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Magical characters

Any kind of magical creature you can think of is welcome here!

Note: We still want more characters, so please add yourself if your interested!

Post here: User name:
         Character name:
         Magical creature/race:

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User name:[Wednesday]
Character name: Shiva
Magical creature/race: Witch
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Personality: Shiva is a kind girl, who trust people easily. She is a bit unsure about her powers, as its all very new to her, but she tries her best to control them. Other than that she doesnt get low easily nor angry.
Appearance: Dressed in dark blue jeans, black top and a black leather jacket. Dark red hair and bright green eyes give her a kind and gentle face. Around her neck hangs a protection amulate - a blue stone. On the back of her neck, a black tattoo, the simbol of the god and goddess. On the inside of her wrist, the same tattoo, only smaller.
Weapons: A small backpack she carries over her shoulder, contains her clothes, but other than that it contains mixed herbs she uses for spells or potions, and a couple of different ready made potions. Her active power is the element water. Freezing water, becoming water, minipulating water, and so on ....
History: Shiva only realised she is a natural born witch about 2 years ago, so she is still learning how to control her powers and using spells and potions. She was born in africa, but on a very young age her parents moved to england, uk where she grew up. At the age of 19, she left home afraid her parents will find out what she really is.

<img:> Jennive Normal

<img:> Jennive Transformed
User name: [Ace118]
Character name: Jennive
Magical creature/race: gangell, female
Personality: moody and fun loving can be a bit agressive at times but very kind and understanding.
Appearance: looks like a human with wolf/vampire eyes and warewolf and vampire teeth. wears a terquase colour cothing.
Weapons: long bow. dagger. sword
History: her father is a warewolf and her mums is a vampire. Because of this she was raised by her father who eventually passed away when she was only 9 years of age alone in a world where she was un welcome in the vampire comunity and more welcome in the wolf comunity she survived alone feasting on sick or injured animals. she is about 24 years old

normal form: <img:>
seduction form:
Combat form:
User name: [Eglagrodion]
Character name: astrofenhoaf
Magical creature/race: Dryad
Age: some deccenium, age doesn't matters to teh dryads
Sex: both
Personality: when known he is with thrusted creature's she will just get along with almsot every one, but when felt abused, leid to, or senses danger she will shapeshift into it's warfare shape. becouse of it's quick tendecy to become angry, these creature's mostly only like their other treekindreds.
Appearance:at first a normal small tree, with some leafs on it's branches, but when looking closer a facial expression can be seen just under it's leafs.
branches are sticking out from its back, neck and from it's head, where leave's grow.
it's barkskin is dark brown, with some fungus and smaller plants growing on to him.
when opening his eyes, they are a light brown colour but when getting angry they turn into a glowing red.
this is his normal apearance.
when in a seduction form, she will have the body of a beautufull female humanoid, with a mysteriues enchanting glare.
when he feels danger and takes on his combat form his face will be longer and swifter, his brances will point out heavilly out of its body, and his hands/claws will grow into great tallons of half a meter long sometimes.
Weapons: just it's great tallons and its seduction tactic.
History: Dryads are ancient creatures who dwell in many forests. though dragons where one of the first of the creatures living on this world, dryads do have a rich history with a great live span when not killed in action.
but when the magic flux started to flow away so did the dryads. only few still exist, strong enough to resist on this world where magic is rare.

Username [silent_voice] makes a bad guy
Character Page: Nes-Tra (haha i be special *dance*) 

User name:[Nuktae-tal]
Character name: Tiffany
Magical creature/race: N/A Human
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Personality: usually calm and collected, when certain things or people change or are indangered she gets angered and violent.Sarcastic and firm in her beleifs. also stubburn.
Appearance: 5'1" in height with ligjhjt brown hair with natural highlights of blonde and red, she's tan but still light colored. Her face is lightly dusted with freckles. Small hands and feet. She's well built, with muscles and a little bulk. She looks more stocky then she is. and her strength is always underminded by her small stature. her hair is two or three inches past her shoulders. her eyes are brown green, but not hazel. Her body figure is well rounded and shapely.
Weapons:Martial arts, nunchucks, staffs, swords, daggers
History: She grew up with fairy tales. But those were quickly ripped away from her when her parents were killed and her and her four siblings were all taken to different homes. she grew up away from everything she had once had, living in un underbudgeted abd too full home. she was then adopted by some abusive parents, until she was eighteen when she got two jobs and moved out as quickly as she could. Having lost her siblings. All illusion of childhood and make beleive stripped from her she now resents anyting of the like and people who speak of them 

User name: [nein!]

