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Egotistical Bastards United!


Hey all, this wiki is built for humor purposes, and is not to be taken seriously. For people with inflated egos :) If you want to be the best at everything/anything, want to be number 1 all the time, or think your good looking; this is the wiki for you!

>I have a messed up sense of humor, but have fun -[Dil*]<<




1.[Dil*]-owner, I own you all!
2.[spiritee]-I rock and I know it so you don't have to tell me, XD!
3. [Kaimee] pfft, I am infinetely better than you all...
4. [Pyra] Hell....I belong here....hahaha!!
5. [akira] I'm too sexy for my hat
6. [Doormat] Too sexy for this shirt...
7. [sonna cool na kimi wa plastic] I so dont have to explain why im in here, because I never explain myself to people under me... for example all the inhabitants of this earth..
8. [Veltzeh] I am GOD. Nothing less, but maybe more. And the Ruler of the Universe!
9. [sophomoric] If I really have to explain why I'm in here, you are either stupid or you aren't paying attention... Let's just pray it isn't both.
10.[Acomplished Exile] My opinon is a fucking fact! All fo 'em!
11. [The Scarlet Pumpernickle] I am the god of sarcasm and If you are one of the morons who will argue that fact I will chew you up and spit you out!
12. [kay-chan] To those who laugh and say I'm NOT egotistical: Oh, Ye of little faith and less sexiness than I!
13. (Empty) (Yngwie Malmsteen - "Eric Clapton? NKever heard of him.")
14. [material princess]- Modest people aren't really modest they just don't have as much to brag about. No not really but I get called a brat all the time so here I am.
15.[Falx]- People think I'm self-centered. But, hey, it's not like it's my fault that the world revolves around me.
16.[og_ghost] Good luck. you're gonna need it.
17. [Pale-Suzie] i don't need to explain why i am here, just be thankful that i am.
18. [apokryph] Vanity is my Middle Name
19. [Eli-kun] I was BORN with a big head... It was a difficult birth.
20. [Typical Cracka Behavior] I am quite literally GOD himself. I am a virtual master of any craft, (art,) that I pick up, and I have a totalitarian presence in a room. I also have the mean stare of an enraged bull.
21. [the squeegee] Now really people, I'm so cute I give cavities to all who look at me.
22. [SilverBlue82] Only cause im just so sexy lol
23. [Shiorysm] beware of me
24. [ceridwen] Well, I was told to join, for I have an ongoing love affair with myself. So, yeah. Bragging comes later.
25. [Crow T. Robot] Everyone's stupid except me...
26. [Akayume] Im the only wierd person at school
27. [Stephen] Fits me perfectly.
28. (but really number 1) [Cliché] Come on, you know I rock. And I'm brilliant, and you love me.
29. [xaio] Arrogant, Selfish, Cruel, Bastard GM From Hell. And proud. Master of Moron Management (execution). "You obviously do not know just who you are fucking with!"

>>There are no requirements to becoming a member, but it's advised that you have something to brag about...or these bastards will chew you up, and spit out your tattered remains...And remember to have a nice day :)<<



Ego Theme Song

I’m a psychopathic, egotistic, psycho-bitch,
I’m a no-good, smug ass, lamer itch,
He’s a goddamn, persistent, relentless ass,
We’re the ego-crazed morons, a convulsing mass.
A manipulative, asteriated, suspicious group,
In a semi-retarded, over larded, far-out troupe,
Ranting about it, how we look it, self-centered ‘tard
Beating others, and their mothers, got all the cards.
We’re the over ambitious, golden delicious, “too-good” freaks,
Climbing over, smashing rover, the owning peaks,
Striving, driving, over-diving, just to be the best,
Sniveling, gibbering, what to bring you suck-up pest,
We own joo, pwn too, ‘cause we’re 'leet
And we’ll be suicidal, a loser idol, if we get beat.

-[Doormat] Heh, a poem for the occasion. Don't start crying because of the swearing....I deemed it necessary for the occasion. Also the slang I shall translate for those living under rocks for most their lives (with cave-cable): own/pwn: verb: to be superior to one of your fellow humans, joo: noun, you, and 'leet: verb: elite, superior, super, uber, ultra.



