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A wiki created by [kians mummy]



This wiki was created by [kians mummy] to be a neutral ground for discussion between the crew of Elftown and regular Elftowners. Some members of the community have recently aired concerns regarding how Elftown is being run and the purpose of this wiki page is to provide a safe environment where Elftowners can communicate with the crew. They can post questions, share their experiences and help make Elftown a better place. This is not a place to bully or harass other members.

The page was not created to offend anyone, we just want the crew to know our concerns. Thank you.


We wish to enhance communication between members of the crew and regular members, and to improve the community as a whole by making the process of giving feedback run more smoothly.


A united Elftown where members feel that they can approach the crew about their concerns.


What We Expect From the Crew

1. When talking to members of Elftown
Always be respectful, it goes a long way.

2. When responding to problems a member may have
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> If a member breaks the Uploading Art Rules, do not be too hasty in banning them. Be reasonable with people and they might not do it again.
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> If a member asks questions about how to run a wiki or use the pseudo HTML, remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> Try to refrain from using sarcasm.

3. When making Elftown a safe place to be
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> Harassment of other members should result in a 1 year ban.
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> Do not continue giving second chances to people who bring misery to others for their own enjoyment.

4. When doing your regular work
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> Remember the golden rule, one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.


Administrator & True Founder

[kians mummy] - Manager

General Staff

- Design/Maintainer


this page is no longer for random chat, if you want that then go to bored???, please refrain from harassing the staff of this wikipage, or other members who participate in the comment section, also please refrain from using any large text or wiki links

[djxmonster] : banned perminantly

support the guards
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Uploading Art Rules <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>What Is An Asshole
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Elftown - Rules <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Elftown Graphics
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Council <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Guards
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Competitions <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Art Creation Help
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Upcoming News <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Contest HOW-TO
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Art Contests <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Photo Contests
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Writing Contests <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif> The Elftown Council
<img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Help <img:stuff/egchar_tgif_bullet_diamondgemblue01.gif>Help in other Languages

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2011-07-21 [Alexi Ice]: Why delete my comments? I just said I wasn't interested in talking with you because you would only delete the comment anyway. And hey, that's exactly what you did.

2011-07-21 [Paul Doyle]: Good luck being on the crew, and then deleting everyone else's comments out of spite. Censorship doesn't get anybody anywhere, unless of course you're a power-mad dictator from the Third World. Don't hold your breath about being on crew. And I won't hold my breath about this comment being deleted.

2011-07-21 [XxTsomexX]: Even mine was deleted, and I didn't even do anything. >.> If you get on crew, I'll withdraw my own application.

2011-07-21 [djxmonster]: I'm still not sure if I'm banned since perminantly isn't a word...
Elftowners against sammie for crew

2011-07-22 [Doormat]: My comment got deleted?


2011-08-04 [kians mummy]: Sammie's Apology: please can you all read this, thanks. :)

2011-10-12 [djxmonster]: Please give credit for the image you added without permission. "Image by [Bratt]" should be under the "supporters of the Elftown Guards" banner

2011-10-16 [drakkar]: <,< *ponders*

2011-10-17 [kians mummy]: Actually, I didn't add it, [Mystin] did. :)

2011-10-17 [kians mummy]: Next time, make sure you check through the past differences before playing the blame game,

2011-10-17 [djxmonster]: Am I still banned?

2011-10-17 [kians mummy]: Yes as you are banned perminantly. :)

2011-10-17 [djxmonster]: *permanently
Ok, thanks! Though I will ask one final time for you to give proper credit for the banner.

2011-10-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Sammie, what did I tell you about being funny? Fake little smiley faces and acting bitchy are not funny. Being defensive about every little thing isn't funny (which is something I never do). While obnoxious sarcasm is totally funny, some people don't like it. And mispleling things is definately never funny. :)

2011-10-18 [Paul Doyle]: Let's put this page in the past, please, and move along.

2011-10-18 [Alexi Ice]: *eats ramen* because. I. Fucking. Can.

2011-10-18 [kians mummy]: [Paul Doyle] its up to me to make that decision, not you. :)

2011-10-18 [kians mummy]: [djxmonster] will be off of here until he grows up a little, its funny as he has banned me from Support the guards which won't get to me, as he is just playing his little games.

2011-10-18 [loki86]: ?

2014-07-16 [Stephen]: This wikipage has been removed from the Featured Wiki - Wiki Nominations page due to being rather inactive.

If this was done in error, please feel free to leave a comment on the Wiki nominations informing us of our error.

Thanks for your understanding!

- The Featured Wiki Bosses

2014-09-11 [kians mummy]: Its fine, but people should know where it is, though I do not have a problem with Elftown. :)

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