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Welcome to My Sketchbook

[*** under construction ***** ]

This is where I put all my drawings that I like or are half decent. You can commment though, actually I encourage you to comment :P

I hope you like my drawings ^^  

Mini drawing bio

I started drawing at the start of grd.8, and I'm at university now. I'm currently 18. I enjoy all most art forms, although I draw anime the most. I can draw realism with a photo reference and I can create some pretty cool things in photoshop 7 (which is god by the way).

you can find these cool dividers at elftown graphics dilandau

I'm going to try to make things a bit more neat now. But I'll leave the archives open just for the sake of my laziness.

dil's CG
dil's photomanips
dil's realism
dil's traditional media


older art:
Oldest being archive 1 and newest of the old art being the highest number. Basically the same stuff above, just disorganized.
dilandau's sketchbook archive 1
dilandau's sketchbook archive 2
dilandau's sketchbook archive 3

***Newest art: click on thumbnail for larger version


lineart for an art trade.

councel portrait contest

photomanip of [Dark_Catt]

Ballpoint pen's horribly scaled down (larger version: )

photomanip of [IzzyKSK]

ballpoint pen


Sometimes I may take requests.
1.[Lost in Illusions] Human heart, in half, barbed wire holding two pieces together wrapped in such a way it spells 'hope'
Name: D'aron Mirshann

Sex: Male

Race: Angel

Age: Houndredandseventyfive (175) but looks around the twenty (20)

Height: 176

Appearence: Half asian looking with either one wingspan or about three (wings is with golden tips) depending on weither i am or aren't in my true form that could reassemble a seraphim then if i am in that form i am also slight higher and more muscular cause of needed cause of the wings and in both i has shoulder long dark hair set in a ponytail and a dark purple kneecaps long trench coat in a unknown fabric with BIG pockets and black jeans and a purple shirt under a knight's chest-armor.. and maybe oddly enough.. sneakers, a angellic crafted longsword (runes ingraved, that runs along the broadside of the blade) with a emerald in the handle i also has two swortwords of one that is only used if longsword is lost (Precious but with the intention of using, precious due to given by wife [someelf]) while the other never is used since it is a gift presented by daughter so thereby a precious memory and a few daggers slightly hidden and sometimes also brings a also angellic crafted bow, newly aquired a Katana from a friend on his birthday.

Personality: Kind and warmhearted the kind who will stand up against bullies and such with his sword or a spell ready to protect someone weaker or just someone close to him.

Spells: Basics and they are quite strong and some few more complicated spells but they are not near as strong as my basic spells and i has also some few enchantments that are semi-strong then of course healing that is my speciality in both forms there i master every healing spell there is.

Username (or number or email):


2003-12-14 [KittyMindy]: All of your drawings are really great. I wish I could say I had a fav, but I like everyone of them. Well maybe I like the faeries, angel, and Dilandau best, but the others are just as good. I hope you do get into Lothlorien soon.

2004-01-14 [Fox of Fire]: NURIKO! NURIKO! NURIKO! O.O .....what can I say? I luv Fushigi Yuugi ....^^' Very nice drawings by the way ^_^

2004-01-14 [Dil*]: Ty, i luv nuriko alot, i was so sad when he died -_- actually im still sad T-T noo why did they have to kill him off so early WHY??

2004-01-16 [jenoclone1]: O.o jeno lurv dilly

2004-01-17 [Dil*]: :D

2004-01-17 [Fox of Fire]: Nuriko, I pine for you....-.-,

2004-01-19 [KittyMindy]: Very Nice! I'm glad you've been updating!

2004-01-22 [Dil*]: :D

2004-02-16 [something wicked]: your celtic knot one is amazing... i could never have that much patience

2004-02-16 [Dil*]: yeah, patience i dont have XD, i can still feel the pain *shudders*

2004-02-21 [Masayume_soto]: nice pics! do you usually hold lots of contests

2004-02-22 [Dil*]: yes, i love entering contests..but ive only made 2 so far...