Character name: Meryhorng (Mer-eh-yourng)

Magical creature/race: Redcap

Age: 151

Sex: you wood think male but perhaps not?

Personality: Meryhorng or Mer as he..She likes to be cald is a triky litil Fay who delights in the suffering of mortals. At time “IT” après to be kinde as an old grandma. Others a kiniving homicidal nut case.  One of Mer’s favorite activities is cotring its hat in human blood. Or luring children in the woods alone to be forever lost.

Appearance: Mers long hock nois pokes out over Its long dusty mustache. It apers to be a very little old man adorned in nothing but a pare of ragy old britches and a red cap. Its hands are much to big for his body and seem almost like the talons of a hawk. It wares a wicked grin most time. Perhaps the most disturbing thins abut mer is it speaks in the kindly old voice of a grand mother that you might sewer was your own.

Weapons: Razor sharp talons and a paralyzing bite.

History: Mer dust speak much of its past and you might consider this a blessing considering Its insidious. Natour All you truly know is that Mer is a truly disturb critter hanging in the balance of good and really freaking evil. He seems to care very much abut our cauls most of the time but if It gets side tracked you may need to keep an eye on It.

(If someone wants to they can color it! *nudges* XP)
User name: [Ravendust]
Character name: Nova
Magical creature/race: unknown (I'll give her one once I can think of it...)
Age: 18
Sex: female
Personality: She's a quiet, innocent individual who was forced to grow up in the streets and thus gain a rather untrusting demeanor. Nova is kind and would defend those that she cares about even to the brink of death.
Appearance: She has shoulder length hair that is generally quite mussed, though occasionally she pulls out the extra effort to brush it and pull it back. Nova is small- being rather underfed. She has a creamy complexion with a soft spray of freckles across her cheeks and nose, and also an odd swirl of freckles that lead along her arms, legs, and torso, leading to a birthmark in the shape of a perfect star, an oddity rarely seen even within her own family. She has odd, yet inquisitive violet eyes that sometimes fade into black when she is made angry. She has a pair of torn, black jeans that are wrapped with chains and a simple, black corset style shirt with faded designs. When she's around darker magic, or using her powers for a long period of time, or even when she just desires it, long, black, and elegant wings unfold from her shoulders.
Weapons: She has an ability over darkness and shadows, which she uses quite often. She fights with two sais, generating her power through them and elongating them greatly. Another weapon that she uses quite often is a tri-bladed scythe with a spearhead on the other end. The blades are a deep silver with gold swirls inlaid within them. One of her special abilities is that she can imprison her enemy (one anyway) in an alternate dimension (she calls it her gate for lack of better words) that tears them limb from limb. This weakens her greatly, leaving her vulnerable to attack.
History: When Nova was just a small child a housefire destroyed everything that she knew. She lost her entire family save her 2 year old brother and all of her possessions. Fearing that she would be thrust into the home of an unknown family, or even an orphanage, Nova ran for her very life. When she turned 9 (and he turned 5) they were caught in a gangfight and he was shot, dying in her arms. At about that time she lost all control of her powers, she was in a blind rage, and that was when her gate made its initial appearance, dragging all of the battling gang members into its midst.

User Name: [Angel In Red]
Character Name: Shona/Kali
Magical Creature/Race: Human/Indian Goddess
Shona: 27.
Sunita: Ageless.
Sex: Female

Personality: Shona is a wild and brazen woman; she has an overwhelming thirst for power and total control. She is selfish, rude and abhorrent. Her heart is black with no regrets or remorse for any action she will have part off. She is a ruthless killer who goes wild and crazy at the sight of blood. Her mind crazes chaos and abolition of any good thing that passes her sight. She is loyal to her name and her inner goddess only, her name meaning Fire.

Appearance: Shona’s eyes are catlike golden almost yellow with a hint of light brown. Her hair is dark brown almost black, long and slightly wavy. Her skin is dark brown. She stands at a tall height of 5 foot and eight inches. Her clothing attire consists of a high collared red dress, made from a light material that is knee length with a black leather belt around her waist, where her sword can be seen attached to the belt. Shona wears leather boots, her jewellery is a gold chain with tiny rubies attached, chocking tight on her neck, and gold icicles hanging from her ears.