Bragging Box

>Yep, this is where you brag, you bastards lol..about your elftown achievements, irl achievements and ect...make sure you leave your filthy name!<<<

[Kaimee] - and hell, while we're on Elftown I might just mention that I'm one of the guards and a member of the elftown council. I rule you all ^^

[Kaimee] -I am better than everyone. I do not need to explain this, or support it with evidence. All arguements to this fact will be pitied by me, as there is no possible way i could be wrong :)

I've had 7 Mod's Choices in my Elfwood galleries! Am I good or what? I co-run an RPG in Elftown and delete filthy comments from a wikipage. I have a page for all my stuff: Veltzeh. I was the best student through grades 1 to 7, and then jumped over a grade, and I was still among the best, thought not the best. I came second in an art contest for kids and won my county's math competition. I passed IB high school with good grades and got into a university by just doing the entrance exam. I also have a perfect grasp of both Finnish and English, even though English isn't my native tongue at all (it's my third, in fact). I've collected every single X-Men comic ever published in Finland (perfect collection!). I have my own drawing style and I'm good at coloring and I can also draw comics and write stories. I've read several books (so many I have no way of counting the exact number), mainly veterinarian books and science fiction, plus the obligatory school classics, both in Finnish and English. I'm an Elfwood moderator coordinator (for two years and five months now!), I mod all areas and am at the top ten list of mods who have modded most. I'm good with computers and other technical devices. I have two 8-bit Nintendos, N64, three Gameboy Colors, a GameCube, X-box, two TVs, four VCRs, DVD player, digital TV, two laptops, five functional computers (of which four are in use by the rest of my family), a printer/scanner/copymachine/fax, a tablet, an mp3 player and ADSL. I first drove when I was 12. I know five languages (three enough to say I can communicate with the language).

I read obscenely fast, about 3 times the normal reading speed at my age. Go visit dilandau's book list to see the many books I've read this year. Even though I have an average IQ (110), I compete with the genius kids. Self-taught genius alright. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2 days. I can draw anime, realism and do digital art in many types of media (dilandau's sketchbook). I own at drawing for my age, few people can stand up to moi (best of the best artists on elftown). I also write poetry, dilandau's poetry, and it's pretty damn good, considering I've only been writing poetry for about a year. I do well in school and excel in almost anything I try in *points to the plaque on the wall for this year*, 86% and higher average plaque thingy. Oh ya, i have my own fanclub dilandau fan club. Got on daily poem 3 times now. Got the first poem I have ever written published in a book called "In a quiet Forest". I am a jack of all trades :) (art, sciences, maths, philosophy, poetry, english literature). Just bow.

[sophomoric] I am the creator of Scott the Goth and I am a fervent writer of poetry, prose and stories. I have received two mod's choice awards in my elfwood library. Go to Sophomoric Lyrics and Poetry and Prose to read.

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] I passed my grade six voice exam with honours, I play guitar and piano and am curently writing a song, I can imitate marvin martin and kermit the frog, I draw and people can acctually tell if a person is male or female, I got the graphics award in school last year and I can read at a amayzing rate, I got straight A's in school last year and I've read the whole "Lord of the rings" trilogy in three days! I belong here!

[Doormat] I've read every Harry Potter book at least 5+ times. I got 99% and a Science Award in Science 9 through clever manipulation and skillful intellegence, got 5 A's 2 B's for grade 9 final, 8 A's 1 B for grade 7, I write lots of poetry (34+ different poems including the the ego theme song), got a 3 daily poems, and i'm an awesome hockey goalie; catching a top corner slapshot at 3 meters ;D. I also play the French Horn in Bb, one of the hardest instruments to learn and play out of all the instruments and apart from my 3 daily poems, I've had one published.

[kay-chan] I'm a book/knowledge fiend and evil in the fact that I speed read far too often. I tried out for can-can team and made it (over someone who's been dancing since she was three), and am a manager for the Speech and Debate team. I know I'm too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy. Okay, um, straight A's, blah blah, IQ: 164 etc. etc... Really, I feel I'm wasting my time outlining my perfection. Just... bathe in it. I'm posing, in case you didn't know. *pose*

[spiritee]: now, where do i start off...right, FIRST of all, i happened to have started the trend with all the art contests and rp wikis. i must admit that i was not the first to make them. nevertheless, after i made of some of each, they had spread like diseases. in addition, i have my own adoption agency (spiritee's adoption agency). there were 61 adoptees adopted and counting! -to be continued!-

[Kaimee] ok, real bragging time ;) i am perfect. lol, really ;) hmm, et related things: i took over running the anime guild and from the original 7 members when i otok it over there are now approx 170, changing daily ^_^ i run many many successful contests and i make terribly prettiful badges and banners :) real likfe, im terribly good at art and i topped it at my college last semester :) im awffully intelligent (ha!) and i've had my iq tested and... dadadadummm.... im quite above average. 182 as of 2ish years ago actually, at age 14 1/2. no one come and now go 'well, ee, my iqs 1Z92 because then i'd just feel silly... :( hehe um....?! what else? im an awfully good cook :) ooh and someone offered me a hair modelling job yesterday, im a redhead and my hair is oh so prettiful. *yawn* ill wrote more obnoxious stuff later...