2004-02-27 [KittyMindy]: That's a pretty neat background! I like how you have her feet placed kinda like she's dancing or something!

2004-02-27 [Dil*]: thanks ^^

2004-02-28 [Masayume_soto]: you have really cool pics!

2004-02-28 [Dil*]: i lack creativity in poses and ect.

2004-03-03 [KittyMindy]: nah you don't your poses are always very nice. You don't have your character just standing there do ya? NO!

2004-03-03 [Dil*]: most of the time, yes

2004-03-03 [KittyMindy]: no not most of the time. Stop trying to stomp your art into the ground. Ok maybe one or two of them are just standing there...but not all of them.

2004-03-03 [Dil*]: ^^, good idea

2004-03-08 [KittyMindy]: I give up. I guess having shoe prints on your art would be something different.

2004-03-08 [Dil*]: true, true

2004-03-12 [Masayume_soto]: That last picture lokks like its from escaflowne

2004-03-13 [Dil*]: really?

2004-03-14 [Masayume_soto]: yah, i thought it looked like the main female character, whats her name? Well ya she does

2004-03-14 [Dil*]: lol, no that looks nothing like hitomi from escaflowne, god no

2004-03-15 [Demon*Archer]: it does a little bit, that one jewel was what made me think it was

2004-03-15 [Dil*]: but hitomi's jewel is red ^^;

2004-03-22 [Dil*]: Update: okay, time to kill some things here i dont like.

2004-03-23 [Love and Chaos]: awesome drawings! love to be able to draw like that!

2004-03-23 [Dil*]: thankyous ^^

2004-04-02 [Masayume_soto]: you use a lot of 'prismacolors' and 'touching up on photoshop'

2004-04-02 [Dil*]: yes i do XD prismacolors are pencil crayons

2004-04-05 [KittyMindy]: The eyes on the red pen drawing are absolutely superb! I'm jealous!

2004-04-05 [Dil*]: they're not that great.

2004-04-08 [Masayume_soto]: hello...yes they are, i have tons of little scraps of paper that I have that are filled with sketches of eyes just trying to get a good eye

2004-04-08 [Dil*]: relly?

2004-04-08 [Masayume_soto]: yes,it takes me a long time just to get the right amount of shades and shines for my eyes when im drawing

2004-04-08 [Dil*]: it doesnt take any time at all for me..mostly i get stuck on the hands XD

2004-04-12 [Masayume_soto]: yes hands i get stuck on a lot. My art teacher said that hands is one of the hardest things to draw

2004-04-13 [Dil*]: it definately is.

2004-04-14 [Evil Penguin puppeter]: i love escaflowne too and hellsing is god(alucard is the greatest) and i love dilandau as well you also draw wonderfully i also like the picture you drew of nuriko from fusugi yugi(sorry my spelling sucks) i was kind of put out when dilandau was actually alans sister but the movie of escaflowne is totally different and even better in some points than the series and if you think hellsing is god watch beserk i think youll find another religion lol

2004-04-14 [Dil*]: yay! another anime fan!, hellsing rules! and your spelling is okay, you spelled nuriko okay, just that fushigi yugi is spelt this way, and ill keep beserk in mind

2004-04-21 [Masayume_soto]: Trigun, Dragon Half, and Outlaw Star are some also really good animes I've seen. Dragon Half is more of a really goofy anime

2004-04-22 [Vende]: Wow. Your artwork is AWESOME!!!!! I love it. Keep drawing! I like your pic of Dilandau :D

2004-04-22 [Dil*]: thanks alot ^_^

2004-04-26 [Dame der Mitternacht]: I like your drawings..

2004-05-19 [Dil*]: ty again ^_^

2004-05-20 [Dil*]: Update:deleted some more drawings a didnt like..

2004-06-13 [SeLoCeS]: your work really shows a high level of skill in shading and color usage, im highly impressed keep you your good work i am sure someone important will notice one day soon..

2004-06-13 [Dil*]: Thanks alot :)

2004-06-15 [Windstar]: They may have taken you a long time, but I love the celtic knots. You did a good job on them. *grin* And I'm partial to celtic knots too, I admit, but you DID do a good job.

