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Dilandau's Poetry

[ Update!!! I found all my daily poem winnings and put them on here...after sifting through all the crap this is a huge update ]

The Lady Who Only Wore Blue

I once knew a lady who only wore blue
Blue nails, blue hair, blue through and through.
Her pale skin almost appeared blue too.

I was deadly curious as to why.
Day after day I passed her by.
Until one day I had to try:
“Why? Why do you wear blue fair lady?”

She paused, blinked and winked.
“Why must you know?”
“Why is the sun, why is the snow?”

My face fell in dismay.
I almost continued on my way. 
The lady in blue flew in front of me.
Luminous blue contacts were all I could see.

What happened next left me vexed and perplexed.
Up in a flare, she declared:
“Blue as the sky.”
“Blue as a saddened sigh.”
“Blue as my bleak tomorrow.”
“Blue as the oceans of sorrow.”
“Blue as unavoidable pains.”
“Blue as the blood in my veins.”

She calmed down, but still wore a frown.
“I choose my mission long, long ago...”
“I am determined to wear the colour of woe.”

I clasp my hands, as I began to understand –
She shook her head and said:
“I mourn for every teardrop shed.”
“I mourn for every child unfed.”
“I am here to remind your kind;
the lucky ones who can have fun.”
“Without me, you would have none.”
“I am the sadness you avoid.”
“I am the unhappy void.”

I paused, and gave a solemn applause.
Though I asked her to stay, she continued along her way.
I will never forget that day.
The day when she told me why.
Why she wore the blue of the sky.
Why she wore the blue of a saddened sigh. 


Can you feel?
Touch, hold, caress
Emotions falling from the sky
Droplets of colour
Red, blue, yellow
Soaking in my skin

Can you feel?
The fire of engulfing hatred
The deepest pits of grief
The highest heavens of bliss
It is what it means to be

Can you feel?
The seasons of feeling
Ever changing in constant flow
Never ceasing
In chaotic beauty
Words float in mist

Flowers grin and blossom
Accusations fall with leaves
Screams echo in winter wind
Dewdrops dance and grass tickles
Colours flow onto the senses-
Though not to overwhelm

It is time again
The smell of alteration
As sudden as a flood
Yet righteously on time
Emotion in season
I can feel it.


From the oceans of sorrow…
I find life.
In the darkest watery depths
I see the faint light.

I was anchored underneath.
I found my arms.
I found my legs.
Hidden in plain sight.

Didn’t know how to swim.
I learned.
Didn’t know how to breathe.
I learned.

Was so afraid to escape.
It meant to acknowledge
That I was trapped
In the first place.

Now here I am.
On land.
I bask in the warm glow
Of the sun.

A mist forms
From the rising vapour
Of the evaporating water on
My body and in my eyes.

Not all the water dries –
Some remains as if to
Remind Me
Of where I was before.

Desist To Exist? Got daily poem with this one

The world slowly fades from me.
I’m starting to cease to be.
I always ask myself the same question.
I’m always on the verge of my confession.

In a quiet deafening explosion,
A drop of water is lost in an ocean.
My essence is being erased.
My imprint on the world is defaced.

In a justified moralistic murder,
The lines of your sanity begin to blur.
I’m everywhere at once, outside, inside.
But I was never really real; I lied!

I come apart and go back together.
I’m gone, but here I am forever.
I’m just another entity in your mind.
I’m just your reality undefined.


Glass hearts littered upon the floor.
I crush them in my malicious stride.
The glass cuts; I bleed a little.
Leaving bloody trails I try to hide.

My glass heart has been broken too.
It lies in a million pretty shards.
He continues to step on it.
In an ocean of glass, we’re all scarred.

Two distraught love stories in one.
I feel your pain and you feel mine.
I’m the breaker and the broken.
This paradox is hard to define.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.
Actually, we should all be sorry.
We are all guilty of heartbreaking.
But I know I crushed you utterly.

I feel my guilt and self-loathing.
You did not deserve this kind of pain.
My apologies for past love.
I’m tainted with these conscious stains.

Not one soul can avoid this pain.
Do you dare say I don’t understand?
Heartbreak is an old acquaintance.
And she’s always willing to lend a hand.

I’m a slave to my emotions.
He unwittingly steps on my heart.
He doesn’t notice things beneath him.
I long for my feelings to depart.

