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2006-12-26 15:28:54
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If you are satisfied with your boobies and you want to put your username on here go ahead and share yourself with everyone, have fun and love the boobies, lol.


Here is our song:
When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waste and those round things in your face you get sprung!!
Big Boobies!
Lay her on her bak bak and give those boobies a big squize
big boobies!
We don't stuff our bras her, this place is for the "BIG" girls!!
Big boobies! Big Boobies! we love our big boobies!!


<*img:*> Just take out the stars


1. [alardin707]- he's so kewl I love him soo ^_^

Wiki designer:
1. [alardin707]-like I said he is so kewl
2. [oXoX-Nikki Jo-XoXo]

2.[Slaughter™]-everyone tells me i have a nice rack....
3.[pimpinpink] i don't realy have boobs yet but hey..
4.[oXoX-Nikki Jo-XoXo]-I have been told i have some pretty big tits.... lol :D
5. [I'm off elftown now!] - Got a fair share of bust... ;)

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-27 [Slaughter™]: mine on ep is is this just a dream or a memory?

2005-07-27 [alardin707]: what that just confused me

2005-07-27 [Slaughter™]: my elfpack name is [is this just a dream or a memory?]

2005-07-27 [alardin707]: o

2005-07-27 [Slaughter™]: yeah.....

2005-07-27 [pimpinpink]: oh ok

2005-07-27 [oXoX-Nikki Jo-XoXo]: thats kewl?....

2005-07-27 [pimpinpink]: ya

2005-07-27 [Slaughter™]: iuno

2005-07-28 [peace4all_monkey]: keeping my user sceret!!

2005-07-28 [pimpinpink]: lol

2005-07-28 [hop 4 joy]: hello

2005-07-28 [alardin707]: who is moose

2005-07-28 [pimpinpink]: wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeee

2005-07-28 [peace4all_monkey]: ITS A DISEASE!!!! i cant help it....its called: mooseldkjfoejmia

2005-07-28 [pimpinpink]: lol

2005-07-28 [Slaughter™]: um ok

2005-09-10 [pimpinpink]: :)

2005-09-12 [peace4all_monkey]: guess what...i found a cure to my silly funness i only say it frequently

2005-09-12 [Slaughter™]: hm

2005-09-28 [pimpinpink]: hey

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