Weapons: Shona has no need for physical weapons; her dark aura creates depression where she wishes to walk, weakening those around her until they succumb to her wants and needs. Yet she will hold a sword granted to her by the dark goddess Kali, it has a black hilt, covered in rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

History: Shona’s father was a devoted Hindu priest, to the dark goddess Sunita. Every year on diwali, he would bestow a sacrifice to this goddess. This particular goddess controlled the dark emotions of the world’s life. Greed, fear, death she controlled all, negative energy leaped off her in waves. Shona’s father believed that the balance of the world was only corrected because of Kali. Also referred to as 'Mother of Death'.
One year, when the lights of diwali glimmered across the world, Shona’s father was not able to provide any sacrifice. His wife was in labour, he could not attend the temple.
When the dark goddess realised this she was scorched with rage, jealousy was one emotion that she could not control, Jealousy controlled her. She spit her rage at the priests wife burning her alive, killing the woman.
The priest realised his mistake, and begged for mercy, he offered anything and everything... The goddess could only want one thing. The child, the father agreed and sacrificed the baby girl. Kali named the child Fire, the element which was the cause of her mother’s death. Kali then took over the child, allowing her negative energy to posses the child. Shona grew up to be a hateful child then a repulsive woman. She matured into the reincarnation of Sunita, until Kali was the one who possessed her in every possible way. Mind, body and soul.

The goddess wishes to live on earth, forever chained to the outside world away from the earth, Shona’s body allows her that.
Kali now walks the earth, spreading her darkness everywhere her feet land. Her only weakness being, that she is walking around with human flesh. Whereas Kali’s soul is immortal, Shona is not. If wounded and injured Shona will fall.

The Indian Goddess In Her Own Form:


User name :[wilwarina]

Character name : Kyra Dune / Aurora Furys

Magical creature/race: Human (new and improved)

Age: 21

Sex: female


Kyra:Calm and friendly, always ready to talk and help other people.
Good at listening and persuading other people to do her wishes. When she finds a real friend, she'd risk anything for him.
Her power consists of endless love floating from her to whomever she chooses.
She can transmit her warm feelings to plants, grounds and other spieces, resulting in curing them of diseases, bringing a new light in their lives- giving them a fresh start.

A few months ago, she suffered of temporarily black outs.
Mostly when she was in a difficult situation or suffered a great wrong. She is still not aware that a new personality in her is born.
Aurora: When her 'loving' power was born, Kyra didn't notice the new personality in her. Aurora comes out whenever Kyra is in danger. Whenever Kyra pushes back her emotions to the border of pain.
In that moment, all surpressed emotions, all pain and anger comes out as a self sufficient femme fatale personality, not seeing anyone but herself. Angry and only looking for a reason to provoke a fight. Easily bursting into flames that resolve everything.
Those emotions can start a new era, become the power that moves the mountains. But Aurora needs to become one with Kyra. In that moment, she'll gain both strength to fight and to help people.


Kyra: Long black straight hair, dark blue eyes, thin but feminine, pale in face. She wears a long dark blue cape and pale pink dress that shows her curbs. She has a gold chain with a diamond and a ruby.

Aurora: Mediun length, curly fire-red hair, black almondy eyes. Sensual- Her lips are 'full' and coral red. She wears a short red dress strapped only with gold chains (her dress is transmuted from her hair). High heels. The same necklace.

Weapons: power of love/anger sent around her

History: Kyra is the only daughter of influential family. Her mother taught her medicine and discipline. She taught her how to behave like a lady.
Her father always played with her when she was little, like she was his son. He insisted that she must learn self defense/fighting skills.At the time, although they didn't know, her mother gave her 'light' DNA and her father gave her 'fire' DNA. That specific sequence was transferred trough generations not coming out on the surface. Kyra was ideal for letting it out after centuries.First time she found her light DNA was when she revived the plant in her garden, specially dear to her. She didn't tell anyone about it. Her other half came out when she witnessed her parent's death. She was saved from the fire, but her parents werent. She lost consciousness. After 3 days, she woke up, having a black hole in her memory.She remembered her parents dying. But not other 2 people, hitmen sent to kill her entire family. She could explain the death as a rezult of the fire. She took a few necessities and run away.