[akira] I'm so hot other Elftowners hit on me without even knowing my gender. But seriously, I managed a 97% in French last year and got a B in English even without doing the two big essays... I can write better than everyone I know and draw better than most of them... I know more Japanese and Russian than you do... I can come up with obscure and often disturbing facts at the drop of a hat... I draw manga, and it's not too shabby... all that and good looks, too.

I'm not one of those people who needs to put up a "What do you think of me?" or "Am I hott?" poll in my house. I already know I look good. I've got a 130 IQ and I've solved Einstein's logic puzzle (you know, the one that only 2% of the world's population will be able to solve). I first drove a car when I was five. I have my own comic, 2 signed posters from Matt and Ian of fame, and both volumes of Megatokyo signed by Fred Gallagher. I make my own cosplay costumes. No prefab crap for me. I started ET's first tarot reading page, tarot readings and helped [itoe] construct rune readings. I also have more patience than anyone, because I teach Elementary School. I have had at one point had a Nintendo, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, PS2, Sega Genesis, a Sega Saturn, and a PC hooked up in the same room and all functioning. I got my first karate belt after only 3 days of class. Plus, I have my own band, M4d 5ki11z and ! 4|\/| 4 1337 (|-|!><><0|2. And I can use the word "monkey" as any part of speech. Boo-yah!

Admit it. The sweet, perfect, pretty girl look is all me. No one has bigger, prettier, or more perfect eyes than I do. My eyelashes are twice as thick, and twice as long as most peoples (Yes, a cosemetoligist acually wanted me to model my eyes). Not to mention my all too rosey cheeks. I've barely ever studied a day in my life, and yet my class average remains untouched. Back to the beautiful thing. I get messages at least once a week saying "Wow, you're hot, wanna chat?" or something that some sniving piece of shit will write. But can you blame them? I'm adorable! I have a beautiful voice, and yet I've never had training of any sort. Well....there's my addition to this ego-tystical wiki!

Ho, where to begin? Hm... I'm relatively smart (although I don't apply myself/turn in homework, so let's leave grades well enough alone...). I've been told (quoted) that I am "too f-ing perfect" by my friends, who hate me and abuse me regularly for it. I was asked out on a date, this year alone, by eighteen people (the increase has only lessened a little since a girlfriend got me). I find school to be mindless and repetitive, and ace all my tests without even studying, so my teachers hate me when I get B's for not turning in anything. Lovely.

[Typical Cracka Behavior] My word is final. When I say something, it must be heard, and it must be believed, because I am a reincarnation of every creating, omnipotent god ever thought of. I am a master at many styles and many mediums in art, and I am still only in high school. If you want a sample of my truely masterful work, you could become my friend, and I might trust sending a scan of one to you. Otherwise, all of you lesser beings will just have to live off of my copyrighted work on Deviant Art.

[the squeegee]
I am the girl in the short skirt and the long jacket that everyone wants. But, oh woe are all of you who are beneathe me. At least I'm nice enough to respond to the many "you're cute" messages I recieve weekly. Meh. Well continuing on with me, I have successfully been in everyone of my school's plays. I've always been on honor role and am currently passing my Calculus class. Why not with an "A" you may ask, well I believe homework is below me, so there. I have plenty of poems written and many people who have told me that they would buy a book of them if I made one. That's on my list of things to make me greater list. I've also had three of my poems published. I'm first chair flutist in my school's top band, the pianist for the Varsity Jazz band and a wonderful singer in the Chamber choir. The only thing i've had lessons for is the piano, wonderful, i know. If any of you below me wish to bask in the glow of my superior work you can visit my wiki, A Piece of My Heart or my deviantart page

[RAGE!!!] I got the lead in my school musical, i got the lead in my school muuuusssiiiicccsaaalllll!!!!!!!lalalalaaaaaa!!!!I'm done now!:D




1.You may insult eachother, but don't get too personal.
2.You may get insulted, but don't take it too personally.
3.Don't hold grudges outside this wiki
4.Keep bragging of a minumun in the comments box...that's what the bragging box is for, and we can only take so much before vomiting :P
5.Put a link or a banner in your house!




"What is an egotist without a healthy dose of arrogance?" -[Zauberin]

"'Egotistical'? Yes, I'm that too-although not in quite so many words." -[kay-chan], on a survey quite a few years ago.

