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Bonedust's Boneyard

You walk through the wrought iron gates and are immediatley surronded by the stench of the dead. A thousand tombstones looking like old rotting teeth are protruding from the tainted grassy lawn. In the shadows you notice beady eyes staring back at you.

Enter the Catacombs if you dare. BEWARE! Not for the faint of heart!

[Bonedust] sits high upon his most favorite grave awaiting the next visitor. "Have respect for the sleepers and watch your step or you too may trip and fall in your grave."

[Opal] walks in and lays black roses on a grave before noticing bonedust.

[Nay] walks through the iron gates, then suddenly blocks her nose as the stench of death slowly wafts up to her. Sephiroth follows behind her, unable to leave her side, fearing that a moonduck might be around a corner. [Nay] looks from left to right wondering by what chance had brought her here this night. Suddenly she bangs into something. [Nay] looks down and sees [Opal] lying on the ground. "Oh, sorry," she whispers (whispering seems the right thing to do in a graveyard) and helps her up. She looks up and notices a dark figure sitting on a gravestone. In an instant she has her trusty stilleto out, but then the light of a distant moon reflects off her knife and into the dark figures face. " [Bonedust] ?"
[Bonedust] waves as he jumps off his perch and walks toward [Nay] and [Opal]. "Hi ya [Nay]. Glad you made it. Everyone is just dying to get in here." Then looking at [Opal] he asks "Are those for me?"

[LiL_piXiE] "It's like a story that just goes on and on and on... I love it..." *looks around tentatively* "What the heck is that smell? Oh hey Bonedust!" *lol* 

[Sasquatchian] walks through the iron gates and looks around. "What am I doing here?" he soliloquises, tripping over a bone. "Yikes!"

"No they are not" [Opal] snaps, "what is this a party?"

[Imena] goes whistling downt he street then stops at the iron gates, thinking this must be where Batman called her, she steps in, to only plug her nose and then pull out a rag to cover her nose and mouth.
"Whoa...who cut the cheese?"

[LiL_piXiE] *giggles* "I think it was Bonedust!"
[Bonedust] *smirking* "That wasn't cheese I was cutting...."

A moonduck speaks up. "Yeah, that wasn't cutting cheese, that was cutting beef! No, ROASTING beef!" Umm... you may need a checkup at the Asylum, moonducks don't speak.
[Bonedust] skewers the moonduck and starts roasting it.

[Nay] sits down next to [Bonedust] and pulls her quitar out of thin air (graveyards can do that, ya know). She starts playing 'Kombiyar m'lord' as [Bonedust] roasts the moonduck. Sephiroth settles himself down on the other side of [Bonedust], his mouth watering as he readies to eat the moonduck...

[Imena] sits next to the guitar player, "Ohhh what a feast" while having on a gas mask to keep out bad smelly air...

[Sasquatchian] chokes on the bad air and clutches his throat. He collapses on [Imena]'s lap.

[Imena] O_O...

[LiL_piXiE] marvels at the predicament poor Imena has found herself in, and bursts out laughing! Then the small deity flutters over to where Jeques had fallen into Imena's lap, and sprinkles her pixie dust over the two of them. "Da da da da da da da... la la la la la la la..." Chants [LiL_piXiE] as Jeques slowly levitates off poor little Imena. 

"Better?" Aks [LiL_piXiE], still smiling and giggling at Imena.

[Imena] takes [LiL_piXiE] and gives her a biiiiig hug.
"THANK YOU !!!!"

The night wore on as [Bonedust] and the others ate the poor little moonduck. Jecques snored loudly. 

"Boy, I sure wish something exciting would happen." Said a small voice from within the boneyard. [LiL_piXiE] looked around to see who it might be, but did not recognize the voice.
The small voice had came from a small imp. [Bonedust] (who doesn't like imps too much) decided it would make a nice addition to the bone yard. He non-chalantly picks up his shovel and makes his way to the imp....

[Imena] looks after [Bonedust] for the imp, then hears a little voice whisper, "Look to the right of you..." she turns...
"No the other left!"
"But you just said RIGHT!" her voice yells out, Trycks and almost everyone else glance at her weird...
"I know, but I meant left!"
"RIIIIGHT!" she agrees.

"Correct." Imena almost jumps out of her skin as [MagusFerox] suddenly materializes on her right.

[LiL-piXiE] jumps as an odd shadowy figure appears next to her friend. "Imena, your right!!!" [LiL-piXiE] flutters over to [Imena] 's side. 

[Imena] gets so confused @.@

[elissaeve]sits upon a large granite gravestone with her legs pulled up to her and a smile on her face. [elissaeve] tips her purple shaded sunglasses and 4 streams of lightning zip out of her eyes towards [Bonedust]. "Heyas Brian!"

