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All Hail the Darkside!!!

The Dark One is [Bonedust], an evil jester, a mage of the dark arts with a blackened soul... He lives in an age where dragons roam heedless, where night is longer than the day. A place where evil is rife and flames consume souls.

You can visit him in bonedust's_boneyard or walk the catacombs and test your courage and luck.

For other submissions see Bonedust, Bonedusted and beyond Bonedusted...



I'm a demon in a human state
I've got cloven hooves and prodigy branded on my face
Vile wretch
I slowly sink into iniquity
The bad seed blackest of sheep in society
Source of doom
I'm the wolf that awaits upon your step
Collector of sorrows I treasure every last breath
Blackened soul the darkest evil ever known
Commited to the flames and ready to explode

Written by [Bonedust]


Who could save her soul?
Stained the spiritual pavement,
Blind to what she was that day,
Knowing forever she is heaven-sent.

Could I end my life here on earth?
Save Heaven their eager suspense?
Be so beautifully ethereal there?
Away in an act of evenescence?

Blood can flow,
Like glitter falls.
Heavens bells,
To her they call...

No place for kisses here,
No place for sweet -GoodNight-'s.
No place for smiles in this house,
No place for your neglected rights.

Tearing at her wings,
Which simply aren't yet there,
Draining spiritual energy
Like they don't know, or care.

Tears wash clean
This bloodied skin and flesh
Smoldering her in this negitivity
Holes in her like fine black mesh.

Choking on what she'd do someday
On what was said she'd do long ago...
What would they say if she disappeared?
Would they care if she got up and left alone?

Blood can flow,
Like glitter falls.
Heavens bells,
To her they call...

No place for kisses here,
No place for sweet -GoodNight-'s.
No place for smiles in this house,
No place for your neglected rights.

Sweltering heat
Liquid to skin
Bathing free of life
Washing away their sin

A blade at hand,
That which she'd embrace.
No room for love here,
No acceptance in this place.

Lies of admiration;
Saying they'd helped her through this climb.
No one would keep her from this fate,
No one would reach her ... Not this time.

Father beat her for his delight,
Mother simply yelled.
Sister attacked her with stupid lies
Like to her home she was celled.

To escape this Pandemonium,
Existance inisists on giving,
Half of her now long been dead,
The other half still partly living.

A fate more radiant than the moon,
Would no longer conseal itself to her.
Poetry of a life lived in vain,
But it would disappear with a spur.

Archangel of heaven,
Dark Angels of hell,
Take her away from here;
Crack her long sealed shell.

Blood can flow,
Like glitter falls.
Heavens bells,
To her they call...

No place for kisses here,
No place for sweet -GoodNight-'s.
No place for smiles in this house,
No place for your neglected rights

Taken away by a kiss of faith,
Settled by an arberant carress
Smiling to the one who cared,
God's sweet kiss of death...

The blade slowly penitrates,
the barrier of skin that lays there.
Into a vain which swelled with heat,
Weeping bloody tears.

It was then she fell,
To a dream as heavenly as God.
As ethereal as Angels,
Like the crows that always Cawed.

What pain could possibly lay here,
This place of snow and satin.
White like feathered wings I hear,
Innocent as chants in Latin.

Blade cut thin
Like angel hair.
Infant tears
And spiral stairs.

She slumped back against the wall,
Of the bathtub that held her weeping wrist,
Blood pouring from it and engulfing the crystal
Waters which began, the blood, to assisst.

Numbness through her body,
The knife, it hit the ground.
Now easing into place;
Nothing but silence, no sound.

Drawn to a lightened sky,
No longer stained in black
Kissing the sunset clouds
She'd never, to them, come back.

For now she had her angel wings,
She had what she deserved.
No more tears for what she was,
In heaven she now served.

Blood can flow,
Like glitter falls.
Heavens bells,
To her they call...

No place for kisses here,
No place for sweet -GoodNight-'s.
No place for smiles in this house,
No place for your neglected rights

But here she was safe,
Here she could sing.
Here she could smile freely,
Be who she loved to be.