Sorrow leaks out of my eyes.
Hearts heal, but never quite fully.
Agony strangles my voice out.
You will fade, but never completely.

Sorrow leaks out of his soul.
She will fade, but never completely.
Agony strangles his voice out.
Hearts heal, but never quite fully.

Human Clockwork [ daily poem ]

She walks, she stumbles, she falls.
She can’t get up.
She can’t stay down.
It’s the ugly place in between.
Cascading sorrow, empty hope.
It’s a dysfunctional heart.
She was a machine.
She followed a routine.
A gear breaks apart and flies.
The battery fizzles and dies.
Oh, it had a wretched distraction.
Oh, it should have stopped the interaction.
This machine is destroyed.
All that’s left is a void.
It’s quite hollow and vacant.
Though the parts still move.
A vase is shattered.
The contents don’t leak out.
It just stays there, suspended;
Forever, in dismal anticipation.

Prolonged Decay

In the blackest darkness…
Nothing has been so clear
Truths are burning everything
The little white lies fly by and die

Familiar terrors never get better
Rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat
All the wants, the needs clump
One undistinguishable mass

Dripping, crawling to the next day
Such disgusting emotions
Wanting so much and so little
All for the impossible

Crimson rain, wash away the black
Vile metallic taste to dried paper-lips
There’s always a price
It’s trapped within now

Pulsating temple of wretched desires
No more blood to give
There are no more futile sacrifices
There are other ways to lose everything

Tiniest glimmer of light, be gone!
The eyes are unaccustomed
They have never been
It hurts with false hope

Illogical Agony

Waiting, waiting.., waiting;
I look up to find hell in heaven.

Clouds aflame, stars askew in a myriad of spectrums
A vortex of souls spinning on in endless monotony;

If I only knew the nature of this horror…
If I only knew the nature of this chaos…

Perhaps, I could leave this place.

Meaningless rivers run down my visage.
The tiniest spark of hope has vanished,
Even before being seen.

Rain and Teardrops

The gloomy sky opens up and cries.
The grayness of the weather reflects in my eyes.
The fog engulfs my window like a ghost.
I start pondering about what I miss the most.
Glistening rain droplets collect on my window.
The drops of water are much like my sorrow,
They cling together and slowly descend.
My mind is something I cannot mend.
I go unfocused, blurry shapes and lights.
I feel so low in this city of great heights.
My light dims; my candle begins to fade.
The darkness of the past cuts me like a blade.
I long for the water to wash away the past.
I long for a freedom from memory amassed.
The weather embodies what I cannot portray.
There is no tomorrow without a yesterday.
There are countless things that cannot be undone.
I stare out the window, longing for the sun.
The wicked weather has no pity.
Rainwater continues to drench this city.

My Dream, My Reality

There is an inner struggle.
Many thoughts and emotions I juggle.
To complete this cursed puzzle.
To free myself from this leash; this muzzle.

I have an artist’s dream.
To art, my heart does gleam.
But there is reality, the world is cruel.
My mind, my talent is used like a tool.

All this dilemma has taken its toll.
Art is what fulfills my soul.
I cannot do what I want to do.
I am in turmoil, my emotions left to stew.

Art is what keeps me going.
It is what keeps my life flowing.
But I must sadly face up to reality.
The artist’s dream is a fatality.

The Nihilist

The world beautiful amidst all its lies.
The beautiful world that I now despise.
I see the world now in all its decay,
Yet everyone still fools themselves, to my dismay.

Life is such a short mean thing.
Happiness is a brief lapse in our suffering.
I have no right to despair,
As the fabric of my reality tears.

I have no right to feel,
I should be strong enough to deal.
There is no reason to life;
All humans filled with struggle and strife.

Our sin is existing.
Our punishment is living.
I need to find peace; I must!
Dust to dust, as we all fall into dust.


Wash away my pain.
I stand alone in the rain.
Tears burn down my cheek.
I have lost my ability to speak.

Wash away my pain.
And all the emotions I sustain.
The whole world is too cold.
I fall into this icy mold.

Wash away my pain,
All the ugliness that stains.
My soul is in deep disarray.
Take my agony away.


Behold thy wretched box!
Spewing ads of beauty and Botox.
How I loathe television.
Dimming the mind; blurring our vision.

