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2008-11-28 21:47:06
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cat feet

Lilo's paws. More of Lilo on Free to use Lilo images

See also: foot photo reference
Front paws
Cat paw from above
Hind paw

/ [Hedda]

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2008-11-28 [Hedda]: Gnnn! It's almost impossible to keep Lilo still long enough to get a shot on her. Especially the hind paws where very hard to get something useful on from below.

2008-11-28 [Artsieladie]: Your "Cat Superstar" doesn't appear to be all that impressed with the whole idea. ;P Ask her to do a 'high five' with her hind foot. Easy enough! lol She poses quite nicely for me! <img:>

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: Looks like you mop your floors pretty well.

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