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2007-06-20 04:49:01
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[Broken hearted fools still in love]

[A broken heart's like a broken mirror, it's better to leave it broken, than get hurt trying to fix it.]




[Everything's okay in the end, and if its not okay then it's not the end!]

This wiki is for all of you people who have had your heart broken, but your still in love. Join and encourage more people to join. If u need someone to talk to messege me [green eyed beauty]. Ill allways be around to talk about ur problems!!!!


1:[sep] I don't know about all this stuff anymore.. I'm just really confused!!
2:[I'm The Girl You Will Always Remember]ok well eventhough i hate him i know I'm always gonna love him :*( ohh well now its to late to get back with him and its to late 4 him to say sorry
3: [nikkig07] this guy broke my heart and i dont know what to do
4. [female lover]
5.[I'm Kinda a BIG DEAL]
7. [RoboBitch101]...I miss you Spot. You broke my heart when you ran away. Loved but not forgotten. =(!!!
8. [Shiorysm] i'm soooo alone... why did you go? why did you died? i want to go with you!!!! i'm here only because you told me that is better if i stay...
9.[I wIsH uPoN a ShOoTiNg StAr]
10.[Sing Like You Think No Ones Listening] i love matt so much.. even if what people said is tru, and even if i wont see him for a long time...:(
11.[This Profile No Longer Exists!] I miss him... but slowly he's becoming just another faded memory.
12.[Woeful_Vampire] He broke my heart so I broke his neck.. jk
13.[Cafe Mocha] It's hard to let someone go, and it's hard trying to get that person back.. If i could do everything over again i would..
14. [Je Vous Aime] I wish he could come back.. but he never will and I'll never feel that great feeling again.
15.[Stupid_Bitch] my heart was ripped to pieces, and he doent care.. why do i?
16.[akroshii] my heart has been fucked over so many times but yet i still fall in love
17. [Sasha Dawn*~] i got cheated on and it broke my heart but i still love him. *TEARS*
18. [Garden4Gnome] Complicated relationship, still deathly mad about the guy! :(
19. [Amortentia]omg I love him so much, I wish he would realize that and want to be with me half as much as i need to be with him
20. [Perfectly Flawed] ive been cheated on so many times *tear* and yet im still in love..with each and everyone of them
21. [more meredith please!] boys suck ass.. but why do i still love my ex?<
22.[Rocker Chick] I hate him so much for doing that to me, but I still love him to death.
23.[BAMA-LOVER] i hat him he hurt me so bad and made me cry so many tears but i still cant stop lovin him
24.[goth_fairy] i miss him so much abd i want him back. i just don't know if i can do it.
25. [.IntereSted In Madness.] i want her back please.. martine please.
26. [RoseAngel]
27.[People are surprisingly Unpredictable]
29.[*~ lillykins2009 ~*]
30.[tornNconfused] i miss him more than anything!
31.[Chimes] no comment.
34.[Alycia.] - Even though we can't be together, I'm always going to Love him.
35.[punk princess]hes out of my sight but not out of my heart
36. [Murdock] She broke my heart and I hurt for something i didnt do
38. [addicted to the drug of lust] i still love him with all i am and he's dating my friend. I would have thought I would have learned my leason and now i can't even look at him let alone both of them without crying
39.[~BLACKIE~] I broke up with my b/f after 7months and 10 days. I thought it was what i wanted but I only broke my own heart and I've regreted ever since. But he wont take me back and i dont blame him.
40. [tink55] well, all i can say heart's broken. but i know it will get better soon.
41. [x.shattered hope.Xx] he told me that he didnt love me anymore and it broke my he loves her and im stuck with lost memories and a broken heart

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2006-04-01 [tink55]: lol ya me too....who cheated o.0

2006-04-11 [green eyed beauty]: hey guys whats up? are u having any problems with this wiki?

2006-04-19 [tink55]: nope ... not yet :)

2006-04-19 [green eyed beauty]: sweet.. i havent been on here in ages. and i pretty much own this place.. lol

2006-04-22 [tink55]: lol, sell everytings goin i want som turkey really bad for sum reason. wow sry dudes, that was random....

2006-04-22 [green eyed beauty]: haha... mmmm that does sound good.. haha

2006-05-02 [tink55]: yes and i got some and yes it was good

2006-05-03 [green eyed beauty]: haha ya i had turkey last night!!!!

2006-05-08 [tink55]: sweet! *highfive* we're turkey buddies....yes!

2006-05-09 [green eyed beauty]: YAY!!! haha....

2006-05-26 [tink55]: lol :D

2006-06-21 [addicted to the drug of lust]: no one talks here anymore

2006-06-21 [addicted to the drug of lust]: lol maybe i just dont talk abuot it here lol

2006-06-22 [tink55]: lol, well i still have a bro/ken heart and it sux....but turkey doesnt. go turkey!

2006-06-25 [fabrication of humanity]: funny i always thought i did care, just quietly.

2006-06-28 [fabrication of humanity]: well then thats going to b a problem for you because i couldnt have cared anymore than i did

2006-06-28 [tink55]: confused lauren (that would be me).......

2006-08-12 [=Artist=]: where's the little wiki pix that use to be up... that kick butt pix of the heart falling apart...? (send me a message)

2006-10-31 [tink55]: i dunno, but i want it too!

2006-11-03 [green eyed beauty]: i dont know what happened to that thing.. i think the original owner might have taken it off.. im hardly ever on anyways.

2007-07-08 [addicted to the drug of lust]: uh so little news date, i have a feeling before i die me and the person i will always love will be back together ^_^ few months ago we actually well kindda made out and admited to still having feelings for eachother and word for word what he said "i knew when i said that that was going to be the last time we were together i knew i was lieing to myself" YAY

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