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2003-11-14 02:54:37
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The Catacombs

You step into the entrance and walk across the cobblestone floor towards two doors. You hear a muted click under your foot and a boulder rolls in front of the entryway blocking out the sunlight. You feel around in the darkness for the doors you saw a moment before and come across a switch. Do you flick the switch on or off?

[Xithia] enters and does not turn up the switch. In a loud proud voice she states, "I'm not afriad of the dark! hahahahah!"
[Tobias]looks at xi shakes head"indeed you are not....but i wonder are you too afraid to even find out?"hides face beneath cloak and walks to switch
"Don't bother, there's no telling WHAT [Bonedust] has that switch rigged to." [angel_whispers] floats in, pulling the spirits behind her, and creates a glowing orb to light the catacombs. "Hope you're not afraid of the dead either, [Xithia]." With that comment, [angel_whispers] breaks the chain that she has used to bind the spirits, releasing them to roam the Catacombs. With horrible screeches that echo throughout the Catacombs and can be heard throughout the Boneyard, the malicious ghost launch themselves into the air, looking down upon [Xithia] and [Tobias] with red glowing eyes and long fangs drawn out and dripping with a viscous liquid that burns through the cobblestones on the ground.Oh no! the freaks have got me! Im goin down.........

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2003-02-15 [iamthejester]: okay gonna make different choices this time LOL

2003-05-27 [Biological Development]: [kerita] enters and half laughing...says im not afraid of any thing....sees a clown and runs back out screaming

2003-06-12 [Sweetums]: walks in w/ a giant flash light...i'm afraid of the dark thank you very much

2003-06-13 [crazysam]: enters with a huge grimacing grin staresinto darkness waves hand and light appears

2003-06-14 [Sweetums]: AHH! oh...hi *smile, bounce, giggle, repeat* jiggly me, my bad.

2004-02-28 [demonray]: me like the dark make eveyone tune off their lights

2004-06-16 [darknsxy]: loves everything down to the details of the red glowing eyes and fangs

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