[MagusFerox] suddenly pipes up, "Quite the interesting trick there, [elissaeve], lightning from the eyes. I recall another great figure that was rumored to do the same, except from a different orifice.. Teach me that one of these days!"

[LiL_piXiE] laughs out loud! "Which orifice would that be stranger???"

[MagusFerox] stifles a giggle. "I won't elaborate which orifice but if you've seen the movie you'd know. Man in question was played by Mel Gibson...had the strange habit of painting his face half-blue.."

"Ooooooh!!!" Giggles [LiL_piXiE] . "That's just wrong!"

[Nay] suddenly stops playing her guitar and looks at [Bonedust] who is looking strangly at Sephiroth. She suddenly notices the shovel in his hand. Quick as a flash she's up, holding her trusty stilleto and pointing it at [Bonedust]'s throat. "Watcha think your doing?" [Nay] asks in an accusing tone.
[werewolfwarriorgirl] hides behind a dead tree. She changes into an 11ft black werewolf with piercing gold eyes. [werewolfwarriorgirl] sneaks under the fog torward [Nay]. She stops and gets ready. Then all of a sudden [werewolfwarriorgirl] jumps on [Nay] takes the stilleto and says "whats with the pointing with the stilleto at [Bonedust]'s throat? I mean how would you like it if I did that to you?" She points the stilleto at [Nay]'s throat and grins.

"He was gonna kill my imp!" [Nay] yells as the werewolf points her OWN stilleto at her.

"you dont know that for sure. I mean maybe he was gonna dig a hole or something." [werewolfwarriorgirl] gets off of [Nay] and gives her back her stilleto.

[Nay] takes back the stilleto, grabs Sephiroth and storms out of [Bondust]'s Boneyard, muttering something about imps, shovels and werewolves...
[Bonedust] is thinking that at least something exciting had finally happened.

"Oh, you want something exciting to happen?" [MagusFerox] stands, approaches [Bonedust] and relieves him of his shovel. She moves away from the group and begins digging a pit. Once she finishes her work, she tosses the shovel back to [Bonedust] to free her hands for her work. Standing over the pit, she begins to chant in a low, droning voice, impossible to understand. She takes an ornate blade from her side and slices her arm open. As blood drips from her wound into the pit, the shades of five dead warriors appear at her side. Their spectral armor still glints in the moonlight, and their hollow eyes still speak of honour and glory in combat. "Enjoy the fun..." [MagusFerox] casts another quick spell and creates a portal back to her forgotten temple, the BattleArena

[Imena] runs for her live to the catabombs and the arena...

"Ummmmmmm [MagusFerox] since u and me are comrades in arms will they hurt me too?" [werewolfwarriorgirl] said not afraid of the warriors.

[MagusFerox] pops her head back through the portal to answer her comrade's question. "Well, only if you want them to... They always have great war stories to tell if you just ask them. Or you could start a fight, they'll happily go a round with you." [MagusFerox] ducks back through the portal.

"Sweet!" werewolfwarriorgirl goes up to the warriors and asks to hear a victorious battle story.

One of the five scratches his long, braided beard. "A pleasure, m'lady... Hmm.. Let's see, which one.. Ah yes! The battle of MorDargorn! The fateful day in question, the skies had opened up and unleashed a relentless torrent of water... My comrades and I had our orders from the legion's commander that we were to manuver our small band ahead of the regiment and do some reconaissance..." The first warrior's voice trails off, and the story is continued by another of the five...

"I remember it well." Drifts a hollow voice from within an open crypt. A black-clad figure lurks there, merging almost seamlessly against the dark. No, [Caelicorn] does not REALLY remember the story per se..But she thinks it might be a good way to fit in by pretending. If worse comes to worse she can always call her friend Vegeta to come kick butt. "Yes, yes. But go on.."

"The trails around the cursed Marok Forest had been rendered impassible by the constant rain, and our objective lay beyond the haunted wood. We soldiered on, slicing a path through the dark forest that had not seen a mortal's passage in many a century. We soon were lost in the forest, led astray by the many soul-lights flittering through the forest. They wafted through the air with ease, and their beauty drew us to an ancient glade, where stood a great Regnokwood tree. Its boughs were filled with fragrant flowers, and there we all fell into a deep, enchanted sleep..." The second soldier finishes his tale there, giving one of the other five a chance to say a few words.

[King of Hearts] not a neet place is it?

"Not at all..." Another warrior pipes up. "As we slumbered, fey creatures stole away with our weapons and armor. When we awoke, we found ourselves defenseless..."

