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Chronicles of De’gal



Tales of the Time Gears of Sellra


In the beginning, the four kingdoms of De’gal were in complete chaos under the wrath of Ilistala and her demons. Using the emperor of the Northern star Kingdom for her own pleasures and use. The emperor desired to please the goddess under her enchantments; using her power and monster to unleash a campaign on the rest of De’gal. Years went by till one day at the gates of Eastern golden sun the emperor came to face his final battle. The god Nenyrle stood at the front gates with the princess of the eastern kingdom; it was the Final battle for the rest of De’gal. It lasted over three days till the young princess slain the emperor. Things should have been fine till Ilistala broke through the dead emperor’s corps; with a taste for the blood of the mortal world. All seemed lost when the goddess came froth; but Nenyrle drew up his sword, De’lint. Striking down Ilistala, forcing her back to the heavens where the gods waited to seal her away. Peace was finally restored to De’gal, but not all was fine for the young god, who had grown fond of the young princess. Onalth granted Nenyrle the power to take the young princess as his bride. From that day all of De’gal came together, under the rule of four rulers, to which they swore an oath to the gods for the good of their people. The goddess Ilistala was sealed away under a mountain in the north, where the Time Seals of Sellra sealed Ilistala away and the chains of Onalth keep her bind to the mountain. If the time seals were to ever be disturbed and Ilistala was freed all of De’gal would be lost…

It has been two thousand years since that story was played; now it’s only known as a bed time story, and the gods no long walk the mortal earth anymore, since Ilistala…The four kingdoms now only take to their own business, and not of each others. But little do they know that a much more evil plan is unfolding …

History and Character Information
The Land of De'gal<= Roleplay here!!
history mainframe of De'gal
Gods of De'gal Imformation on the gods of De'gal
The four kingdom of De'gal Just some information on the four kingdoms, please read
Character Sheets TGS Just copy and send them to me [Piplup]<= the carzy one
Fan art of TGS Add your characters picture here; or art that you drew!


Rules of the game

1. No god-moding (meanins discribe your powers and such and keep them limited so your character can be changllened through this whole roleplay)
2. No cuss words, or slang, be respectful to all characters
3. No cybering (take it some where eles may state your characters had a "good time")
5. No more than three or four if you request more then three characters send me an email [Piplup]
6. You cannot kill someone else's player without his/her permission
7.You can kill your own character, but you cannot play that character for the remaining of the roleplay; also that applies to those who wish to discontuine witht the role play as well.
8.When putting up your pictures keep; please add them to the fan art page
9. If you wish to have a title as a king; queen, princess ect, please ask me, there are afew key rolays and such that I can give you; exp; King of the Southern fires; and the rest is up to you.

The art peice is from, by the artist *FrozenStarRo; amazing art!

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2009-01-19 [Piplup]: ? I just made a history page; your not missing anything!! ^__^

2009-01-19 [Whimsical Me.]: ...but i already saw that last time. i thought there was a newer change? cos i'm already watching our history page, just in case >< i am watching sooo many wikis. haha. seriously cos i never wanna get too far behind in anything

thanks anyway though

2009-01-19 [Piplup]: well we will just be roleplaying in the land of de'gal page; lol it will be all good!!

2009-01-19 [Whimsical Me.]: eh, yea, but i wanna watch the history pages as well. that way i know if anyone says anything about it, and it'll be easier to look at past posts to make sure i stay consistent. that's why i don't love the history page too much >< but no worries. i watch everything.

2009-01-19 [Piplup]: awww thanks! and really thank you!

2009-01-19 [Thrice]: I noticed what the other change was:
She corrected the spelling of the wiki.

2009-01-19 [Piplup]: ...*sniffles* me and my horrible spelling....

2009-01-19 [Thrice]: Heh. It's all good.

2009-01-19 [Piplup]: I would hope so

2009-01-19 [Whimsical Me.]: ohhh, gotcha. thanks

2009-01-19 [Piplup]: no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2009-02-03 [Fudos]: Nice pictchas.

2009-02-03 [Piplup]: heh thanks I found them on divineart thingy

2009-02-03 [Fudos]: *smile*

2009-02-04 [Piplup]: soo what do you think?
haven't seen you in awhile lol

2009-02-09 [Fudos]: I haven't explored the pages.
I've been good, doing alot of campus ministry work. I get to give a sermon next week, so that's encouraging. Sorry haven't been around for a while. How are you?

2009-02-09 [Piplup]: hehe I've been well better, my life at momnet is in a full chaos of spinning emtions and such...This time of the year is always like that thought...but I'm glade you get to give a sermon! hehe...that reminds me, when I had to work on sunday someone said happy sabath day (sp?) lol I thoght it was cute

2009-02-10 [Fudos]: Sabbath, yeah. It's 'illegal' to work on the Sabbath, for Jews... But they took it a bit too far. anyway.. Yes, it's awesome, sermons rock. I'll give you the link (cause I'm the web-deacon of the church) to the sermon, so you can hear it when it's on our site.

2009-02-10 [Piplup]: Sweet!.....saddly to say, I haven't been to cruch many issue at home, and other stuff...but I am going this weekend, new baby cusin, getting bathtize yay! another babay.......

2009-02-11 [Fudos]: I see. I'll be praying for your family situation! the site is so you'll find stuff in there... Anyway, have a great week! I'm about to walk home T_T

2009-02-11 [Piplup]: Well take care and don't get lost while walking home
and thanks

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