I'm sleeping
In the shadows tonight
Call my name aloud
I'll stumble to the light

How can you look
Into these eyes of stone?
When my soul sits petrified
Crying, cold and alone.

Awaken me with your voice
Save me when I run
Save me from this nightmare
Im afraid that i've become...

By [I'm Invisable!]

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