2004-06-15 [Dil*]: i only like the red one...the blue one is messed up...

2004-06-15 [Heather Feather]: You're a really good artist!

2004-06-15 [Dil*]: ty :)

2004-06-15 [Kurin]: awesome^^

2004-06-21 [Dil*]: thanks.

2004-08-23 [KittyMindy]: Wow the fairy coming out of the water is very nice! As are the three versions of the angel-elf girl! I should check back more often!

2004-08-23 [Dil*]: thanks again ^__^

2004-09-11 [Vanilmwë]: Just... wow!

2004-09-11 [Dil*]: thankyous :)

2004-09-18 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: Wow is that...NURIKO! *glomps him* Only the hottest, next to Hotohori, in Fushigi Yugi! Why did he haveta die...*cries*

2004-10-06 [Dil*]: lol..nuriko rules alright :P

2004-10-07 [Kiristo]: wow! where do you color these?

2004-10-07 [Dil*]: ummm at home..with markers or prismacolors or photoshop7..

2004-10-08 [Kiristo]: i've got the markers and prismacolor things, but not the photoshop7....

2004-10-08 [Dil*]:'s a computer graphics/coloring/photmanipulating program...good all around

2004-10-08 [Kiristo]: cool, I WANT IT!><

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: it's very very expensive...but you can *ahem* skillfully acquire it from the internet.

2004-10-23 [cowsgomoo14245]: where?

2004-10-23 [Dil*]: dunno, my dad got it for me

2004-12-04 [Kiristo]: I DON'T LIKE U!, *sarcasum* ur better then me!^^lol

2004-12-10 [Edana]: you're very good at anime...but I think you surely must do some more realism too, you seem to have a talent for it too ^_^

2004-12-10 [Kiristo]: who?

2004-12-11 [Dil*]: er me?

2004-12-11 [Kiristo]: k

2004-12-27 [Chynadoll]: you draw faces and eyes beautifuly as well as hair and clothes...anatomy might need a little more defining tho...and id say to make the legs and arms a bit longer to match the anime style :)

2004-12-27 [Dil*]: thanks...hmm, arms, legs a bit longer...dunno -_-;

2004-12-27 [Chynadoll]: it would make your people look less short and stubby

2004-12-27 [Kiristo]: i think they're the arms and legs could be a little bit longer....

2004-12-27 [Dil*]: the ones at the bottom are chibis...they're supposed to be short...either than that i think it's my style to do around 6 head lengths tall...i'm definately not going for the CLAMP look though.. :P

2004-12-28 [Kiristo]: no, i think the chibis are perfect!^^ just the other things.

2004-12-28 [Chynadoll]: yea the chibis are fine its the rest that are a bit stubish

2004-12-28 [Kiristo]: *nods*

2004-12-28 [Dil*]: maybe my style will change in the future...but right now it's staying that way, usually my style changes every couple of months...but lately it's stuck on one thing...maybe this is the last transformation.

2004-12-29 [Lokenta]: I quite enjoy the way that you've done the shading so that it corresponds with the angle of the clothing. Although the mouth seems to be off-side every once in a while. Maybe that's just me.

2004-12-29 [Dil*]: thanks ^__^

2004-12-29 [Kiristo]: i like it.....

2004-12-29 [Dil*]: i'll tell ya what...i'll draw a taller person next time and see how it look, k? :P

2004-12-29 [Kiristo]: kay!^^

2005-01-09 [Chynadoll]: what kind of tablet do you use?

2005-01-09 [Dil*]: I got the tablet for christmas...'wacom, 5 inches by 4 inches'

2005-01-09 [Kiristo]: like the Gothic Lolita.

2005-01-09 [Chynadoll]: awesome! thats what im getting for my bday i was just making sure it was the right kind. ^_^

2005-01-09 [Dil*]: cool...i'm not quite used to my tablet yet though..i'm better with a mouse which is kinda sad.

2005-01-10 [Chynadoll]: you color these with a mouse??