She'd known it from the start,
She was meant to be with them.
Angels now gracing the lines,
With gowns of lacey hem.

Glitter across a sunset sky,
Silver silent and cold.
But warm and gentle all the same
While innocence unfolds.

Who had truely saved her soul?
Stained the spiritual pavement,
Blind to what she was that day,
Knowing always she was heaven-sent.

Her life had been ended abruptly on earth,
She'd saved heaven its eager suspense,
Now so beautifully ethereal here.
Away in an act of evenescence...

       By [I'm Invisable!]


She leans over the edge
All that traffic
A goal in their life

She never had any friends
Her life
No life
How will they be better off
Without her

She jumps


By [Trias]

Sing a song of silent words

Sing a song of silent words
A Pocket full of wine.
Dip a glass in
And drink some more
Kill the pain before you die
Yet if you go
It's no choice of mine
But count on my to see you
Before you're gone
And wonder which deadly sin
Would cause you to end your life

by [dragoncaptive]

Nobody Cares

Filled with the emptiness
That only comes from knowing
Nobody cares.

Nobody loves you,
No one ever will.
Your once great happiness
Will never return.

You hide yourself
Away from the world.
The tears, they come,
But you don't care

Filled with the emptiness
That only comes from knowing
Nobody cares.

Tomorrow they may find
Your broken body.
Your tear-stained face
At peace, at last.
Your wrists will lie
In a pool of blood.
But they won't care.
Nobody cares.

You'll cry yourself to sleep
An everlasting sleep
But nobody will care.
'Cause you're all alone.
[Broken Marionette]

Cursed World

Winds of the Cyclone
poisened air that we breath
Earth that we rape and
force to conceive
Fire wild and rare
that we kill with ash
Waters of the polluted sea
against our dirty ships bash
Light that we block out
with our tall smoke stacks
Dark used by assasins and rogues
to perform their whacks
Life that is brought
into this cursed world
Death that is wrought
long tendrils 'round our necks curled
[mornen dragonchild]

The Summer's Dying

The summer's dying;
Greet the winter.
Geese are flying,
Cold so bitter.
The leaves are changing.
Scarlet, amber.
The snow is raging
To December.

On crystal snow,
A splash of red.
Death has now
Begun his tread.
Steady and cold,
Steel hits its mark.
Death is bold
In this white dark.

A teenage girl.
Three birds, one stone.
Revenge in a whirl.
She's taken her own.
The years of abuse
Have taken their toll.
An invisible noose,
For they killed her soul.

She doesn't think
Of punishment,
In darkness they sink,
It's her judgment.
She falls to the ground,
Her love is flying.
A cry is sound...
And summer's dying.
[Broken Marionette]

I've fallen 6 feet into a hole,
And you're there looking at me from above.
You look straight at me,
and don't try to help me at all.
Can't you see me?
Don't you remember?
You're the one that pushed me over.

Staring straight at me,
I look into your eyes,
I see a mixture of pure pain and joy.
You're the only one who can pull me out.
What are you going to do?
Just stand there and stare?
Leave me just hanging there?

Talk to me
Listen to my withering, soulless voice
Look at me
See my face, full of pain
Hold me
Never let me go,
Let me die in your arms.

Ask me for forgiveness,
To be saturated of all your sinful doings.
Ask me for deliverance,
To be set free of my hatred for you.
Ask me for the razor blade,
That you will use to cut.

I thought you loved me.
I thought you cared.
I thought you admired who I am.
I thought you thought about me,
I thought you would always be there for me,
to love,
to trust,
and to have a shoulder to cry one.
But I was wrong.
You never cared.
You never listened.
You never saw what I was really like

You abandoned me,
there, where I fell,
Why did you just leave me there?