With a groan, the fourth warrior places his mailed hand to his forehead. He interrupts the third, "Geez, Tirgorn... Okay, we were bare-butt naked, those damn imps stripped us and left us swinging in the breeze. And while we were scrounging around for fig leaves..."

"Feh, more like a blade of grass for you, Gruthar! Hawr Haw!" the fifth, most burly warrior cajoles the fourth.

The third warrior takes up where they left off, ignoring their rude comments, "A graceful woman of immeasurable beauty enters the glade and smiles at our plight..." 

[Scorpio] Looks around...

[King of Hearts] i am now dead

[King of Hearts], dont interrupt. Go on its getting interesting warriors. -says [werewolfwarriorgirl] .

"'Strong warriors,' the beauteous lady speaks to us in dulcimer tones, 'You tread sacred ground, and you bring with you the tools of war. Yet you do not disturb the peace of my glade.' The lady looks at us inquisitively, seems to look straight through each of us, straight to our souls. 'I see.. You are honorable men, who fight for a noble cause. You are welcome guests in this sacred forest. Continue your journey, and may the gifts that I will bestow upon you keep you safe.' With that, the lady disappears into the twilight, and we suddenly find ourselves clothed in the finest of armors, outfitted with strong, enchanted weapons." The third warrior ceases his part of the narration, with a small tear forming in his eyes at the beautiful memory. 

The first warrior completes the tale, "With these miraculous weapons in hand, we felt a lust for blood come upon us, and we rushed out of the wood and into the heart of the enemy camp. Forgetting our mission, allowing ourselves to be pulled by the will of the magic, the five of us alone decimated a platoon of hundreds! Victory was ours, that day! The rest of our regiment moved in in our wake, and despite our smaller numbers, we made short work of the opposing army. The battle of MorDagorn was won thanks to the lady of the wood and her blessings. What great weapons they were!" The first warrior exclaims as he finishes the tale.

"wow that was the best victory battle i have ever heard" [werewolfwarriorgirl] says.

"Thank you, my dear." The first warrior gives [werewolfwarriorgirl] a polite bow.
"Hey, Folkoor, why don't you tell her about the time we were assigned to patroll the red-light district in Flotsam City?" The fourth warrior, Gruthar, suggests to the first warrior with a lude wiggle to his eyebrows.
"That is not suitable for a lady's ears!" Folkoor cuffs Gruthar in the ear, and the fifth, burly warrior can be heard laughing at the two. The second warrior looks on impassively. Tirgorn, the soft-spoken third one, sighs and places his head in his hands. "Here they go again..."

[werewolfwarriorgirl] giggles at them. Then she says "Oh I dont mind. Id like to hear it."

Folkoor turns beet red, "No, my lady, I insist, it is not a tale for innocent ears..."
"Pafh! It's a great story!" Gruthar the Perverted carries on, "You see, Flotsam City is full of houses of ill repute, and we just happened to be the lucky bastards who got to patrol the whorehouses that night, heh..." He begins to drool as Folkoor smacks him again, "Shut your mouth, you filthy heathen!!"
Tirgorn pipes up, "Noble Folkoor and I of course remained at our posts on the streets, but the other three here, mysteriously disappeared after the lighting of the street-lamps."
"But I know exactly what these cretins were up to that night!" Folkoor angrily yells at Gruthar and the others. 

[werewolfwarriorgirl] giggles behind her hand.

[Noelle] throws a stick and hopes someone will fetch it.

Gruthar catches the stick and hands it back to [Noelle], looks over at his other two comrades in question, "I don't know about you two cretins but I spent my night in the arms of the lovely Jezebella, for a mere pittance of three-hundred gold." He smiles maliciously, "How about you, Sorward?"
The quiet, indifferent warrior suddenly turns beet red.

"yay." squeales [Noelle] in glee as she jumps up and down. "He brought the stick back!"

[werewolfwarriorgirl] starts to say things under breathe about what to do since shes bored then she launches herself at [Noelle]'s ankles. [Noelle] falls down and [werewolfwarriorgirl] pins her. "Hahahaha! tackle!" She then gets up and turns into a black wolf and rolls on the ground.

[Noelle] gets up a little dirty and dust covered. "Oh wolfy, you're gonna get it!" and [Noelle] launches herself at [werewolfwarrioirgirl] but missess and hits a tree. [Noelle] recovers and stands up and pouts. She stamps her right foot hard on the ground and stomps off to go find another stick to see if anyone will fetch it if she throws it. As she walks away she sings "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where oh where can she be?"