"I may not be perfect, but I'm the closest thing to it." -[Dil*] (i heard that somewhere..i find it funny)

"If nobody is perfect, and i'm a nobody, does that make me perfect?" ([Doormat]-Anomynous)

"It's not that I think I'm better than you. I just am better than you." [Falx]

Adding this one because I think it fits. Egotists are some of the best BSers I know.
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." ([Falx] quote from my dad)

"It's funny 'cause you try." [og_ghost]
"If I had a nickel for every dime I have, I'd STILL be rolling in money." [og_ghost]
"Power is attracted to me like Bill Gates in the Red Light District." [og_ghost]

"I serve my ego and my ego serves me; to greatness!" -[Dil*]

"Ray, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say, "YES!" -Egon Spengler

"I do not do DRUGS, I am drugs"-Salvador Dali

"I don't attack people on their beliefs...I challenge them." -[Doormat]




<img:> colour one, by: [Dil*]

<img:> blue one, by: [Dil*]

by [Kaimee], copy&paste <img:>

by [Kaimee], copy&paste <IMG:>

Other Wiki's I've Made, Visit Em'!
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2004-11-15 [Doormat]: time we were playing capture the flag on my friends gamecube....he had the flag and I was backing him up...just as we got back to the base I screamed treachery, shot him in the back with a crossbow, took the flag and scored the point :D

2004-11-15 [Sunrose]: exactly: frontstabbing bastards are the truest ones!!

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: That brings a tear of joy to my eye.

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: tissue?

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: I'm good, thanks anyway.

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: no problem at all *sticks tissue back into the trash*

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: LOL

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: ...ouch. Yeah, back to the original topic of frontstabbing... *points to spiritee* You're next, luv.

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: cat fight!! woot.

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: Knock-down, dragout, fight in the mud... No, she's already dirty enough. XP (Heh, just kiddin'...) (I think...)

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: hahah.

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: *tackles spiritee* I'm just kidding! (No comment... Makes me worried.)

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: hey i just showered! awww you called me 'luv'! *touched*

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: *shiny eyes* how cute!

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: *stares at large shiny eyes* urge to poke...*takes out toothpick*

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: *suddenly changes expression, to a horrible, scary scowl*

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: ne! *cowers, then slaps the same soggy tissue in dilandau's face*

2004-11-16 [spiritee]: *then runs away* goodnight, elftown! *runs faster*

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: "Ewww ahhh!!" *evil composure...falls.*

2004-11-16 [kay-chan]: You weren't 'touched'... You were tackled... There's a difference... *cackles at the interesting faces made*

2004-11-16 [Kaimee]: compliments damnit! more! >.<

2004-11-16 [Sunrose]: your art rocks, bastard!

2004-11-16 [Kaimee]: better :P muuuch better..... mwahahaha~!

2004-11-16 [Sunrose]: :P

2004-11-16 [Dil*]: ..:P

2004-11-16 [Doormat]: :p [ apple ] god...if people are going to lick, you may as we lick something

2004-11-20 [Eli-kun]: :p (Kaimee's art)  I'm going to get crucified for this, aren't I...

2004-11-20 [Dil*]: ...sacrilage!! get him!!

2004-11-20 [Eli-kun]: Yes. Crucified. I'll be running, now. ::tips hat::

2004-11-20 [Dil*]: *mob chases*

2004-11-20 [kay-chan]: Crucifixion is too good for him. *joins mob*

2004-11-20 [Doormat]: hey....crucification is my thing! geeze..bastards stealing my religion ^-^

2004-11-20 [Sunrose]: I don't want to lick anything here! eck!

2004-11-20 [kay-chan]: does the crucification steal your religion? Is your religion worshipping Roman forms of execution...? That's cool.

2004-11-21 [Dil*]: Lol.

2004-11-21 [Doormat]: that's it! you're going down, farm-girl

2004-11-21 [Sunrose]: farm-girl? :o

2004-11-21 [Doormat]: or farm boy....either one ^-^

2004-11-22 [kay-chan]: Huh? x.x I know this happens a lot, but I'm confused...

2004-11-22 [Eli-kun]: He just called you a farm-girl/boy! Kaimee, I was just joking. I admire your work because my stick figures are awful.

2004-11-22 [Doormat]: well you clearly do not possess the art of 'stick'

2004-11-22 [kay-chan]: Heh.

2004-11-22 [Dil*]: my stick figures are clearly superior to yours!

2004-11-23 [Kaimee]: whats this about my art? grr grr etc.

2004-11-23 [Dil*]: LOL.

2004-11-23 [Eli-kun]: I ate it. And Dilandau? I know. My stick figures are a shame to the... stick figuring community.

