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2005-08-13 08:55:25
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Elftown Graphics Aidan86


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EGAD Buttons
EGAD Dividers
EGAD Welcome Banners
EGAD Words
EGAD mood buttons
EGAD borders
EGAD Elftown graphics banners
EGAD Capital Letters

if i filled in incorrectly be my guest to tell me.. I can be such a newb if it comes to such jobs
amount of ET graphics pictures currently uploaded: 129
x-mas card pictures

related graphics wiki, christmas-cards

thanks for the inspiration everyone ^^


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Thank your local, [Calico Tiger], for Elftown Graphics.

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2004-11-10 [Aidan Ryuko]: note, if you are supposed to put only 1 letter behind EG, sorry guys but ega was already taken;)

2004-11-15 [DarkJenni]: I love your stuff and thankyou for messaging me about the Witches' Creed!I think it would be cool if you made more words and sayings that glowed like that!^_*

2004-11-15 [Aidan Ryuko]: yah but I'm pretty much out of inspiration at the moment:P thanks though^^

2004-11-22 [DarkJenni]: np!

2005-08-13 [ally]: please add a link back to EG Special Artist's Sections. Why? Because it would be easier and I couldn't add it myself since your page is password-protected ^^

2005-08-13 [Aidan Ryuko]: I think I'm not even on that list:P but ok

2005-08-13 [ally]: Yes you are, otherwise I wouldn't have found you ^^

2005-08-13 [Aidan Ryuko]: o.O never saw myself..and maybe you have a secret glass ball where you can see all the artists in XD

2005-08-13 [ally]: Yeah that too. But now I decided just to look at the mainpage :p

2010-10-05 [SilverFire]: Hi!

This is just a note to let you know that from now on, all new images you wish to submit need to be OKed by the Elftown Graphics Group first, so you need to place them on Elftown Graphics Submissions. DO NOT add them to your wiki yourself, please. This is because when we recently went through the special artists' sections we found quite a few images that broke the Elftown Graphics rules, and had to be removed - removing them and readjusting totals is a lot more work for us than checking the images in the first place!

Also, a final note: donations cannot usually be undonated once approved! So think before you submit! :)

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