[Never to return again]

red blood
black fur
white teeth

soft flesh
hard bone
pliant skin

quiet night
loud scream
soft thud


the end is death
the begining is death
the middle is life

i have died
where r u
i expect u soon

we r here death and i
u promised
u r untrue

i ask again,where r u
death has come for both of us
she missed u


Life...Lost in Gloom

Strings of black drip down my face
While I sit here, crying...crying
Drip down with unearthly grace
Musings shift from life to dying
Liquid ebon flows like blood
Slips through veins, poisons heart
Dripping shadows course as blood
Tearing -- tearing me apart!
While I sit here, singing sweetly
Chanting soft and longing tune
Shadows shift up me completely
Crawling, creeping, bringing gloom
Streams of terror drift and wander
Wander down to brink of Hell
Shifting through me while I ponder
Why the dreams of death do tell
Truths of old and long forgotten
Truths of life and truths of love
Showing me where I have gotten
Me with lack of my belov'd
Now I sit here keeping time
While the shadows use my soul
Darkened thoughts of my divine
Keeping me from life when whole.
By: [RaineDagyr]

forgotten reasons
to forgive my treasons
pass all the seasons
i see myself leavin'
im still grieving
try to control the fever
wouldnt,ve left you either
if only i had a preview
but our god did need you.

My soul weeps tears of red,
remembering everything you said,
tears constantly run down
in an ocean i plan to drown

everything i start to fear,
tells me you are still quite near.
you know i am sincere
cause it all ends in tears.
sorry to be so self indulgent on that one...


My mouth bows into a smile
As I drink from this toxic vile
The bitter taste as it passes my lips
Movements grow slower with each long sip
My heart is dead
I have nothing to dread
I am ready to go
But make this death slow
My life flashes before my eyes
I wish I had the chance to correct my lies

Six Feet Under
Oh what a blunder
You couldn't save me then
You cannot save me now
This wicked deed is done
I thought you were the only one
But I guess I was wrong
That's why I sing this song

Razor kisses upon my cheek
Remember all the times I've been called a freak
I'm ready to go from this world today
This blade its cruel demands I do obey
I wish I had the chance to say good bye
But now I spread my wings and fly
Reaching to the heavens it seems so close
Heaven the place I desire most
Shoved back down like the king with the crown
My heart is dead, it has been drown

I lay in my coffin on the dirt I choke
Doomed to this earth not a word I spoke
In this coffin I lay here to rot
Lost the chance at the one I sought
Please just give me another day
To fulfill my part in this never ending play
For once do something for me
Let me rest in peace let me be
I lie in my grave wide awake
Don't end up like me for heaven's sake
Penance now for the chaos you've made
For the grace of your soul do this I bade

Spirits locked inside this Earth
Rise above now here is your new birth
Make something of yourself
That vile it taunts me as it sits on that shelf
These many hours I've cried and prayed
In this dark and this damp, bleak grave
I wish I could go someplace other than here
But I sit and realize my greatest fear
I scream while I burn, my stomach it churns
Death is not the way out, of this I learn
Banished from the heavenly gates
Now I suffer this my terrible fate


Angel of Darkness

Daylight has faded; moonrise has came.
Soft now, sweet spirit, have I gone insane?
My heart cries out in longing, my mind screams to return,
And yet, I close my eyes and feel your lips upon me burn...

Silence surrounds me. Darkness unfurled.
All that is sunlight has sundered my world.
What haunting whisp of music drifts over my mind?
Carress this aching soul and I will leave this world behind...

Sing, sweet Angel, thy darkling song of night,
Lead me further from truth revealinig light.
What destiny is waiting? Or do I care to tell?
Thy touch enchanting could purge the depths of hell!

Strike down my mem'ries, hold to me fast,
All I have lived for is sped to the past,
For now thy arms have held me, fair ebon voice has sang,
I'll follow you to midnight and always there remain...

Dawn sears the skyling, spirits must flee,
Don't leave me stranded - I'll never be free!
Dark Angel, fill the moments my agony would steal,
Arise thee from the ashes of the lonliness I feel!