2004-11-23 [Dil*]: It wasn't meant to be taken literally -_-;

2004-11-23 [Doormat]: You abomination! CRUCIFY!!!

2004-11-23 [Kaimee]: you ate it? everyones eating things these days. *grumbles* my dog ate my tablet, my cat ate the corner of my engineering tech drawing draft, my brother ate my breakfast, my OTHER brother ate the last piece of cake and now YOU ate my art? any art in particular? all of it?

2004-11-23 [Dil*]: awww *patpat*

2004-11-24 [kay-chan]: I think somebody needs a hug...

2004-11-24 [Doormat]: *eats [Kaimee]'s face*

2004-11-24 [kay-chan]: ...or that...

2004-11-24 [spiritee]: *twith O_o* not pretty...

2004-11-24 [Dil*]:'re unsufferable aren't you, diablojr...

2004-11-24 [Eli-kun]: I only ate a little art... I'd give it back, but you wouldn't really want it...

2004-11-24 [Kaimee]: eww, id say you can keep my fae too but i need it. ewww... ~

2004-11-24 [Doormat]: pfft...thats what I said bout my heart, but they still took it :P

2004-11-28 [Veltzeh]: My Mod's Choice collection just gets bigger... this time it was

2004-11-29 [Kaimee]: have you donated by any chance?

2004-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Me? Donated what, and to whom?

2004-11-29 [Kaimee]: to elfwood:P i know that donators are considered first for featured.. stuff lol, i was wondering if the same thing applies to mods choice? or is it really just that, the moderators choice? lol, how many do they get to choose???? lol, id volunteer for mod...ness, but im underage -.- still 17

2004-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Oh, nope, haven't donated... And nope, MCs are just given to pics that the mods think should deserve to be on the main page for one day =P And, we choose as many as we want, within the regulations that are somewhere on the rules page.

2004-11-29 [Kaimee]: can moderators moderate their own tickets????? lol, my heads getting full of all these ideas of corruption then im like wait, moderators. they know the rules. right. ok. lol

2004-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Lol XD Well, technically mods can moderate their own tickets, but it's forbidden. If anyone finds out that a mod has been doing their own tickets, they'll be kicked out.

2004-11-29 [Kaimee]: good lol, otherwise id be just a bit worried... :P

2004-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Heh heh heh... Personally I wouldn't have MCed that pic of mine, just because I couldn't get the sky look right... but it's my pic so I'm very picky about it. XD

2004-11-29 [Kaimee]: lol i know the feeling! and iv never, EVER had a mods choice! >:O my egotism is insulted:P lol, to be fair, iv not got anything much good on elfwood because i dont generally stick to the fantasy genre... but still. hmph. :P

2004-11-29 [Doormat]: it's not called's called manipulating, seducing, killing, blackmailing, threatening....

2004-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Depends on what you're talking about...

2004-11-29 [Dil*]: damnit, you got another mod's choice? me ego is damaged -_-;

2004-11-29 [Sunrose]: You people are pathetic: I don't need to make art to know that if I did, mine would be better anyway! :P

2004-11-29 [Dil*]: hahah! It's funny cause' you're lying through your teeth :D

2004-11-29 [Sunrose]: Whatever, you are just jealous of my confidence!

2004-11-29 [Dil*]: What is there to be jealous of...i'm obviously better than you all.

2004-11-29 [Sunrose]: I allow you to believe in your fantasies, they don't bother me.. :)

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: pfft, i'm not even going to dignify that with a proper answer/retort.

2004-11-30 [kay-chan]: Hmph, kaimee, even I've gotten a mc... (Completely undeserved, but I take what I can get.)

2004-11-30 [spiritee]: haha me neither, but i blame the strict AND slow way elfwood works

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: lol....3 great mods choices.

2004-11-30 [Sunrose]: [Dil*]: that just proves my point! :D

2004-11-30 [Kaimee]: shuddup kaykay! you slept with them didnt you?! *gasp*

2004-11-30 [Dil*]: lmao..

2004-11-30 [Eli-kun]: Oooh, Kay's an art slut!

2004-11-30 [kay-chan]: *bats eyes at Kaimee* You know, just because you need to be flexible or at least have good looks to offer in return for a mod's choice doesn't mean YOU shouldn't try it, kaimee-chan... *glomps her* jk, lurv, you know you're a better artist than me.

2004-11-30 [kay-chan]: Eli, on the other hand, will not be getting away with this in one piece...

2004-12-01 [spiritee]: OHH! is THAT how people get mod's choice? how come ive never thought of that before... :O

2004-12-01 [kay-chan]: Sex is always the way to go! Remember that, and you'll go far. T.T;;;

2004-12-01 [Dil*]: umm, sorry, but i'm not a whore; I've got way more class than that.