Conform to the media!
Burn books and encyclopaedias,
“We don’t need them, books are useless.”
People are sheep, absolutely listless.

How I despise this machine.
Our mushy minds we gladly demean.
Might as well sell our minds to the devil,
Wallowing in the ignorance we revel.


Suffering in this loneliness.
Always a dominating shyness.
As lone as the distant gray moon,
And as cold; all my feelings strewn.

Searching for the evasive key.
To let my tortured soul free,
From this icy cold void.
All human contact; devoid.

In my pit of desperate despair,
Shedding countless tears.
My heart is in pieces; broken!
Yet my pain is still unspoken.

What little happiness is rapidly repealing.
Loss of emotion, destruction of feeling.
Therapy, help, it’s all much too late.
My is soul is dead, and that is my fate.

Distant Love >>this one got daily poem, woot<

Could you love from afar?
Wishing upon a distant star?
This overwhelming attraction, I constantly pursue.
I would give anything just to be with you.

This terrible feeling, this unquenchable thirst,
My wounded heart is ready to burst.
Day after day, I am wasting away.
My being, my soul is in deep decay.

Such is the price of emotion; it costs.
Such a cruel curse, this feeling of loss!
Sometimes I wish I could not feel.
How great it would be, to have a heart of steel.

To have not a care, it would be easy to bear.
It’s a naïve wish, I am painfully aware.
But I am stuck, with the same question.
Stuck in my unhealthy obsession.

Could you love from afar?
Wishing upon a distant star?
I can still hope, somehow, someway,
We will be together, someday.

Cloak and Dagger

The sun, sets, the darkness awakens.
All light is sucked away, taken.
The realms of darkness,
Demanding a weary alertness.

A dark cloaked figure lurks,
Preparing, for another night’s work.
The wicked wind is howling,
And hidden evil is prowling.

The silver moonlight shines,
All the dark shapes it defines.
The old owl coos,
The night is in shades of blue.

The flash of a knife,
The night is full of strife.
Nothing is heard,
As the murder occurred.

Not a single sound,
As the body fell to the ground.
The assassin stalks away,
Waiting, for another night to slay.

The Emerald of My Eye >>>woot, this one is getting published and it got daily poem<<

The woods are a magical realm.
The swaying of the enigmatic elms,
the peaceful motion is kind.
The forest has nothing else in mind.

The sweet song of the trees,
and the buzzing of the bees.
The forest guardian towers over all.
Many trees stand proud and tall.

Going around the thorny thistles,
The woeful wind whistles.
Sun, reveal your face!
Show us your warm embrace.

The silent symphonious rhythm,
your heart will tell you what's hidden.
Glorious, green grass envelopes the ground.
Wild, free, the plants go abound.

The beautiful emerald of my eye,
the forest, its deep depths without lies.
The rustling of the leaves,
Emanates what you perceive.


The heart constricts.
The pain restricts.
The sadness from inside,
My other thoughts shoved aside.

The first sign,
I will always find.
The first blow,
The misery is starting to grow.

Agony rises in my heart,
Searing pain, only a part.
Worse than a physical blow,
It will start to show.

My fake visage is slipping.
The mask is ripping.
The happy face I wear.
It is starting to tear.

A single teardrop burns.
My despairing thoughts take turns,
Spineless, stupid, selfish thing I am.
The endless affliction, I am truly damned.


There is only one thing I can think of,
And it is there without love.
The darkness I try to repress.
My attempts are meaningless.

Scorched into my soul.
I can't avoid the pull.
Burnt deep into my heart,
I am coming apart.

Buried in my bones.
I cannot atone.
Etched in my mind
As if I were intertwined.

Flowing in my veins,
Trapped under chains.
A person it retains.
I cannot escape the pain.

Easily Amused

A cat statuette is on the counter.
It has a wobbly, nobly left paw.
Blank Black pupils stare into nothing.
Red, blue beads accenting, adorning.

I stretch my arm, I reach toward it.
I slowly give the paw a little tip.
Back and forth the golden paw started to swing.
My oh my, it certainly has a surprising spring.

Back and forth the golden paw swings.
Its gaudy gold surface shines.
Back and forth the golden paw swings.
I got to get me one of those things.

Back and forth the golden paw swings.
My eyes begin to water, lost in the motion.
Back and forth the golden paw swings.
All the amusement this thing brings!