Sing, sweet Angel, thy darkling song of night,
Lead me further from truth revealinig light.
What destiny is waiting? Or do I care to tell?
Thy touch enchanting could purge the dpeths of hell!

O Angel, Sweet Angel, Eternal Night creeps in,
O Angel, Dark Angel, you take me from within...

 Ending The Pain

By: [Flagg]

Sometimes when Im all alone I drop my mask.
I let my true side show and I fall into dispare.
I never let my mask down when others are around because none would understand why I am the way I am.

When my mask is gone I think about letting it all go.
Letting myself fall.
Getting ride of my pain.
It would be so easy and i doubt Ide be greatly missed.

But I never Go through with it.
I dont know why.
It seems every time I try I sabbotage myself.

Why do I do this?
Is it becasue im weak?
Or could there be another reasone?
I might never know.

So I just try to hide what happens when i fail.
No one could know how many times Ive tried.
Not even I.

Why do we live only to hurt others?
Why do we try to destroy others pride and hope?
Never do we think about reasons for the things we do.

But then I have to go and "live a life".
If you can call it that.
So i put my mask back on and "live"on.

        The End
(song) [DeadHead]

Come vist BottomOfTheWell


Time is death
Inside us all
We have a time,
Then we fall.

A human life,
Has no worth,
Can't be bought
Created by birth.

When we live
There are many paths
Time to share,
With many laughs

There is also evil,
Violence we crave
The darkness from our hearts
Beyond the grave.

The years fly by,
My oh my
Until you get old
And start to die

Life can be fun,
As we all know
Oblivious to death,
An assassin in the snow

Times for happiness,
Times for grief.
One can flow
Like water on a reef

There is more,
Unknown to the mind,
The reason to live,
Is for us to find.

So get out there,
Take some risks
Enjoy your life
So it won't be brisk.

Some call me dark,
Sour as a lime,
But don't blame me.
I'm just time.

by: [Doormat]

[MissTricky] Another Prose. Sorry people.

I knew a man

I knew a man, yet he had dead hair. Hair that didn't move or flow, but lifeless hair sitting on his head. Now I think possibly, that it was a pretty little auburn before my bullet went through his head. I watched the blood leaking out, over his ears. I watched the blood leaking out, over his ears. I watched the blood coat the lobes, crusting over as maggots crawled into his head. The blood still warm and gooey, like lickable hot fudge, leaked out and over the blue irises eyes. I watched the blood break away the clear film of eye space, and watched the eye give way to thick red.

I knew a man with a breathtaking beautiful face, before of course my sledgehammer left a cavity in his face. I had watched as Thor's hammer, rocked that beautiful face, and listened as the crunch of bones set gravity into place. Nice pieces of flesh and bone hung on his lifeless face, moving as the wind whipped around making soft thwapping noises. His beautiful, beautiful face with the blood soaked eyes, and dark blue lips brought a smile of enjoyment over my own blood red.

I knew a man who had a fine pale expansion of neck raped and tore with a fine hunting knife, leaking down in rivets of blood. His shoulders ached with the loss of arms, charred to a stump, blackened roots little bits of barbed wire tore into the delicate smoldering flesh.

I knew a man who had a muscled chest, ripped abs, heart-scooped out with a spoon. An empty vessel, heartless soul, black gorging out of his chest. Valves non-responding, soft sucking noises, music to my ears. An angel's cry as the dear man whimpers in pain.

I know a man castrated long, long after birth. Hot molten tipped rod, breaking into his soft delicate flesh. Scar tissue tittered his under body, I declare him eunuch, and demand a song for me.

I knew a man whose flesh was stripped to the bone, pulled away with fishhooks to prolong the agonizing pain. While ebony bones, broken in pieces taped around a rod of steal, so the man couldn't run away.

I knew a mans who's ankles were cut open, and sewn back closed. Inserted inside a ball to roll under his skin, just to satisfy me. His feet black with my make shift stitches, seeped with puss and full of hatred.

I knew a man tortured and killed, crucified later. I looked out a smile on my face, as the buzzards picked at his. Sighing I rested carefully enjoying the screams of pain, my heart hopping with glee.