2004-12-01 [kay-chan]: Oh, I'm sorry, let me add something to the previous statement: *sarcasm*  ...there we go...

2004-12-01 [Dil*]: ...sigh.

2004-12-01 [Kaimee]: hahahahahahahaahhaa, so why did you even try then kaykay? XP like you said, you need flexibility and good looks, i would have thought it a waste of time.... joking of course :D and if im a better artist, how come iv got no MCs? anally retentive moderators keep doing my tickets by complete chance? i think not:P if you got them, you deserved them, so congrats!:)

2004-12-01 [kay-chan]: The reason I know the requirements is because I've been accepted; rather, I thought it was a waste of time fer YOU, m'dear... Yes, purely by chance, all the mental and insane people do YOUR tickets... No, it wasn't deserved, I want to start my site over again due to lack of anything good on it blah blah blah... XD

2004-12-01 [kay-chan]: Boy, we really are bastards here... *shuts up*

2004-12-01 [Kaimee]: hahahaahhahahaahha, yes we are :) and its lovely to see that ppl canstill be bastards and ditch the politically correct :) yay etc. lol. and i WANT an MC damnit. i feel like bribing ppl! XD ...and deleting then resubmitting my best pictures over and over again. but i know i cant, because thats shite, and iv got a sneaking suspicion itll be against the rules... XD

2004-12-01 [kay-chan]: Just keep swimming, luv, you'll get one... Why am I boosting YOUR ego? Goddamit, look what you made me do!

2004-12-01 [Kaimee]: hahaahahhaahhahahaah! excellllllent.... my plan is working... mwaha! and i wont really, my tablets working, im past my prime *boohoo* :P ha. i dont really think that of course, im smug and conceited. I think im better than everyone else :)

2004-12-01 [Doormat]: may get the devious dagger of death from diablo in your back soon....

2004-12-01 [Dil*]: hmm, i don't like myself much, but i still try to beat the crap outta everyone...i'm sure there's method to my madness.

2004-12-02 [Death's Die-Ary]: HUMP HUMP HUMP.

2004-12-02 [Sunrose]: euw

2004-12-03 [Doormat]: oh look! a camel!

2004-12-03 [kay-chan]: A three-hump camel. Interesting.

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: maybe it's a 2-hump camel humping something...

2004-12-03 [kay-chan]: Or two camels mating. Lovely...

2004-12-03 [Sunrose]: LOL!

2004-12-03 [Dil*]: eww, you people sicken me.

2004-12-03 [Kaimee]: does anybody know what that actually related to? o.o or was it completely random?

2004-12-03 [kay-chan]: It was completely random and not all that appreciated. T.T I was scared...

2004-12-03 [Doormat]: person isn't even a member...

2004-12-05 [Eli-kun]: fascinating as that was...

2004-12-07 [spiritee]: <--- *cracking up right now*

2004-12-07 [Dil*]: this page owns, because i made it >:D

2004-12-07 [Falx]: Hah! This page would be nothing if our tremendously large egos hadn't added to it! It would just be another random wiki no one cares about. ;P

2004-12-07 [Dil*]: people join because i made it...cause' i'm so immensely popular and loved :D

2004-12-07 [Doormat]: yeah...ill remember to put the rat pois....i mean root erm..pears into your cup

2004-12-07 [Dil*]: pears? in my drink! sickening, i'd sooner drink poison

2004-12-07 [kay-chan]: *giggle*

2004-12-08 [Doormat]: oh...those are cyan coloured pears...much like the cyanide I slipped into your morning cereal

2004-12-08 [spiritee]: cyanide stops ATP production ooOooo

2004-12-08 [Dil*]: oh really? *drops dead*

2004-12-09 [spiritee]: oo whos smart now! haha

2004-12-09 [Doormat]: ahh poison, the real nectar of life!

2004-12-09 [Dil*]: *ghost appears* bwah! i shall haunt you for the rest of your life, pwned.

2005-02-13 [Dil*]: Hmm, this place kinda died...anywho, my ego got slightly deflated because new'll take a bit to start trying to beat the Sh!t out of people again...

2005-02-13 [Kaimee]: mine got killed X.x i dont usually try in school, last semester i did more work than iv ever done in my liffffe and did so much bloody stuff, and whereas i usually get As and a couple Bs.. i got Bs, Cs, and a freakin D (omg >.<) i mean, jesus, i got a b in ART?! what the HELL? i came TOP in my english class, and got scales down to a B??? FUCK. very un ego-ed.