[werewolfwarriorgirl] sticks out her tail and wraps it around [Neolle]'s foot. She trips. [werewolfwarriorgirl] grins and gets on top of a rock and says "No one can trip or tackle me Im the queen on tackles and trips!" She howls. HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

"Oh." says [Noelle] considering what [werewolfwarriorgirl] has jsut said. "Hmmm, Well I guess you are right. I mean you are a wolf. Hey does cat nip affect you? Is it like your kriptonite? Wait that is for cats." [Noelle] begins to pout. "Oh well." she says thouroughly dissapointed. "Hey you wanna go around the graveyard and scare people?"

She gets an evil grin and says "Sure. Thats fun to scare people."

Sorward breathes a sigh of relief, since the five warrior's audience seems to have lost interest. The other four warriors, however, continue to cajole him. Finally, as the moon's light begins to wane, the five warriors tire of memories of their glory days, and return to their slumber in the lands of the dead.

[werewolfwarriorgirl] says "Farewell warriors and have a good slumber." She howls in her wolf form.

[Noelle] stands behind [werewolfwarriorgirl] and growls...."Grrrrrrrrrrowl" and she scrunches her lips together to look intimidating but it deosn't seem to be working.

WWWG hears [Noelle] and does a back flip and lands behind [Noelle] "Nice to see you too [Noelle]" WWWG says.

[Thorgin] dances in with a staff and raises a couple of of skeletons then sings: "The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone. The legbone's connected to the hip bone..." after a dazzling show he wanders of with the skeletons to The Black Citadel.

"What the hell are you doing with my skeletons [Thorgin] ?"

H"e is having fun.... wait... no that sounds wrong... ok... never mind.... I did take the wrong turn. I was suppose to turn...erm... left! no wait... righ!" [Xithia] now confused sits where she stood and ponders where she is.

[Emie] steps in through the gate and stares at her surroundings in bewilderment. "Um, sorry," she murmers apologetically to the assembled company. "I must have taken a wrong turn off of Main Street..." She begins to back out the way she came in.

[Mirr] wanders in humming to herself, unfazed by the smell. she looks around then smiles and nods to everyone in greeting

Two ravens fly in through the gate and one of them turns into a vampyre. [Fulgent Eft] looks around, and says to the raven, "Daemon, I think that we must of gotten the wrong directions... is this Bonedust's Boneyard? Oh good, we are in the right place."

[Tobias]waits silently in shadows.head bowed in sadness.yellow eyes flicker and shift as people

A hooded figure stalks silently in the shadows. [Saber] dwarvish figure contorts into a huge, black wolf. He surveys the boneyard with his cold amber eyes.

The black wolf appears from the shadows to rests on a grave.

From high above a pale figure watches the Boneyard from where she rests among the stars. [angel_whispers] carefully looks over the creatures in the Boneyard and then silently floats down to rest beside [Saber] as he looks around the Boneyard.

"A party?" [angel_whispers] asks, arching an eyebrow. "By the way, [Bonedust], the smell in your Boneyard is horrendous."
"Yes...The sweet smell of death wrestles your nostrils...MWHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAAAHHAHHAAA!!!!"
"You have an...odd...definition of sweet. But that's not why I came..." she paused, looking at the people in the Boneyard again. "I'm here because there has been a battle this night, and many souls that should have been laid to rest are instead wandering the countryside, destroying everything in their path. Will you accept their restless bodies here, [Bonedust]? This place has so many walking dead already that surely you won't even notice a few more..."
"March them down to the Catacombs!!!"
"Rodger that...oh right, sorry. *shrugs and looks innocent* I swear I don't even know what a radio is..." [angel_whispers] pulls on an invisible chain, tugging the wandering spirits out of the countryside and into the Boneyard. "It's off to the catacombs with you..."
A large, scaly, silver head peek's through the wrought-iron gate. "No dracolich am I," says [Slvrdragon7], "I'll stay outside the gate. But if any of you could point me out to where [Bonedust] is lurking at the moment..."

[N/A] kneels at the grave of her lover. "Vincent... it has been two hundred years since your parting. I love thee and shall always remember thee. Yours forevermore..."

"Hello again lover," sighs [N/A] "I miss you terribly. I tried to pay homage to Johnathan in his cell yet he was sleeping and visiting hours were over. I would give my life to have you back. I sang your song at the New Moon Inn. Its lovely, you would like it. I love you Vincent. Yours forevermore..."

[jsun] steps in just to smell the bones. "I've been awake far too long. It's about time I had my century sleep here among the cadeverous."

[bellatrix lestrange] walks slowly in carrying her dog. "I don't need to sleep, but he does" she looks sadly down at her old dog, labouring for breath

[Corennan] (jumping six feet in the air) Whoa ! When'd i get here? And why's this stupid stick flying around my head?!

[Wounded] slips from behind a dark grave like a silenght gust of wind

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