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2006-08-07 10:25:09
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mmm.... makes me go hyper.
- plz have a seat if you have nothing better to do--
- i've been waiting for you, where have you been all my life??
- already had your morning coffee?
- i've had a double... you think it shows??

this site is dedicated to all those days when you don't seem to wake up before you've had at least three cups of coffee and later find yourself nauseous and frustrated with the pulsating city surrounding you - let alone the people!


graghics by me.

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Feel free to write really stupid stuff on this page.. you have a very good example above.

[Nostradamia] is the creator of this totally unnecessary wiki page...

plz visit my café

Krusmynta's Café

A strange man enters the cafe, looking around him, not really knowing where he is, since he still hasn't had his morning cup of coffee. Picking a table overlooking the street, he orders his first cup of the day, lighting a cigarette with it...

22.01.2005 mm new brewn coffee in class that i can't have... o.o
just the faint smell of coffee at four p.m. makes me want to rush away and drop everything i'm doing (school) to find the nearest coffeeshop in the street and sit down with a cup of hot black coffee and forget everything.
maybe swim in the blackness of it for a while and let the world forget me there..

FCUK! i feel SICK from all the DAMN COFFEE! hate it... now playing: The Verve - History


1. [Nostradamia]

2. [duende_negro] hey! well what to say? CAFFEINE MANIAK! O_o (Starts licking her nose )

3. [chilli_icecream] Not too bitter, not too sweeet, just enough to start my beeeat!

4. [Death's Die-Ary]

5. [Sister Insomnia] I agree with [chilli_icecream]!! JUST A MEDIUM MEDIUM!!

6. [Vrouwe mooiweertje] : frappiato would be nice... Just give me the damn coffee!

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2005-01-13 [chilli_icecream]: Hmmm well lets see...the magazine says that extrovert ppl are less sensetive to a test 600mg of caffine improvedalertness and mood as much as 20mg of amphetamines...decaf coffe has a small amount of caffine in it....the average Finn ingests an estimated 145grams of caffine a year.....lots of bad stuff too but ill not put that.....

2005-01-13 [Nostradamia]: where did you get the statistics on average finns?? O.O

2005-01-14 [chilli_icecream]: :D i got them out of the nationall geographic magazine, they are the worlds biggest coffee consumers :) so it says...

2005-04-26 [chilli_icecream]: This is such a cool wiki someone coomment!

2005-04-26 [Nostradamia]: oo! look! now there's four of us.

2005-04-27 [chilli_icecream]: I knew there were more addicts out there!

2005-04-27 [Nostradamia]: yeah! me too. i think the wiki's wiki page is awesome, cos from there people find eachothers wikis. i've put all my wikis up there :D

2005-04-29 [chilli_icecream]: Yeah I agree and also you dont have to put it up if you dont want either.


2005-06-28 [Nostradamia]: kinda ironic as it was me who started this wiki...

2005-06-28 [duende_negro]: nooooooooooo why?? T_T Well ehmm I drink less toooo thoughhh ... -_o

2005-06-28 [chilli_icecream]: I only really ever drink tea........but I still am feeling dizzy when I stand up %_%

2005-06-28 [chilli_icecream]: Did you give it up for your love?

2005-06-29 [duende_negro]: who me? ehmmmmmmmm... no -_- I don't have love just love for candy.

2005-06-29 [Nostradamia]: no. not for my love though i would have done it for him :D ive just little by little quit drinking it-. and now i get really hyper everytime i have a cup. however i still sometimes have the urge for some caffeine. like yesterday.--- my fiends almost killed me. :/

2005-06-29 [duende_negro]: I haven't had a cup since.. ehm last sunday -_-

2005-06-29 [chilli_icecream]: I think it better when you just have it once in a while because then it actually does something and you dont CRAVE it....though ive never really craved coffee.

2006-08-07 [Nostradamia]: my latest super coffee experience: at heathrow, london. i had about an hour for walking around all the posh shops and i had had very little sleep the previous night. so i decided to stop by a café. i ordered a nice steaming macchiato, no sugar, and sat down at one of the tables from where i had a good view of the passers-by. it was perfect in the company of my marilyn monroe biography.

2006-08-12 [chilli_icecream]: WOW GROOVYNESS! I had some coffee out a machine which was unusually nice...but later on I was giggling randomly at everything :D twas great. I was welding pipe with a big grin on my face :D. Oh and I had coffee with vanilla hmm yum.

2006-08-12 [Vrouwe mooiweertje]: I am exhausted, that cup of coffee in the morning (little milk, to sugar cubes) is just a lifesave!

2006-08-12 [chilli_icecream]: Oh man yeah I only drink it on a friday and ill just sit there in the morning buzzing completely still but it does focus me so im not going around in a daze like normall. Im more of a tea conisseaur though that coffee round teabags with bergamot RULE!

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