2005-02-13 [kay-chan]: I got better grades than I have in a while. Go straight A's. Of course, I took easy classes this year because I stopped caring... Either that, or the classes I thought would be hard are really easy. Heh. I have to tell people to quit whining.

2005-02-13 [Dil*]: lol...curse you and your straight A's...I was sooo close last term XD

2005-02-14 [kay-chan]: Well, senior year in high school is easy... makes me soooo happy... ^.^

2005-02-14 [Dil*]: lucky jerk...grd. 12 is a bitch from all accounts.

2005-02-14 [kay-chan]: It's easy if you stop caring and take nice widdle AP classes that everybody passes...

2005-02-14 [Dil*]: Not easy if you want to become a doctor o.O

2005-02-14 [SilverBlue82]: Grades are easy, learning is hard

2005-02-14 [kay-chan]: I wanna become a doctor... In a sense. I mean, I'm going to med school...

2005-02-14 [SilverBlue82]: in a sense? and your 17, get though your Bio major first and then see if you want to go to med school

2005-02-14 [Kaimee]: agreed with grd. 12 thing, last year of college and grades are fucked >.<

2005-02-14 [kay-chan]: Yeah... I'll go through med school, then become a pathologist... So, a doctor in a sense... But I do! I do! I do wanna go to med school!

2005-02-15 [Dil*]: Cool me too! :D

2005-02-15 [spiritee]: my grades started dropping after 7th grade <_< so sad, no idea what i want to do in life *sniff*

2005-02-15 [Dil*]: *hugs*

2005-02-15 [kay-chan]: Don't worry about it, spiritee-lurv... A lot of people don't figure out what they wanna be until like their second year of college... Wait, dilandau, you want to go through med school (I won't be the only sleepless one! Heh.) or do you also wanna be a pathologist? O.o

2005-02-15 [Dil*]: No I want to be a doctor :P

2005-02-15 [kay-chan]: okeday, it's what i though... med school away! ^.^

2005-02-16 [Kaimee]: ack, i dont follow allopathy meself, so no med school for the aimee person o.o

2005-03-25 [Dil*]: So what are you guyses goals? All egotists have secret plans ^__^

2005-03-25 [spiritee]: marry a guy with alots of money and use the money to feed my cats <_< nothing special

2005-03-25 [Dil*]: lol! sounds like a plan...and how are you going about doing that?

2005-03-25 [spiritee]: i'm working on it ^^;

2005-03-25 [kay-chan]: I'm definitely going to be a cat lady... with a secret underground mansion.

2005-03-25 [Dil*]: like a crazy cat lady who throws cats at people that happen to pass her house :)

2005-03-25 [spiritee]: why not, they land on their paws anyways ^^ vicious being, they ar

2005-03-26 [Kaimee]: throws cats at trains that drive past. the simpsons teaches us the all important things in life :)

2005-03-26 [Dil*]: lol....

2005-03-26 [Doormat]: Yes...especially family values...

2005-03-26 [Dil*]: Of course ^^

2005-03-26 [kay-chan]: *twitches* Kitty... train...

2005-04-23 [Dil*]: we need more bastards in here.

2005-04-23 [Kaimee]: Oh hey, Iv got something for all you egotists out there in Elftown... how many of you were recently promoted to guard and council members? hmm? whats that? :P lol sorry, im just happy and egotistical :P

2005-04-23 [Dil*]: ahhh *pokes at kaimee*, I'm still *thee* badge whore.

2005-04-23 [spiritee]: whaha congrats!

2005-04-24 [kay-chan]: Heh... Not me, because I have a life outside Elftown? Just joking, not really. :P Congratulations, Kaimee-lurv! It's uber-cool.

2005-04-24 [Doormat]: 6 daily poems...punk :D and a record for shortest time between featured poems

2005-04-24 [Kaimee]: Oh, and for that life outside of elftown, guess who topped her illustration arts class? *innocent smile* oh and guess who had the marks to top her drawing class? yeah, meeeeee. but zoo got artificially raised up *grumbles* because otherwise hed'a failed... so really, i shouldnt mind that my friend got ranked above me... but i do.. and i will continue rubbing in his face the fact that my marks actually topped. and he doesnt deserve it :) lovely, arent i? :P

2005-04-24 [Doormat]: ...stealth geek

2005-04-24 [Kaimee]: o.o

2005-04-24 [kay-chan]: Hehe... I was just kidding, sweetums.

2005-04-25 [Dil*]: bwah, I have control over my left and right brain. A's in math and art :P

2005-04-25 [kay-chan]: I didn't take art because the teacher thought I was a freaky stalker-person. Or something. In retrospect, it's funny...