Twist the Knife

Take the knife
Cut it slowly
Let it flow
Feel the pain

Take the knife
Cut more boldly
Watch it flow
Let it drain

Take the knife
Cut in deeper
Release the pain
Feel releif

Take the knife
Cut forever
Smell the blood
Feel no more



Touch my heart
Kill my soul
Tear the flesh
Dare to be bold
I live off your abuse

Cause the pain
Cause the ache
Make me free
Lock me in my cage
I live off your abuse

Call me names
Bite my chest
Play those games with me
That I love best
I live off your abuse

Slice my wrists
I'll let you in
Carve your initials
Deep in my skin
I live off your abuse


"in my grave"

i live in my grave
digging my hole deeper
waiting for the devil to cut open my soul
tear open my heart, drink my blood cold
cradle my heart, in glass gloves open to your soul
cut my flesh, lick the wound, lap my blood
take in my soul
carry me out into my grave
shove me down under as i began to pray
shove over the dirt, cover my face
watch the soil deteriorate my joy
love me tender
for years to come

-no title-
tie my heart, to this stake
impale my love, for your sake
murder my body, mind, and soul
yank my reins, forever to pull
draw me under, suffocate my being
strangle my life, while holding me tender
capture my essence, rapture my body
tear me open, implant your seed
watch it grow, devouring me whole
laugh as it turns me, into a beastly existence
let me plunge my bloody hands, wrapping them into the darkness of its existence
castrate the evilness, binding it as my own
mockery comes from my belly, twisting pain wrenching my body
of my own, it's evil spread
holding my body, capturing my mind
insanity driving me mad, deep pleasure ripping holes
scorning me, as i begin to fall

-another non existent title-

Tie the rope, pull me under
swallow the water, drink it down
Suffocate my lifeless wonder,
confuse my morals, rape my mind
Hollow my core, cry me a river,
watch me tumble to the floor
Smell the acid on my skin,
burning flesh, erupting pleasure
Kick my corpse, burn my body,
scatter my ashes into the abyss
Desecrate my fallen body,
leave me with no remorse.


the darkest veil feathers down
across the face i keep
eternity is smushed inside
these grey and tired cheeks

i don't feel humble in my skin
any more than i feel clean
this lust and dust and screwed up trust
are stuck with me-between

i am confused, as i should be
where is there to go?
no warmth, no sun, i am the one
whose heart will always snow

no tightness of an embraced love
can cause my nights to gleam
all of it coagulates
like bloodstains on a dream

Build Up Inside

disillusioned and falling, i'm caught inside the moment
yet frozen in my waiting, i'm still running through the mourning

i'm keeping this to remind me
the misery of waiting
still running wide and running far
i'm letting it build up inside me

its all too soon for this to be ending
the world still ripe and new in its beginning
the memories are still engaging
even though these hands,
                  that face,
                    this body...
                             it is still aging

the life once known is fading
the eyes staring back are fleeing
they see no reason for moving, they feel no shame in closing
even though i am not ready to slumber

it shouldn't be too long now
the pain diminishing, the cold unforgiving
the pixies and goblins now sit in waiting
watching it build up inside me

 put together by [SerenityDisrupt]


im burning in a fire your cold embrace
my soles been broken so i cant feel the pain.
overwelmed by darkness shattered by fear
my eyes swollen surounded by tears
you kenw me to well you hert me to bad the words left unspoken because the pain will come back.


im burning in a fire a fire fuled by hate. tears are usless thayll just case me more pain. im locked in a shadowed room one you shadowed by your lies. life is poitless now i have nuthing left inside. i couldent see the truth hypnotized deep withen your eyes. you helped me feel alive you helped heal my wings. but it was you who threw the rock that caused my wings to brake . and you who put me in this shadowed room thats caused me so much pain. will you ever let me free and let the pain die or will you keep me hidden deep . deep within your eyes

both pomes by [maluna]

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