User name: [sammigal0555]
Character name: Alex
Magical creature/race: Faun
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Personality: quiet, enjoys music and doesn't mind being alone. Enjoys talk, and can get in-depth about different notions of life.
Appearance: Short with a strong figure. Has shoulder-length brown hair and peircing blue eyes. His bottom half is Goat-like with longer brown fur. his hoofs are small, made for climbing, and a deep black. He has two little horns. Has a large scar on his shoulder.
Weapons: Mainly his magic, although he uses a pair of blades what clip onto his arms below the elbow.
History: Grew up secluded in the forest. His father was murdered and his mother fled soon after. He was only 7 years old. After traveling and learning about the world, he continues to travel seeking new friends.


User name: [Maeve104]
Character name: Geranothe
Magical creature/race: Drac-lizard
Age: 56 (a young adult in drac-lizard years)
Sex: Female
Personality: In a word, bouncy. She has the uncanny ability to be overflowing with energy most of the time, even when she should be quiet. She enjoys playing tricks and games. Though she is very good at solving problems and is an excellent fighter, she does it all with a devil-may-care attitude that comes off as unconcerned if you aren’t paying attention too closely.
Appearance: She has the body of a lizard, with deep purple scales and a short golden yellow mane down her spine. Feathery wings-colored yellow at the top, blend down to deep blue at the bottoms. Three long tails end in small leathery webs that are reminiscent of spearheads. She also has short, sharp claws, golden eyes, and a hooked beak instead of a toothy dragon snout. She is small-about the size of a Komodo Dragon, but despite her lizard build, she is fast.
Weapons: Claws and beak, and also her long tails, which she can whip around like an iguana’s tail. She also has the ability to breathe short bursts of very hot flame to a range of about ten feet.
History: Like all drac-lizards, she hatched in a cave along with a clutch of around twenty brothers and sisters. Mother drac-lizards don’t stick around long after the hatching, so she never really knew her parents. She learned all she needed to know, which is surprisingly a lot for a lizard creature, from the drac-lizard elders in her cave system. Chemistry, fighting tactics, astronomy, and philosophy are all taught at an early age, as drac-lizards have the intelligence of a bright human. She has always had the tendency to fly off and explore far from her home, and so has seen most of the continent, unlike her brothers and sisters.

Username (or number or email):


2007-07-04 [shadow_walker]: man i tried to add my character and this message popped up and said i couldnr arrgh

2007-07-04 [Ravendust]: I wonder why... it hasn't been a problem before- but editing wiki pages has been a problem for another person I know- just message your character profile to somebody and ask if they will get it up for you.

2007-07-05 [Wednesday]: if your picture is on your home page, then let me know and i can add it for you

2007-07-05 [silent_voice]: Sorreh, i dont have a picture of Nes-tra yet

2007-07-05 [Wednesday]: thats ok! but would love to see a picture!!! it makes it so much easier if a picture is there !

2007-07-05 [silent_voice]: yeah i know im asking a few people, one said she would do it so its all good

2007-07-05 [wilwarina]: i found a pic i painted a long time ago, made my duredhel. i'll put it up as aurora until i draw kyra

2007-07-05 [Maeve104]: Ooooh! I love the Aurora picture! O.O

2007-07-05 [Wednesday]: wow wicked picture!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-08 [Lord of Nightmares]: damn i need a pic..but i cant draw very good anymore

2007-07-08 [Wednesday]: is your character still on here? if not just add it again, im not sure what happend!

2007-07-09 [shadow_walker]: would someone please post my characters description for me the site keeps saying i cant and I am about to rip off my eyebrows its so frustrating

2007-07-09 [Ravendust]: I'll do it if you send it to me.

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2007-07-09 [shadow_walker]: thank you very much I will send it to you as soon as I get it all typed up again

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2007-10-01 [Lord of Nightmares]: yea i think so

2008-12-20 [Elwyne]: Well, I can offer to play as a character... I have two possibilities for this... one character that I haven't had much chance to play in the past and so I'd like to play with her a bit, but there's a lot of female characters here, so I got another that might work that's a guy. Hmmm... I can put up the pages I have for each of them. Lehaleirah and Kreed 

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