2005-04-25 [Kaimee]: O.O whaaaa...????

2005-04-25 [kay-chan]: My friends told me to take AP Art 4 with them, even though I hadn't taken any art class prior, and told me to ask him... And I sent him ONE short lil email, and he emailed my friends telling them to tell me to stop emailing, that I won't get in... Not even talking to ME... With [muffin_killer] going straight to AP from Art 1... Blargh. So I didn't bother taking anything art related.

2005-04-25 [Kaimee]: what a freak, he probably had no life and liked being able to make himself look 'popular' (?) enough to have a stalker... :P

2005-04-25 [kay-chan]: That wouldn't surprise me. All I know is that I didn't take art. I guess that's okay, because I'd have to take art 1 (cuz I didn't take any art so far), and I saw some of the stuff they work on in art 1. I'd probably rather rip out my fingernails with a wrench.

2005-04-25 [Kaimee]: im sure if you did that, and then stuck them together you could probably get famous as a sculpture artist... :P

2005-04-26 [kay-chan]: But I could only do it once.

2005-07-26 [Dil*]: I'm so clever I amuse myself :D

2005-08-18 [Dil*]: Hey you egotists here, I challenge you to go to bunnybanner (to solve the riddle of course).

2006-01-08 [Cliché]: Hello you egotistical, self-centered, inferior bastards. Ain't ya gonna welcome me?

2006-01-08 [Dil*]: No, I only welcome my peers, not my insubordinates.

2006-01-08 [Cliché]: Pssh, like I would ever serve anyone, least of all you. I am so above you.

2006-01-09 [kay-chan]: I'd welcome you with a smile but then I'd have to laugh at you behind your back later. ^.^ (Just kidding... Or am I? *snickers*)

2006-01-09 [Cliché]: Please, laugh at my face if you must laugh. I know I'll laugh at yours.

2006-01-09 [kay-chan]: Well, behind the back does technically mean to your face, if you think about it. ^.^

2006-01-09 [Cliché]: ...No, it means behind your back. As in, behind you. Not in front. Where you're face is.

2006-01-10 [kay-chan]: I was simply saying that as a phrase, it was kind of stupid. Behind your face means the back of your head, so behind your back should mean to the face. Sorry if my joking tone was lost on you, by the way.

2006-01-10 [Cliché]: I see. Are all your jokes this lame?

2006-01-10 [kay-chan]: Only when I talk down to people. I feel the better jokes are lost on them. I'm almost sorry if I offended you in some way. Almost.

2006-01-10 [Cliché]: The unfortunate thing about stupid people is they don't understand when you insult them. It's almost disappointing.

2006-01-10 [kay-chan]: Sigh. Guess what? I'm building up all my good karma, even through the continuing stuff like this that's been happening lately! So though you seem to be mad at me, even though I was joking for the most part, I shall continue to be cheerful and understand that this is a joke page and smile at you. ^.^ Have a nice day.

2006-01-10 [Cliché]: I'm not angry either. Like you said, it's a joke page. And since I do not believe in Karma, a can be as fake-mean as I want.

2006-01-11 [Dil*]: *grrrwwoah* cat fight :P

2006-01-11 [kay-chan]: Kitties? Where?! *purrrrr* *sleeps*

2006-01-13 [Kaimee]: [Cliché], I do believe Elftown has this funny little rule about not being an asshole, and I personally have this funny little thing about people who behave like brattish children; try behaving like neither, you may enjoy the experience ^_^

2006-01-13 [Cliché]: ...I thought this was a joke page? I didn't realize you guys would actually take offense to me. I was just kidding. *sigh* See Dil, I shouldn't have joined.

2006-01-13 [Kaimee]: See that's the thing, jokes are funny :)

2006-01-13 [Cliché]: And so is joke fighting. Or at least I thought so. Nevermind. It was kind of fun at first. Tootles! ^.-

2006-01-13 [kay-chan]: I dunno, joke fighting over the internet is a risky business... Cuz you can't really catch sarcasm or tone as you could face-to-face, so you *can* seem perfectly serious and actually angry. But yeah, I'm over it now... Because I'm a kitty! *tackles all the other kitties in her house*

2006-03-06 [Dil*]: meh, it's teh egotistical bastard page...rudeness is quite normal.

2006-06-06 [999999#####]: you all suck huge amounts of cock

2006-06-06 [LadyMoon]: [999999#####] will no longer post any comments on this page. And if he does, he won't be annoying anyone further on ET :) Happy 06-06-'06

2006-06-06 [kay-chan]: Thank you [LadyMoon]! *^___^*

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