2005-01-10 [Dil*]: most of them yes...only the last couple were done with a tablet.

2005-01-10 [Dil*]: Only the stuff i said i did with a tablet, were the ones i drew with my tablet i got for christmas :P

2005-01-15 [;___;]: What kind of Wacom tablet did you get? o.o (like a graphire, intuos, etc...)

2005-01-15 [Dil*]: graphire i think.

2005-02-03 [Cat0132]: ack LOKI!!!!!!!! *hugs* thank you dil!

2005-02-06 [Dil*]: NP :D

2005-02-22 [akira]: glahhh.... I told you.... quit making the boobs so high! :P I see you finally finished that cute picture tho...

2005-02-23 [Kiristo]: Akira's got a point...(ew)

2005-02-23 [Dil*]: ya...oh well, too lazy to fix it.

2005-02-23 [Kiristo]: -_-'

2005-02-27 [akira]: lol

2005-02-27 [Kiristo]: *sigh*

2005-04-07 [Kiristo]: Like your entry to the ET frount page, Dilandau.

2005-04-08 [Dil*]: Thanks ^^

2005-04-08 [Kiristo]: Your Welcome!^^

2005-07-06 [psychekiller]: wow i love the one with the swirls and the girl who looks like shes spinning

2005-07-06 [Dil*]: thanks.

2005-07-14 [Akayume]: I like all the pics!! they r soo awsome!!

2005-07-14 [Kiristo]: better then mine. Maybe 'cause I don't color them on things like photo shop.^^'

2005-07-15 [Dil*]: thanks.

2005-07-30 [Kiristo]: np^^

2005-10-28 [Miss.Kayree]: Wowsa.. I loves them. You're very talented ^^

2005-10-28 [Dil*]: ah, thankyou very much ^__^

2006-01-05 [Adaman]: You have some good work here. I think the most memorable for me will be the little ghost with "Fear me!". Reminds me of the dreaded pacman quartet.

2006-01-05 [Dil*]: thanks, the ghost...was some divine inspiration born from my evil alter-ego persona...(then again, all my humerous/dark drawings are).

2006-06-06 [Fizban]: I love the hair on the "girl in water"

2006-06-06 [Dil*]: thankyou! you've commented alot on my work.

2006-06-06 [Fizban]: Well, I thought, since I'd seen so much of your poetry, that I might see other art.

2006-06-06 [Fizban]: I think you shoudl combine them. Create art of poetry, and poetry of art. That could however, detract from the images people themselves make up...but I could totally see you making a Aunt-whatever with big glasses and an inch of dust on her from sitting in her rocking chair...or perhaps a wonderful impressionistic lady in blue...

2006-06-06 [Dil*]: I might do a lady in blue, but I've lost my art muse.

2006-06-06 [Fizban]: oh...:( I see...and I know what that feels like.

2006-06-06 [Dil*]: it's dead. dead!

2006-06-06 [Fizban]: No! it just got off it's leash is all...gotta go and catch it!

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: Wow! That is some mighty fine art O.O Ohhh! Can I ask a request? ^^'

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: Okay that might sounded wrong... But yeah I am a straight forward kind of dude ^^'

2006-11-05 [Dil*]: Depends what it is ^__^

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: An angel, my character to be more exact :P

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: Main character* ^^'

2006-11-05 [Dil*]: can you describe him?

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: Wears trenchcoat, has white wings with gold tips, longsword, chestarmor and sneakers and a few other stuff... Can send the description in a message if you like ^^' Then you can either decide now or then if you want to draw it, myself am honoured that you even consider doing it ^^'

2006-11-05 [Dil*]: maybe, I've got a couple of projects right now.

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: Okay, well should I send the message or wait till a time where you have better time then? Or simply forget it? No hard feelings... After all I know how a artist can have it... I am engaged to one ^^'

2006-11-05 [Dil*]: hmmm...

Just give me the description and I'll post it in my 'to do list'.

2006-11-05 [KnightAngel]: *smiles* Okay ^_^

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