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2005-07-05 19:36:03
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   This page is for all the girls who love thier breasts or guys who love them in general. Give me ur size and name to me in a message at    massivechest    and i might add u. Also if u create some banners and other pictures for me i might just do u a favor. And all u lesbians out there contact me i always up for a good kinky freaky fucking.

1.[left_bye] 38dd yes i am that big
2.[left_bye.] i like urs bri
3.[freak101] 38c
4.[N.A.V.RockyMary] 36d
5.[flurt23-bisexual] 38a
6.[lexydrum] 32d

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2005-05-31 [N.A.V.RockyMary]: 36D thank you thank you

2005-06-20 [lexydrum]: 32D is tht big enuf

2005-07-05 [left_bye]: yup

2005-08-15 [stillicide silently falling snow.x]: LOL ALEX ! IM ASHAMED .... but slightly intruitged ...

2005-09-10 [breakdeath]: 38dd is nice!

2006-02-19 [angrybuddhas.]: i used to think i was big. now i'm up to a 34E, and i have to custom order my bras from europe. it sucks ass

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