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2006-10-30 05:52:38
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Dil's CG

New colouring style :)

Girl in water, done all on the comp, drew it with a tablet

banner for coffee tawk

punk drawing done

For frontpage competition.

I was amused.

My tribute to deviant art.

Some agenda covers, didn't win though >.<



for nonimages.

for [Disconnect ..-Dots-..] (request)

halloween drawing

for a contest

Me glomping my bf :D

Wordart, bloody hate, enjoy :D

First cg with my computer pen (tablet)
These are my alter egos..they live in my mind :D. One angry psycho who wants to kill and burn things; the one with black hair commanding fire. She also likes to swear alot. One sad entity, long blonde hair girl, in charge of sad emotions and takes me for an emotional rollercoaster all the time. One egotistical bastard who likes money alot: the one in the green and pink. She's in charge of making me suceed. Hideously shrunken...damn uploading rules.

Christmas pic, photoshop7

2nd thing colored with a tablet, photoshop7. Quite pleased with it.

Some photoshop lightning.

Gothic Lolita, colored by the lovely [Cat0132]


Dil Sticker, Dil will send one to you if you're loved by Dil XD.


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