The Game

At the break of dawn,
I am the pathetic pawn.
I move menacingly across the board,
And try to avoid the swift sword.

Black, black on white,
The board is filled with blight.
The glint of a sharp sword,
My assurances, you will not be bored.

Squares across squares,
We move about in pairs.
Keep a strait simple path.
Make sure you do the math.

Look before you leap.
You sow what you reap.
Your life is full of choices,
Manipulated by different voices.

The scream of the queen,
To follow the routine.
Ignore the conformist pull.
Find yourself, your soul.

Grave got daily poem with this one

Sun silently fade away,
The world now in shades of grey.
The wind whispers in different tones.
Out in the cold, I stand all alone.

The gravestones line up in rows.
I walk alone, lost in my woes.
I know the route by memory by heart;
Every last detail, every last part.

Icy moonlight, shine my way,
Illuminate the path of my dismay.
I enter the home of the dead.
All my sorrows play in my head.

Out of step with this world, out of tune.
He was taken from me, much too soon.
My soul I would gladly displace,
Just for a last sweet embrace.

I quietly whisper his beloved name.
Nothing affected, everything’s the same.
I place a single red rose on his grave.
For the loving soul I could not save.


Look deep into your mind.
What memories can you find?
Wandering into the mists.
Forgetting the world exists.

A passing hazy incomplete thought,
Of past bloody battles fought.
Travel back into a different time.
A cherished memory, so sublime.

The blazing heat of summers past,
The wonderful memories that I hope last.
Some things stay with you forever.
Even things you try to forget and sever.

Some things I sorely wish I could forget
To rid myself of all guilt and not fret.
As new vivid memories are made,
Others, begin to silently fade.


The room turns Black.
Your vision turns crimson red.
There’s a throbbing in you head.

Throat constricting, teeth clench,
Terrible temper is rising.
Inner pain and turmoil arising.

Explosion in your mind,
Rage courses through your veins.
Drowning in your inner pains.

The soul has taken one beating too many.
It starts to blacken and fall.
Bloodthirsty vengeance calls.

The devious devil smiles.
Let the hate consume your heart.
Time to take your enemies apart.

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2004-08-05 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: Ha! Does someone play chess? Very nice poetry...I really like your wording...very moving

2004-08-05 [Dil*]: nah i sux at chess, but i wanted to try something metaphorical...bleh thanks

2004-08-09 [Doormat]: word

2004-08-19 [Dil*]: thanks...?

2004-08-22 [Mutilated witch]: lol i like your peotry. i think its aewsome^-^

2004-08-22 [Dil*]: ty

2004-09-10 [barutha]: interesting yes. i like the structuring of your poems. does it have a name? quite traditional. anyway, great stuff/

2004-09-10 [Dil*]: i dunno, it has a rhyming thing going on, thanks ne how :)

2004-11-20 [Shinobu]: i choose Obsession

2005-03-09 [Kememmótar]: grave is depressing.. I LIKE IT!

2005-03-09 [Dil*]: Thanks ^___^

2006-03-31 [Half-Mad Poet]: :) i wam glad to see you have joined. and, after reading all of your poems, i find that i enjoyed your chess metaphore and Loneliness the best (though the others were great as well).

2006-03-31 [Dil*]: I have to admit my new stuff is stupid angst.

2006-10-05 [Fizban]: I will re-read your newest poem, but I think lady in blue is better

2006-10-05 [Dil*]: yeah? ok.

2006-10-05 [Fizban]: They are both intelligent...but I always appreaciate flow...this poem has but few breaks or disruptions in its flow...where as your latest poem, is characterized by the utter absence of flow. Which is fine, and indicative and conducive to it's meaning, because when I envision a futureistic world filled with lifeless machines and the humans who are utterly subserviant held in complacence to them, I do not think of any type of power, of passion...of flow.

but that naturally makes me like the former more then the latter of the two.

So perhaps I am merely biased.

2006-10-05 [Dil*]: I think the 2nd one is much deeper. The first one is an embodiment of a twisted sort of rebellion..drawing attention to the sorrow of the world.

The 2nd one is much more. The 2nd one is more clever, ideas-wise, while the 1st one is clever words-wise. They both have their merits. I just tend to like poems of mine which are a drawing just tends to like it more...we'll see. The test is time.

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